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“I’ve been meaning to ask you about it,” Angela hummed as she fiddled with Fareeha’s hands, marking down each scar, scratch, and callus.

“Hm?” The security chief pressed her head atop Angela’s, lazily gazing over to the ring she was playing with. “Ah.”

“You should have told me you were taken,” Angela playfully muttered as she continued running her fingers along the ring’s smooth surface. She could feel Fareeha shake with her chuckle.

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Resident Evil: Degeneration Voice Blooper (Part 1)

This is the extra voice bloopers of the RESIDENT EVIL DEGENERATION.

They even used some of the film scene to fit in these voice blooper. Two of my favorite scenes are the ones I made into gif and that would be when Claire slaps Leon after he agrees to have sex with Angela again. She also blows the city up and calls him a Bastard. The second one is with Fredric getting a phone call from Leon to invite him to his and Angela’s wedding, which pissed her off to the highest degree to the point where she press the button 5 to 6x times to allow the city to blow up. Now I can’t help to think of what she will truly do once she finds out Leon and Ada have a thing for each. Will she join Umbrella. LOL!


Angela’s wedding part 3!