Thank You my fellows!

Many thanks to Drew (gallerylefey), Angela (angelacollier), Esra (my-memory-palace), Sylvy (sylvyrocks), Kate (katerieke)Fernando (qbnscholar), Alejandro (amchphotography) and Juan (ravenoussouls), for their very kind comments and support about my photo Where it all began’!  Once again, another capture of something that has to do with the sea, which is probably connected with my deepest obsessions. I tried to give a oneiric nature to the image, so I chose to force the control of DoF, but the golden glow of the last rays of sun helped a lot, of course!

So, as always, thank you for your words, and for the appreciation shown in likes and reblogs!

Yours <3


angelacollier replied to your post: ‘Breaking -II-’ - F11; 1/1250s; I…

'Wow ! Brilliant’

photoshamanism replied to your post: 'Breaking -II-’ - F11; 1/1250s; I…


ksjanes replied to your post: 'Breaking -II-’ - F11; 1/1250s; I…

'What an amazing shot’.

laurabfernandez replied to your post: 'Breaking -II-’ - F11; 1/1250s; I…

'Cojonuda. Perdón por el taco pero no se me ocurre otro adjetivo’.

photoencounters replied to your post: 'Breaking -II-’ - F11; 1/1250s; I…

'Whoaaa! That’s incredible!’

latiendamixta replied to your post: 'Breaking -II-’ - F11; 1/1250s; I…

'Que espectáculo!’

nurnielfa replied to your post: 'Breaking -II-’ - F11; 1/1250s; I…

'¡Qué maravilla!’

guisch73 replied to your post:'Breaking -II-’ - F11; 1/1250s; I…

'Wow, great! Did you got wet? ;)’

Thank you, my fellows! Truly, this was a laborious to obtain picture … I think I shot forty or more times to get just four or five decent shots. And … yes Guido: I got wet enough, since a portion of that water you see ’suspended’ in the air fell on me a moment later :)!

amchphotography replied to your post: ’Through the water curtain’ - F2….:

‘Increíble!!! Sólo ten cuidado de no mojar la cámara. POR FAVOR!!!!’

Ah, no me atrevería a tanto, Alejandro :)! Esta foto la hice con el celular, colocándolo detrás de un gran chorro de agua lo suficientemente delgado como para que funcionara al modo de una extraña lente. Me divertí muchísimo haciendo el 'experimento’, aunque tuve que hacer como que no veía las caras de estupefacción que ponía la gente que se estaba bañando en esa piscina! 

angelacollier replied to your post: Through the water curtain’ - F2….:

'Fantastic :)’

Thank you, Angela! This is the result of an entertaining experiment, since the photo was made placing a phone behind a jet of water which created a layer thin enough to allow  a distorted view of what was ahead.

angelacollier replied to your post: The last step’ - f13; 1/160s; IS…:

‘Bellissimo !’

Many thanks, Angela. Indeed I love shooting the sea; always beautiful, always different!

streetberlin replied to your post: The last step’ - f13; 1/160s; IS…:

'wonderful composition, the absence of the sky works great’

I agree! In this case I wanted to focus on the reflections and colors of the sea surface and I think that worked well, no need to capture the sky. Thanks for your kind words!

qbnscholar replied to your post: The last step’ - f13; 1/160s; IS…:

'Me trae tantos recuerdos esta foto, tan sencilla, tan linda.’

Una vez más  el mar, Fern, siempre tan hermoso, que es dificil que las fotos que le hagas salgan mal!

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