answers to that artist ask meme [part 3]

are you tired of me yet lmao

2. who is your favorite character to draw?

(voltron-wise, since that seems to be the theme of my blog atm) I know I draw keith the mostest but the one I love the most is lance. lance is my favorite boy to draw. he’s a very good 

8. show us at least 2-3 drawings from 1-2 years ago.

so i guess that’s 2015-2016? 


wow was i really still trying to paint and render in 2015


ah yes fire ebmelme

6. tag your favorite artists/inspirations!

i haven’t done this in so long. i don’t really frequent tumbles for art anymore, so i guess here are my favorite artists’ twitters (not all are fanartists too because you should be looking at all kinds of work in general. art is vast.)

 (and you ought to follow them if you haven’t already because their work is GREAT): @ringelrei , @lokhelle ​, @cafween ‏, @ladyadorabeezle @dianammarmol ‏,  @Angelakimbo to name only a few!!

inspirations include a long list of dead artists but not to get too winded mentioning them i’ll just say i love bernie wrightson for the lines and francisco de goya for the paints.

HAPPY FRESH FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got @angelakimbo one of my favorite artists on here who draws the coolest character shapes and designs!!! not to mention the cutest fanart go follow!!! gfkdlsjfk.  unfortunately i couldnt find any place near me showing boy and the beast and couldnt find anywhere to pay for it online or anything but ill see it eventually… hope you enjoy this drawing i cobbled together even if its probably out of character lmao;;; have a wonderful 2016 angela !!!! ;w;;;;
thanks always to @arlir and @jessiewongg for the invitation and for organizing!!! happy 5th birthday FF!! mwa mwa mwa

hey @angelakimbo!!! happy fresh friday!!! I’m always inclined to give people’s OCs some love when i get the chance, and i really hope i did well by you and your excellent designs! This was really fun to draw, and the perfect thing to begin getting me out of the dry spell i’ve kinda been in <3 

fresh friday, as always, is an honor and a joy to be a part of and i thank @arlir and @jessiewongg for putting it together every year <3 y’all the bestttt