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I just got Mercy’s new skin and noticed her back for the first time?

…Are we supposed to take away from this that her back augmentation / wing port headcanon is [finally, potentially] confirmed? (*☌ᴗ☌)

Edit: is she also using the same fucking hover technology as the vehicles just so she can be aesthetically Extra in this one skin jfc

“'Cause I know your face // And I know your hands // And I know your breath // And I know your lips // And all I want // All I want is you tonight.”

“lydia” highly suspect
“i want you” marian hill
“angel” theory of a dead man
“bloodstream” transviolet
“iris” the goo goo dolls
all i want” daniella mason
“tonight” seether
“parachute (dan romer spook out)” ingrid michaelson
“ares” winters island
“drumming song” florence + the machine
“love me blind” thick as thieves

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here’s some dank pics I took at Gamescom! I had a lot of fun and against all odds my costume actually held together :D  

A loooot of people asked for pics which was really cool! The other Mercy in the last pic is another cosplayer I met randomly near the Blizzard stage, and we stayed there for about half an hour because people kept asking for pics with the both of us :’D They probably thought we were paid to be there because we stood in front of a big Overwatch wall. She let me hold her gun!! It was great


Angela feels a hand grab a fistful of her medical coat and yank her back.

           She gasps and twists around—the clipboard in her hands is thick and metallic and she’s more than willing to break it over someone’s head—when her wide eyes fall upon Gabriel Reyes, who arches an eyebrow, still gripping her coat.

           “The wall, Doc,” he states flatly.

           Angela blinks twice at him, color creeping into her cheeks as she turns around—the tautness of her coat drops as Reyes releases her—and glances at the solid wall she’d been preparing to stride right into.


          Gott verdammt

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Moondance (mercymaker, T, 1.5k)

i wanted 2 write something extremely soft and extremely gay and Here It Is, Here Is The Soft Domestic Gay Content

read on ao3 here

also just put this on loop in the bg for Maximum Effect

Angela Ziegler was tired.

Perhaps that was too tame a word. The good doctor was frequently tired. Angela now was fucking exhausted, and suffering from a mood drop in the worst sort of way as a result. It was hard to stay chipper with a severe block in her research impeding further progress, and harder still when she’d spent the week with a bad case of insomnia and nightmares besides.

But if there was one skill Dr. Ziegler had picked up from her multiple degrees and diplomas, it was how to overcome a bad mood and severe lack of sleep by way of her trusty coffeepot. She was feeling the effects of the caffeine crash now, though, as she stumbled into her flat too late at night, kicking off her shoes with a world-weary “Fuck.

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Honest Mistake - Mercy76

Sooooo I read a comic by a Mercy76 shipper. I assumed the comic would end with Mercy76. Boy, was I wrong! Heartbroken, I turned to WordPad and cranked this baby out. I desperately needed Mercy76. Sorry if it’s rushed or kind of boring. I just… I needed some slice-of-life style Mercy76.

Honest Mistake

Sighing, she laid her head to rest on Fareeha’s shoulder. “You’re not helping,” she whimpered.

“I realized it the moment I uttered it. But,” Fay nuzzled her friend between her cheek and shoulder, “you know I mean it in the most endearing way possible. You are not getting any older. Everyone has someone and here you are, stealing me away from Jesse. Again.”

Angela’s lips curled up like a cat’s smile, “You’re one to complain.” Flicking her finger down Fareeha’s nose. “Weren’t you the one who wanted to date me.” A coy look flickered in her blue orbs. “Could have sworn you wanted to marry me,” she teased.

“Psh,” she playfully pushed Angela from her shoulder. “I would never.” An unmistakable blush crossed her tan cheeks.

“You’re blushing.”

“Am not,” she swatted at the blonde before attempting to tickle her.

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anonymous asked:

Hey how about long distance relationship with mercy and a male s/o and mercy surprises him with a visit?

As usual, you woke with the sun that morning. Rays of orange light poured through the windows and fit well with the soft colors of the room. The clock on the bedside showed it was about 6:32am, and your dog lay at the end of the bed with his nose tucked into his tail. 

With a yawn, you slowly sat up in bed. For a moment, your mind wandered to your dream……it had been of your girlfriend, Angela Ziegler, an Overwatch medic. A lot of the time she was away on missions, as a vital and necessary part of the team. In your dream though, she had come home to visit you and she had run into your arms the moment she had gotten off her plane…

You missed her often, and dearly…The two of you had been together for perhaps five years now? Angela had been home a lot more for the first three years, so the last two years you had been adjusting to her constant absences, even though she phoned you each night. Still…you wished she would come home. 

The little black dog at the end of the bed lift its head, yawning and stretching out its front paws like a cat. A smile tugged at your lips. Sometimes you wondered if he should have been born a cat. The two of you had named him Lucky, a pretty original name.

