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thank you for the hurt noct fic! im glad im not the only one who wants to see him hurt and get loved in the aftermath. i especially like your deaged noct fic! i just wanted to know i love each of your stories and please continue to hurt noctis in the future ;DDD! i was wondering if you have and noctis centric fic recs?

Heads up: Sorry if this reply is a mess lol, I’m pretty sick today and can’t think properly so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank youuu haha, glad you like my fics, and don’t worry, I doubt I could write anything else XD There’s nothing better than this boy getting so much attention lol.

Now, as for recs, I have the absolute worst memory and I’m not yet in the habit of bookmarking everything (deerrrp), but here’s what I can think of off the top of my head right now:

a lust for solidity - scarebeast
Conceal - AngelBless
Just in Case I Need You - ayuhime (this one is Ignoct, but it’s one of my favourites)
Elixir - Mayoki (this one has chapters as one-shots focusing on different bros, but the Noctis chapters in this fic are SO GOOD)
The Shadows Growing Tall - Caelum (zanarkand) (it’s incomplete, but it’s great)
Hidden Wounds - Akiko_Natsuko (also incomplete, but also great)
Drowned - StylishChocobutt
Opantes Mortem - FlOrangey
A Flame like a Poison - FlOrangey
Yojimbo - lilium_elendir
Uncomplicated and Good - Caelum (zanarkand) (this is also Ignoct, and it’s also sooo good)

Don’t forget to read tags/warnings/summaries/stuff to make sure it’s your kind of thing!

There are so many others, but for the life of me I can’t remember any titles or names right now (which is annoying, because I keep thinking of this one fic where Noct gets shot but the title/author/summary escapes me completely).

And that’s not to mention that I have quite a few things I still need to get around to reading, like Not Quite Home In Darkness by Nicolareed and Shot in the Dark by AngelBless, and so many others lol.

IN FACT, now I’m REALLY tempted to make, like, a page, or even a sideblog, or something, to collect links for all the hurt/centric Noct fics so that they can be easily found. Haha maybe even different categories for different bros, so everyone can find the hurt fic they need. Haha, maybe #fleetingthoughts that’s what ao3 is for fuckin deeeerrrrppp

God, sorry, this reply is a mess lol. I hope this helps. (Also hoping no one minds me linking to their fics/profiles eep)

If anyone else has other fic recs, feel free to leave them or message me with them or whatever, because I’ve probably forgotten about a lot/haven’t seen some and could do with reminders lol!

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