angela's wedding

  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: You can't tell me the whole Scranton branch didn't shut when Michael and Holly got married. That they didn't fly out to Colorado to see Michael marry the girl of his dreams. You can't tell me Michael didn't try to get Ryan to be his best man but when Ryan ran away, he asked Dwight instead. That Jim wasn't a groomsman. That Cece wasn't the flower girl. That Andy didn't sing the song Michael and Holly danced to. That Kelly and Andy didn't have another dance off and this time, Andy didn't have to go to the ER. That Phyllis, Pam, and Erin didn't cry when they said I do. That Michael didn't ask Erin for a dance. That the whole office didn't plan a flash mob like at Jim and Pam's wedding. There is no way none of this didn't happen.
This Moment is Enough

A/N: *Awkwardly dusts off screen. So, um…Hi. I know this is a bit of a sudden post from me, but I did promise I would make this fic on the, now disbanded, emergenji discord server. I’m sorry I took so long to make this, but I hope I make up for it with this fic. I am going to write both a reception fic, full of speeches, dancing, and more fluff, and maybe an NSFW wedding night fic. For now, here is my own version of a Gency Wedding.

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A day to remember [McPharah]

As soon as I received the wonderful news of @escapefrommetalgear‘s wedding I knew I have to make something special for her and her husband.

So I wrote down a little wedding story for her OTP, McPharah, that soon evolved in a 2800 words one shot. I also included some Mercy76 here and there, since it’s another ship we have in common (and I liked the idea of include them too much)

I hope you like it!

A HUGE thanks to @mtex for her help with the grammar

The sun was high in the sky, but the cool breeze of the desert kept the air somewhat fresh for all those attending the special event happening at the Giza Grand Hotel’s beautiful garden, not far from Temple of Anubis. Sunrays were not the main concern for a certain man waiting for the show to start.

Dressed in a full suit with high boots and a fancy cowboy hat, Jesse McCree adjusted hisexpensive tie for the hundredth time and looked at his gold plated wristwatch.


Almost High Noon.

He smirked. Ironically, it was her who insisted on having the wedding at that exact hour.

The levity moment was brief though, as his thoughts dwelled on the big step ahead of him.

He was going to get married! He was going to marry none other than Fareeha Amari.

The more he thought about it the more he felt unworthy to marry her. She was righteous, headstrong and incredibly beautiful, all the things he was not. All he could see in himself was just a dirty man, whose only chance of redemption was taking out the trash the world one gunshot at a time. How she could love a wreck like him was beyond his brightest hopes.

Someone grabbed him by the arm. Even though he winced, the grip was not tight at all. It was a gentle gesture from the kindest of women. Leaning a hand on his arm was the bride’s mother, Ana. He looked down at the old but strong woman. She was standing right beside him the whole time in her long blue dress that left only her wrinkled arms free. On her head, hijab veil covered most of her hair except for her braid and a bang of silver hair. Just having her there filled him with the confidence to stand his ground and not run away in shame. Ana noticed a single drop of sweat forming on his forehead.

“What is wrong Jesse? Are you scared?” She asked, drying his skin with a napkin.

“Nothin’ escapes your eye, Ana!” He replied.

“You’re gonna be okay. She loves you. Trust her as I do!” Ana told him with a careful but firm voice.

She then took a glance at Jesse’s watch and added:

“Guess what time is it?”

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For/Inspired by @pentacass‘s various fics… Milah and Ana would be badass awesome grandmas okay, no matter the universe. Ade has quite the name to live up to, no doubt she’ll find some way to honor and aggravate the women who love her (after all, its a family tradition)

Booth: I worked really, really hard on my vows, but you know now that we’re here, look… Hey, do you remember the last time that we were here standing right around in this spot? It was right in the beginning, before we really knew each other. I was trying to get away from you because you were irritating me and you chased me down and you caught up to me. I said to you, “Listen, I just have to get all my ducks in a row” and then you said to me…

Brennan: I can be a duck!

Booth: Yeah, we have been chasing each other for a long time. Been chasing each other through wars and serial killers and ghosts and snakes. And you know chasing you has been the smartest thing that I have ever done in my life. And being chased by you has been my greatest joy. But now we don’t have to chase each other anymore because we caught each other.

Brennan: When Hodgins and I were buried alive, we each wrote a message to someone we loved in case our bodies were ever found. Hodgins wrote to Angela and I wrote to you. “Dear Agent Booth, you are a confusing man. You are irrational, and impulsive, superstitious, and exasperating. You believe in ghosts and angels and maybe even Santa Claus. And because of you I’ve started to see the universe differently. How is it possible that simply looking into your fine face gives me so much joy? Why does it make me so happy that every time I try to sneak a peak at you, you’re already looking at me? Like you, it makes no sense. And like you, it feels right. If I ever get out of here, I will find a time and a place to tell you that you make my life messy and confusing. And unfocused and irrational and wonderful.” This is that time. This is that place.

- Bones 9x06 (The Woman in White)