#EGOGraphics Now this is the fight I gotta see! Can you imagine the press tour? The @shosports ALL ACCESS? Ruben will be like ANGEL’s a WOMEN BEATER! Angel Garcia: I Care about Danny, It’s about Danny! Don’t talk to me about Guerrero, talk to me about the champ of the world! I SPEAK THE TRUF! I ain’t never met a dad with a Fedora that could fight 😫😂😭😭😭😭I swear I will pay SHOWTIME top dollar right now to watch this show! Another great MEXICO vs PUERTO RICO RIVALRY. Ay Dios Mio lol Orale Vato! 😫 @dannyswiftgarcia @ghostboxing #RubenGuerrero #AngelGarcia #Boxeo #BoxingEGO

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