Angel Facts 173/208 | The Girl In Question, Season Five

“It is stated in THE GIRL IN QUESTION that Buffy and Dawn are living in Rome and Dawn is going to school there. This is a joke based on Kristine Sutherland, who played Joyce Summers. She was largely absent from season four because she was house-sitting in Italy, to allow her daughter to go to school there. Now her character’s daughter were doing the same.“

Angel Facts 153/208 | I Will Remember You, Season  One

“Towards the end of I WILL REMEMBER YOU when Angel holds Buffy, you can hear David call her Sarah rather than Buffy. This is because she was having trouble keeping composure during filming- she believed that Angel and Buffy should be together, and kept begging Joss Whedon to change the scene. David slipped and comforted Sarah during filming.“

Angel Facts 106/208 | A Hole In The World, Season Five

“Fred’s death in A HOLE IN THE WORLD. Acker said that they ‘kept crying while reading the script,’ and Denisof that it got 'worse and worse’ and that he kept 'choking up [as] the situation of losing Fred was becoming more real.’“

Angel Facts 40/208 | The Girl In Question, Season Five

“Andrew’s final scene in THE GIRL IN QUESTION had him leaving for the opera with two women. This was at odds with the fact that Andrew was heavily implied to be gay. Joss Whedon stated that this was a mix up due to the fact that it was supposed to be Dawn in this scene, and that it was supposed to be a mixed-gender group, and he wasn’t there to make sure it was filmed properly.“

Angel Facts 133/208 | Spin The Bottle, Season Four

“SPIN THE BOTTLE took much longer to film because the cast found it difficult to stop laughing. Amy Acker and Andy Hallett ruined dozens of takes by giggling, and Alexis Denisof and David Boreanaz prolonged shooting for an hour and a half. They resolved finally to not look at each other, but David can still be seen failing to keep a straight face in background shots.“

Angel Facts 199/208 | Orpheus, Season Four

“Willow’s guest appearance in ORPHEUS make her the second most prolific character in the Buffyverse, with 147 appearances. Angel is the most with 167 appearances and Buffy the third, with 146.“