angelas dad

  • Jesse: So we were training today right? And so he tells me about this new deflect ability he has and I called bullshit and then he reflected a bullet so it shot off my belt buckle and knocked me on my ass! It was incredible!
  • Gabe: Jesse-
  • McCree: And THEN after that he was showing me some hand to hand combat and those leg knives of his? He activated one while going for what looked like a roundhouse kick but nearly sliced the dummies head off!
  • Gabe: Jesse please-
  • McCree: Afterwards we got together and he took his face-plate off in front of my for the first time. God, boss, he's so beautiful, I think I'm in love with-
  • Gabe: JESSE. As nice it is to hear you so happy IT IS THREE IN THE MORNING.

Practical Benefits of Stain-Resistant Jumpsuits

Synopsis: At this point, the Casper High Parent-Teacher Association is overall resigned to the Fentons’ collective disaster-generating effect on their meetings.

Written for DP World Building Week 2017, Day 1: Sandbox Characters. Ensemble piece, outsider POV on the Fentons. Set pre-Reality Trip, otherwise TWT. Warnings for brief mostly-offscreen violence and general ecto-ickiness.

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Tucker was minding his own business, watching a marathon airing of the Terminatrix animated spinoff series, when his dad flopped down on the couch and started making frustrated noises at nothing in particular.

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Mercy76 headcanon #1

Jack, despite his claims of not being their father actually kinda likes it a little when the younger Overwatch members like or Lucio playfully refer to him as their dad. What he doesn’t know is that they also refer to mercy as their mom. Mercy herself knows very well that they call her the mom of the team but she doesn’t know who they call the dad of the team in the slightest. They once told her who it was and she expected someone like Reinhardt or Torbjorn but she wasn’t prepared for the answer being a Mr. Jack Morrison.