TID & TMI Theory

Fact the first: Lilith wanted to create true breeding demon-blooded humans long before her success with “Sebastian” and the Infernal Cup

Fact the second: Lilith was present at Benedict Lightwood & the Magister’s Party in Clockwork Prince

Fact the third: The Magister had supernatural help in his plot to create Tessa to breed a demon-blooded race of descendants

Fact the fourth: Tessa’s father was a Greater Demon, a Fallen Angel

Fact the fifth: Lilith is closely tied to Asmodeus, with whom she shares the Demon Realm of Edom

Fact the sixth: Tessa’s father took the form of her mother’s husband (thus her Eidolon-demon shapeshifting powers) to conceive her…. which is also how someone else we know was conceived

Fact the seventh: In the Bane Chronicles and Magnus’ thoughts about what Caterina knows about him in CoHF, we know that Greater Demon parentage is almost completely unheard of amongst Warlocks

Fact the eighth: Magnus refers to MOST of the children Asmodeus has ever had being dead

Conclusion: Despite the bullshit with Nathaniel, Tessa does have a brother who cares about her after all.


They are all made up and I’m queuing them now. I hope you guys all enjoyed the Angelfacts series and are looking forward to this one.

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