The Pleasant Family (Original by Bethanie01_123)

Sims: Mary-Sue Pleasant, Daniel Pleasant, Angela Pleasant, & Lilith Pleasant

Residence: The Winchester (The Winchester by Fakehouses) - Cherrytree Lane

“On the surface, Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant seem to have the perfect life, but is their love a flimsy façade? And can Angela and Lilith make the right choices when it comes to love?”


Day 3: Twins

So for my twins I decided to recreate Angela and Lilith Pleasant from TS2. I think I did a fairly good job with them! They are as always total opposite sides of the coin, even though they look the same in facial features, their style and personalty’s are totally different. But they are as thick as thieves and will defend each other to the end. 


When you have enough teens in a neighborhood, you gotta make a yearbook page ;)