angele and tony

i’m convinced that Tony doesn’t actually go to high school and just shows up occasionally to give cryptic advice to Clay

The Effect of Music, Prayer & Words on Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto:

Keeping in mind our bodies are 65% water.
You are what you tell yourself you are.
You are what you tell others they are.
Thoughts truly become things… choose good ones!

[about Tony’s master plan for taking down Thanos]

Bucky: If you want me, I’m on your team. 

Tony: I want you, Bucky. 

[pause and blushes]

Tony: Thinkin’ about rephrasing that. 

Bucky: [smirks] Yeah, I think I’d be more comfortable if you did. 


everybody’s favorite guardian angel.

Tony: Bucky, are you trying to say you love me? 

Bucky: What? 

Tony: I love you, too. 

Bucky: You do? When did this…? 

Tony: [to Steve, Thor, Bruce and Natasha] Bucky loves me, I love him! 

Bucky: Oh, my God. 

Tony: You guys love us and we love you. 

Steve, Thor, Bruce and Natasha: We love you, Bucky! 

au where Tony is literally Clay’s guardian angel

Clay always felt like someone was following him but he didn’t realize who (or what) until Hannah Baker committed suicide

now everywhere he looks he sees a stocky greaser with black wings diligently watching him (since when did angels drive mustangs?), but no one else he talks to seems to be able to see it

destined to fall

For @ketlingr, @theboringprincess, @windcalling and of course everyone else who’s interested!

This is just little old ReRe, bringing some Stuckony goodness to your dash. Includes insecure Angel!Tony, flirty Demon!Steve and Teasing Human!Bucky, angst and no proper communication whatsoever. You’re welcome and please don’t hate me.

Steve Rogers is quite possibly the most twisted, corrupted, genuinely evil guy Tony has ever had the pleasure to meet. 

And by ‘evil’ he doesn’t just mean wearing shirts so tight they should be illegal, pulling off moves on the dance floor that make Tony swear he can literally see the pure sin rolling off the man’s skin and flirting relentlessly with Tony, even though he already has a boyfriend. An unfairly hot, sarcastic boyfriend who looks far too good in leather jackets to be left unsupervised, damn it. 

No, Tony means the literal evil as well. Because naturally the first person he falls for after his breakup with Pepper just had to be a demon. Really, Tony doesn’t even know why Rhodey was surprised when he’d confessed his crush–not that he had to, with the way it had been weighing on his mind Rhodey must have felt it from miles away. If anything it’s a miracle that this is the first time Tony has fallen for one. His luck was bound to run out eventually.

“Hey there, butterfly,” Steve’s husky voice interrupts, successfully bringing Tony’s internal self-berating to a crashing halt.

He glares up at the other man–and it’s so incredibly hot irritating, the way Steve’s at least a head taller than him and looks like he could break Tony in half with his pinky (he couldn’t), how is this even fair?–though going by the smug expression he gets in return, it does little to hide his burning cheeks. The traitors.

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