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What is your take about the whole Brian/Angela/Jordan dynamic? In My opinion, Angela ALREADY knows well enough of Brian's crush on her but OHHHHHH she starts to feel something for Brian AT THE VERY LAST SCENE OF THE VERY LAST EPISODE! Like wouldn't she know first hand that he loves her & she would've done something in the first place? Why would she change her mind AFTER seeing Jordan and forgiving him & HE MET HER MOM & TALKED WITH HER like that's a huge step, especially for him. Sorry 4 ranting

It’s okay to rant. I love rants. They open up another world. 

I believe I’ve  talked about this before. Here actually, but that anon was asking me if Jordan deserved to stay with Angela after all that happened the episodes before. 

If you’ve been on this blog long enough, you’d already know I’m basically team Brain (I know how to spell his name :D). I think the reason why the whole dynamic changes in the last episode, with Angela sort of realizing she kinda has feelings for Brian, is because of the letter. She totally could’ve done something in the first place, but I mean it’s Brian Krakow. People generally don’t want anything to do with Brian Krakow. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Angela did not know since, like, the first episode, but it was the fact that the letter possessed everything she wanted—but from Jordan. Her knowing that it was Brian who wrote is basically a game changer for her cause she never realized his crush on her was that strong. 

Jordan’s attempts to prove to Angela how much he cares (meeting her mother) is one of the battles I face with him. I mean, the guy literally slept with her best friend, but it was a mistake and sometimes you have to forgive people for their terrible mistakes. Everything that Brian, Angela, and Jordan did in the last episode was a huge leap for all three characters (which is why I suppose the creators hoped to make a second season), but you can’t forget everything they’ve done to each other in the past.

Ultimately, I think Angela would’ve chosen neither in the end. I do think if a second season were to exist, it would be of Angela exploring the idea of being with Brian, attempting the idea, but Brian will probably do something that screws it up and then we’ll be back at square one. 

My main questions for a second season would be: What would happen to Patty and Graham (cause I mean, c’mon, he was totally gonna cheat and mommy Chase was gonna find out), what’s gonna happen to Rickie since he’s embraced his sexuality, will Jordan be a famous rockstar ;), and what in the heck is gonna happen to Rayanne cause she has a lot of questions I want answered.

Sorry for the rant.

Okay, let's establish one thing here before I continue on. I think it's more of a "let's ask a question here" statement. Anyway, the "question" is: Why are there two episodes that Angela does not voice over? Why is there an episode dedicated solely to Brian Krakow? I mean, don't we already know enough about him through the eyes of Angela Chase? I truly do not know why the creators decided to have a "Life of Brian" episode but I will give my reasons as to why I think they made such a move with some help

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