“Come on, Lucky,” you yawned, getting up. Pulling on a t-shirt, you figured that and your briefs were comfortable enough. Not that it mattered, since the only one who lived with you was Angela and she wasn‘t here.

Lucky bounced out of bed immediately, running for the door and scratching at it, a soft whine coming from his lips. Tail thumping on the floor, he stared up at you with pleading, beady eyes that just wanted some love.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” you said with a chuckle, walking over to open the bedroom door. Lucky scampered ahead and you followed after, prepared to let him out.

Except then your nose noticed something and you froze. It was the smell of cooked bacon…like someone was making food and the scent was wafting throughout the house. But no one else lives with me, you thought.

Then there was a bark from downstairs and immediately panic hit you. Dashing for the stairs, you took them in two‘s.

Obviously there was a stranger in the house and you refused to let them hurt Lucky- God damn it, Lucky was too trusting to be a guard dog, and no one else had a key to your place. He assumed it had to be an enemy of Overwatch. And a Talon agent wasn’t going to take mercy on an innocent little dog.

Rounding the corner, you were prepared to fight off whatever intruder you might have found…but instead you froze. Crouched there in the kitchen, petting a very happy Lucky, was Angela.

Immediately the world seemed to slow. Was this a dream, you wondered. Had you even woken up? It had been almost two months since you last saw her. Yet every pale blonde strand was still perfectly in place, and when her blue eyes rose to find you there, your heart beat quickened.

She still made you feel like a school boy with a crush even after all this time..

“Hey Y/n,” she said, smiling shyly and standing up. The dog ran around her feet, overly excited to see his other human back home. “I’ve missed you.”

For a moment you just stood there, wondering if you were hallucinating. Angela hadn’t mentioned yesterday anything about coming home…

Noticing your hesitation, Angela walked over and reached up to caress your cheek. “I’m sorry,” Angela said softly. “I just…I really wanted to surprise you.” Angela was worried about how mad you might be, what with her gone so much of the time…

Yet the moment her hand touched your cheek, it was like your body unfroze. “Angela,” you breathed, her name a prayer. Immediately you scooped her up into a hug, causing her to gasp in surprise. “I…God, I’ve missed you so much…I’m so glad your home.”

Spinning her around twice, you finally put her back on her feet. Angela didn’t look any different then the last time you’d seen her, except for the lovely turtleneck she wore and a scarf. For a moment, it felt like she hadn’t left.

Angela laughed, before pulling you toward the table. “I made you breakfast,” she said, grinning happily. “I got back early this morning. Thought I’d let you sleep in a bit longer but I see old habits die hard,” she said, chuckling at her own words.

“They do,” you agree, sitting and watching as she scooped up eggs and bacon onto two plates, along with some toast. “Thank you. I have to ask though…how long do I have with you?” you asked gently.

Angela seemed to hesitate, her back turned as she lifted the plates. It wasn’t an answer she seemed to want to give, so you could assume it wouldn’t be long.

“Three days,” Angela admitted finally.

There it was again, that squeeze in your chest, and that longing to keep her with you. As much as you wanted to say that it wasn’t fair, you knew that it wasn’t her fault and that you couldn’t ask her to stay. That would be selfish, especially knowing how much she loved her friends and being a doctor.

Turning, she brought over the food and placed it on the table. You noticed she didn’t sit, seeming to watch your reaction. “…I’m sorry, y/n. I wish I could be home more,” she said softly.

Shaking your head, you gave her a reassuring smile. “It’s fine, baby. Three days is good,” you said gently. Maybe she could sense the sadness in you…or maybe she felt it too.

“It isn’t. I’ve been gone so long and now I’m only back for three days…That isn’t fair to you. I’m so sorry, baby, I-” Angela’s voice started to tremble and her eyes started to tear up, but you cut her off.

“Angela, baby,” you said gently, hand taking hers. Gently your fingers twined together and you pulled her into your arms, cradling her in your lap and pressing soft kisses across her face. “Its okay, baby. Your worth it, okay?”

Gently you smoothed the hair from her face as Angela sniffled, and you wiped away any tears that might have escaped. Poor Angela was only one person, and you knew in the end, it was really all worth it just to be in her life.

“But-” she whispered.

“No,” you said firmly, lifting her chin. “I love you, Dr. Ziegler, and you are worth waiting every second for. I won’t let you think otherwise. Now…let me enjoy my three days with you,” you said, before kissing her softly.

There was no protest from her, Angela’s lips just as soft and sweet as you remembered. Wiping her eyes one last time, she nodded. 

“Alright,” she agreed, and the two of you had a lovely breakfast together.