TID & TMI Theory

Fact the first: Lilith wanted to create true breeding demon-blooded humans long before her success with “Sebastian” and the Infernal Cup

Fact the second: Lilith was present at Benedict Lightwood & the Magister’s Party in Clockwork Prince

Fact the third: The Magister had supernatural help in his plot to create Tessa to breed a demon-blooded race of descendants

Fact the fourth: Tessa’s father was a Greater Demon, a Fallen Angel

Fact the fifth: Lilith is closely tied to Asmodeus, with whom she shares the Demon Realm of Edom

Fact the sixth: Tessa’s father took the form of her mother’s husband (thus her Eidolon-demon shapeshifting powers) to conceive her…. which is also how someone else we know was conceived

Fact the seventh: In the Bane Chronicles and Magnus’ thoughts about what Caterina knows about him in CoHF, we know that Greater Demon parentage is almost completely unheard of amongst Warlocks

Fact the eighth: Magnus refers to MOST of the children Asmodeus has ever had being dead

Conclusion: Despite the bullshit with Nathaniel, Tessa does have a brother who cares about her after all.

Angel Facts 153/208 | I Will Remember You, Season  One

“Towards the end of I WILL REMEMBER YOU when Angel holds Buffy, you can hear David call her Sarah rather than Buffy. This is because she was having trouble keeping composure during filming- she believed that Angel and Buffy should be together, and kept begging Joss Whedon to change the scene. David slipped and comforted Sarah during filming.“

Angel Facts 133/208 | Spin The Bottle, Season Four

“SPIN THE BOTTLE took much longer to film because the cast found it difficult to stop laughing. Amy Acker and Andy Hallett ruined dozens of takes by giggling, and Alexis Denisof and David Boreanaz prolonged shooting for an hour and a half. They resolved finally to not look at each other, but David can still be seen failing to keep a straight face in background shots.“

Angel Facts 106/208 | A Hole In The World, Season Five

“Fred’s death in A HOLE IN THE WORLD. Acker said that they ‘kept crying while reading the script,’ and Denisof that it got 'worse and worse’ and that he kept 'choking up [as] the situation of losing Fred was becoming more real.’“

Angel Facts 50/208 | You’re Welcome, Season Five

“Sarah Michelle Gellar was asked to appear as Buffy Summers for the 100th episode of Angel, but was unable to work due to personal reasons. So Charisma Carpenter was asked to return and YOU’RE WELCOME was written for Cordelia instead.“