see I wasn’t joking about those beads.

between the bicone crystals there’s seed beads and then there’s a layer of pearls above and that ribbon was handstitched on and I have to do those beads all around the waist uninterrupted and then I have to finish edging where the lace at the back meets the dress and then I have to re-do the sleeves and edge them in velvet and beads and lace and then make the long bit of the sleeves and–

well. I make terrible life choices. but I’m enjoying the effort!

diffult thinsgs.

Do… d'you knwo whats. What’s the most diffculyt. Diffuclt part of dating a vampire?



I MEAN SRSLY HOW DO I DEAL WITH THIS GUISE. IMMORTAL VAMPIRES ARE SRS BUZNESS. Wizr'ds don’t bite. Mostly. ‘Less they’re werewolfs.

Oh god is Kanaya a werewolf. I can’t handle that shit. I dn’t like dogs.

Although. Hmm… Come to think of it. Hahahhaahhhahahahahahahhaahhaah.

Oh fuck no that’s a bad idea. I’m. I'mma gonna drink till I forget that idea. Plz excuse me.




We’re getting there guys! The neckline’s done and I’ve started beading just below the lace on the back. Liz (sironaselkie) just spent about forty five minutes pinning the ribbon into place so the skirt beading should start soon.

also included is a shot of Liz being adorable and fairy-cosplayer-y and a few shots of me getting out of my dress. I was standing there in my skirts and tights and heels and Liz just goes “that’s be hot with your corset” so I obliged, mostly because wearing my Roxy dress makes me feel kind of ugly :-/ but so does wearing my mindfang coat so w/evs.


Lace added, first line of beads done around the neckline, sleeves widened. Completed the moon outline which was a bitch because tiny beads. Doing the pearls took all of a half-hour, yay for 6mm beads!

Ned to fix the capped part of the sleeves (they’re way too short) which is why that one side looks a little raggedy.

The two middle shots, by the way, are the most accurate depictions of the dress’s color. If you were wondering/care whatsoever.


Porrim cosplay WIP! I’m working on finishing up the detailling still and it’s not my best work… it’s kind of shoddy, in fact, but it’s definitely the cheapest so far!

My dear friend Emily spent about an hour coloring me with washable Crayola markers last night. And then I went to be because it was 2am. And, uh, the swirls rubbed off on the sheets. There are black and green patterns all over my bed and my nightshirt and there’s still marker all over me…

But Emily is wonderful  and we should all give her a gigantic hug <3 She’s also helping me figure out my dress detailing– the stylized part of the Virgo symbol that goes over my bosom and ribcage.

Any suggestions for tattooing!?!?!? Also I have ordered a black wig and fake piercings =D



It’s not hemmed, I need to fix the sleeves and the back of the dress was pinned shut (I have to finish the buttons, shhh) but it’s coming along nicely, I think! Satin’s not very forgiving and I wish it were a little more, uh, figure flattering but… I’m pleased <3 the back is beautiful and when my various laces, velvet ribbons, (fake) pearls and crystals get here IT WILL BE SO SHINY I’LL DIE or something.



1. “Angela, like that dress doesn’t go high enough– oh god! *emily laughs*.

2. "Behold the vampire in her natural environment. She is preferential to black clothing, especially fleeces and if desperate will feast upon the blood of the middle american, diet Coke.”

3. “Ahh Bryn  Mawr. I love Bryn Mawr. Bitches love Bryn Mawr. I’M HOME KANKRI I’M HOME.”

4. “Party on my meteor!”


revengeofrosencrantz in my Mindfang cosplay, she’s wonderful.

ladyofillyria is our photographer and is wonderful as well. I was going to say “sister class” but that’s a lie oh well.

sironaselkie is the cute blonde we locked outside. or whatevs.

and I’m the Porirm. the really haphazard Porrim. I’m super sad and my remedy for not sobbing all alone is, uh… having Liz color all over me? I guess.


whoops I cosplayed again. This time at much less cost/effort so go me!

Do any of you give a damn? PROBABLY NOT AT THIS POINT. Sorry, I love you all. Unfollow me if you want to I won’t take it personally.

Skirt: $15.80, forever 21

Shirts: $5.60, forever 21– personalized via iron transfer paper

Shoes: $14.99, ragstock

Nail Polish: 3.99, ragstock

TOTAL: Um… let me…$40.82.

It’s a far cry from the almost 200 I spent on my Mindfang cosplay. And, um, a lot less work. A lot less rewarding too.

Mutie: Handmade from leftover fleece. Check my cosplay tag.

Lipstick: Took my fairy cosplayer’s advice and layered black eyeshadow over chapstick and let me tell you… more effective than lipstick. Shit wouldn’t come off.

ANYWAYS. Advice on makeup is wanted but I’m quite fond of my hair. It was half assed in all of two minutes and, um, I’m still so dilated I can’t actually really see what’s happening.


“i cant hit on anybody and appaprently i can entertain nary a frisky THOUGHT about anyboby because apparentley evrybodies OFF LIMITS!!!!!”

“Consider this your first lesson in showmanship.”

The Lalondes. Half-assed by me at 10 at night because I finished TEH SCARF and I’m having lots of feelings. Guys I love this scarf and I will probably wear it all the time.

Clocking in at almost 11 feet and made from almost 500 yards of yarn, this thing is easily the longest thing I’ve knitted. It’s not perfect and technically it’s not finished but… hey. Just have to weave the ends in (and maybe block it again, who knows). Also the stripes are all different sizes but you know what? It gives it character.

For those of you who give a damn: I did a time lapse video of me knitting the last foot or so just for fun.

Hey guys! I knit, by the way. You all know this. But.

Here’s a 1.5/2 foot of a scarf. A Roxy scarf <3 I keep seeing Roxy cosplayers using SEWN scarves and just going “I’m sad now” because didn’t Rose knit it for her and it’s just so much more meaningful when it’s hand knit. I mean not to say that it’s not okay to sew it, those also look lovely <3 but since I have the time and the ability, I figured why the hell not? Plus it was 2/5 on this yarn IN THE PERFECT colors. So the dark purple sparkles Derse maroon and the lavender is just Rose’s exact purple SO. Had to.

Knit on size 8 needles, knit/purl off and on (is that a garter stitch? I think so) Either way simple, straightforward and it’s going to be hella long.


Mini-Shoot in my Sunroom in celebration of my lipstick. Or something. feminism? I don’t know don’t ask me.


THIS IS WHY SATYA IS IN CHARGE AND WE NEED HER HOME NOW. (Also welcome home darling, I’d say something sweet and meaningful but… you know. I’m not that clever when it comes to words).


Pictures taken by the lovely Sara, as always, who puts up with this bullshit.

The images of her scowling are henceforth dubbed:

“Gettin’ real tired of yer Shit Angela.”

(almost typed Master Wayne)


Also Sara was super disappoint she didn’t do a moustache so she did one after we did the series of: “this is why I won’t wear a wig with this bloody thing” images. Which are being gifd. Ahem.