“Boat of Success”

Located in Queens Boathouse 

Acrylic on Canvas 

This banner will be located in ROW new york’s Queens boathouse. Symbols in this banner include a boat filled with landmarks from Queens being carried by different colored figures in the middle of the mural. On the right side we have a large figure holding the boat as well as vines growing out of the cup of water. The different colored figures represent ROW new york participants giving back to the Queens community by holding the boat up. The figure on the right has a graduation cap on to represent his academic success with the help of ROW new york. The vines coming out of the cup represent the growth of the participants while with ROW new york and beyond.


“The Flow of Knowledge”

Located in the Harlem Boathouse 

Acrylic on Canvas

This banner will be located in the boathouse in Harlem new york. The main symbols of this banner are the DEP employee maintaining the dam on the left. The row boat made out of books in the middle being rowed with oars shaped like keys, and a disabled person holding a trophy on the right side. Other symbols throughout the banner include the gears, pipes and vines. The figure on the left represents DEP maintaining the new york water system. The image in the middle represents ROW new york rowing to success, using education as the key that rows them to success. The image of the disabled person holding the trophy represents the possibility of achieving success with ROW new york regardless of the obstacle. The vines coming out of the trophy represent the growth of the participants with ROW new york.


JP Morgan Fellowship LA

Lead Artist: Angel Garcia 

Assistant Artist: DonChristian Jones 

Located in Los Angeles, California 

Acrylic on Canvas 

5ft x 16ft 

Some of the key imagery in the L.A mural are the overall infinity shape of it, stairs, hands, tools, and wings. The overall shape of the mural design is the shape of an infinity symbol. We chose this shape to represent the idea of giving back and helping each other once success is achieved. The stairs represents the steps needed to achieve one’s goals. The tool materializing from the boys head is cutting a rope that has a weight tied to the end of it. This represents the overcoming of both mental and physical obstacles on their way to success. The rope is tied at the other end to a pair of wings that surrounds the main figures head. The wings represents the high spirited nature of the group as well as their will to overcome obstacles.


“The Seed of Diversity”

Located on 97-27 57th Ave, Corona, NY


5ft x 80ft 

There are three key symbols in “The Seed of Diversity” Mural, the grandmother knitting, the bean baby in the middle, and the train on the right. The grandmother knitting in the left of the mural represents the old generation shaping the new. The baby in the center of mural represents the growth of the community. The vines sprouting out of the baby are filled with patterns from different cultures to represent the diversity of the community. The train on the right side of the mural has masks from different cultures as well a dragon head. The over all idea of the mural is community diversity, rather then basing it on people, the students chose to use patterns to represent diversity.

“Hit the breaks on DWI and choose the right path”

20ft x 100ft


“As Vision Zero gains momentum, Groundswell teen muralists collaborated with the New York City Department of Transportation and Food Bazaar Supermarket to educate New Yorkers about the prevention of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). 

Featuring responsible drinking, “Hit The Brakes on DWI and Choose The Right Path” uses positive reinforcement to encourage every member in the community to play their part in stopping DWI. The slogan “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” is presented in both English and Spanish, demonstrating the in-depth research youth participants conducted on the neighborhood’s demographics. The family-friendly imagery with colorful and engaging visual symbols also reflects the youth artists’ efforts to effectively deliver the message across a diverse population and age group.

To grasp the impact of DWI on family and community members, community partner NYC DOT invited a former DWI offender on probation to share his experience with the project team. His stories, involving personal transformation after seeing the suffering caused by unsafe driving, inspired the team to incorporate the process of rebirth in the mural. As a part of the deference strategies, the design also incorporates a subway train safely delivering passengers away from the road accidents on the left of the mural to safe streets on the right”

Located in Queens, 34-20 Junction Boulevard Jackson Heights, NY 11372