angeli tabaquero


when i was in my highschool years. I am very in with playing volleyball. And she was my Idol. 

I took entrance examination in UST. after the exam ..i ran to the UST gym to check her out. And yes ,i saw her. We had a picture. But the phone I used for our picture was gone already. (too bad i did’t have a copy)

Then, after a year, (college na ko) I went to UST to visit my buddies studying there. I saw her sitting on a bench. And I felt extremely happiness, I wanted to talk to her. So I did, I sat beside her. And ask her sooo many things.:)

and she wrote a letter for me. As you can see up there. That’s one of the happiest thing happened to me. What a great experience.

I wish I could be with her even just for a day. I really love her. I idolize her for being such a good volleyball player. I hope you can see this. Sana alam mo kung gaano ako sumusuporta sayo Idol.:)

She is the “SMILING FACE ASSASIN” of UST lady tigers. Ma. Angeli Tabaquero #2 .