Annnnnnnd my first attempt at an etching since High School. It’s been a while so it’s not of the best quality :-/

Not finished yet, obviously— the local hardware store didn’t have sandpaper fine enough so I have to go hit up one of the chains and hope they’ve got 2000 grain there because I really don’t want to order single sheets of sandpaper off of Amazon.

The stupid thing also refuses to photograph well so… sorry for the photoshop hack job.

(Brass etched in ferric chloride; patina created via coating object in vinegar and placing in oven until… evaporated? idk how to phrase that)


Knitting & Plushie post.

Guys if you’re tired of this bullshit please let me know. If you’re tired of cosplay bullshit in general, blacklist the tag ‘angelacosplays’. If you’re tired of the knitting blacklist ‘angelaknits’ and if you’re tired of crafting blacklist ‘angelasews’ or just send me a message going: NO ONE CARES SHUT THE HELL UP because that’s also equally as effecitve and not time consuming.

ANYWAYS. More shots of Mutie and Mindfang, playing dice on Roxy’s scarf, some shots of the halfway (thirdway?) finished Roxy scarf and Sahitya’s shawl WIP (that’s over 100 yards of yarn, by the way. That thing is monstrously large). Hopefully the pattern will show up when I block it. I know there’s a pattern because I’ve knit over 2700 stitches of it. -headdesk-