angela the witch

the mercy’s suit au

or, the one where mercy’s gayness is revealed in her complete inability to control her suit at all

  • angela’s suit is the most advanced medical technology in history
  • it has the incredible ability to bring people back from the dead, took about ten years to create, is capable of flight, and is, according to some specialists, god in mechanical form.
  • except for the fact that it’s not fucking working.
  • angela kicks the staff frustratedly, and almost topples over because she forgot that her entire weight was resting on it. 
  • the suit hums. ‘change in gravity recorded. videotape sent automatically to the lab.’
  • of course now it’s decided to work.
  • pharah flies in to hover next to her. they’re at training, and mercy’s been having a tantrum for the last fifteen minutes
  • ‘dr. ziegler!’ she calls brightly. mercy smiles and blushes.
  • ‘hello, fareeha!’
  • ‘your heartbeat is increasing slightly, angela,’ the suit says. ‘would you like me to-’
  • ‘no, it’s fine,’ angela says hastily.
  • ‘eh?’ pharah asks.
  • ‘nothing.’
  • ‘okay.’ fareeha smiles and angela honest to god has a heart attack. this woman. 
  • ‘you’re looking good today, angela.’
  • mercy blushes fiery red and suddenly she’s shot a hundred feet into the sky. ‘WHAT THE-’
  • ‘i detected a significant rise in the frequency of your heartbeat. assuming you were in danger, i immediately brought you out of the situation.’
  • ‘fuck you,’ angela grumbles, and descends to earth, clutching the last shreds of her dignity.
  • pharah just laughs.
  • two days later…
  • mercy’s wearing her devil suit.
  • she very much enjoys the way fareeha’s eyes follow her around the battlefield.
  • her suit’s AI is disabled, but for some reason the off switch is damaged.
  • ‘angela, you appear to be shaking your hips in a very unusual fashion. would you like me to reset your hipbones?’
  • ‘angela, there is increased bloodflow to your cheeks. i am now applying ice packs.’
  • ‘angela, your face appears to be set in a curious expression. are your muscles tense? i will apply a short electric shock to relax your facial muscles.’
  • ‘angela, your eyes are rolling. i am going to set them in proper position.’
  • mercy nearly takes off her headpiece and smashes it on the ground.
  • after the brawl, fareeha comes over to her, dressed in a tight tank top and jeans.
  • ‘dr. ziegler,’ she says, smirking lopsidedly. 
  • angela grins. ‘fareeha!’ she says breathlessly.
  • ‘listen, i was just wondering if perhaps you would like to go-
  • to angela’s horror, her suit drones, ‘angela, your entire body is overheating. employing mechanism tailfan.’
  • and then her devil tail snakes around her front, around fareeha’s waist, and pulls her in, before rapidly fluttering against- oh. that would be pharah’s ass.
  • they’re now pressed very close together, and mercy thinks, fuck it
  • then she rises on her tiptoes, and kisses her.
  • after a beat, fareeha kisses back
  • the suit hums in what sounds like triumph. ‘objective get-pharmercy-together achieved. deactivating.’
  • okay, maybe it’s not so bad after all
Frostbite!pharah/Witch!Mercy speed write.. thing

Scrawled this down in my phone at work and someone asked me to post it 😁
I don’t often write nor is this beta’d mffyyrdbjyeafye enjoyyy

“You live out here alone?”
“I do,” the witches features crinkle into a half smile. “You get used to it.”
“I understand … the spirit life can be just as lonely,” Fareeha confesses.

Angela glances up, studying those piercing eyes, watching small ice shards dance and flourish beyond blue irises.
She reaches forward tentatively to Fareeha’s hand.
The spirit twitches a and pulls her hand away when Angela’s fingers drew a hairs-breadth close enough.
“Fareeha…” the witch started.
“I’ll hurt you. “
“Fareeha,” she tried again, fingers ghosting close enough to feel the sheer cold radiate from the spirits skin.
The witch makes a gesture, her own blue eyes tinge into a deep amber before fading back to normal.

“You won’t hurt me;” Angela assures, traveling fingers try again, finding purchase on Fareeha’s hand, carefully intertwining into frostbitten fingers.

The spirit draws a shaky breath at the contact.
With somebody…
She let'a her eyes flutter shut, reveling in the warmth blooming from her hands. She’s expecting Angela to pull away at any moment, expecting the moment to shatter when she realises the burning sting that comes with touching a frostbite spirit’s cyanotic skin…
Only to be startled back to reality by a gentle palm grazing her cheek, thumb delicately tracing her tattoo.
She finds herself unconsciously leaning into the touch she had yearned longer than she wants to think about for.

She lets gentle fingers slide up and through her hair, heading the soft pull towards the witch.
Cold puffs air ghost between them as they bridge the metaphorical and physical distance they’ve learnt to live with all their lives.
Lips graze, soft, experimental.
Angela never pulls back and Fareeha exhales a breath she didn’t know she was holding.
Her own hands shyly move to the witches hips, gripping her blouse as if this were some impossible dream fate was going to cruely tear away from her in an instant …

She feels her very soul thaw as they melt together and the kiss finally deepens.

Gency Week Day 2 - AU

For some reason, I wanted to try a different design with Dragon Genji.  More Western inspired and tried to give him feathered wings.  And Mercy’s witch costume got a lot of detail taken out, but I had to get this done. ;w;

I love doing giant monster Genji AUs. =w=  Hopefully I can do day 3 in a more timely manner as well. ;w;