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BK: The crown jewel atop the Little Ba Sing Se Fashion Mall is a miniature version of the Earth Kingdom’s Royal Palace. It looks pretty nice from the outside but houses a tacky family buffet restaurant on the inside. William was a great artist from day one on Korra, but by the time we got to Book Four he was on fire! His designs of this oddly shaped, incredibly complex location are clear as a bell and easy on the eye.

MD: Sometimes the ideas that seem ridiculous at first end up being just the things you need for the story. The little Ba Sing Se Fashion Mall was one of those ideas. At first I thought it was too over the top, but when combined with Prince Wu’s desire for importance and relevance, this microcosm of his kingdom perfectly supported his character arc. The Republic City Four Elements is the city’s poshest hotel and the first choice for discerning travelers and world leaders who appreciate the finest in luxury and service. Prince Wu loves it so much, he’s taken up permanent residence. Designs by William Nanqing Niu, Christine Bian, and Angela Sung. Paintings by Lauren Zurcher, Lane Garrison, and Emily Tetri. [x]

Congratulations to the Legend of Korra Design team for winning the Annie for Best Production Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production!!!!

Will, Angela, Christine, Freddie and Emily brought home the Gold last night at the 41st Annual Annie Awards!!


I saw that the solicitation cover for the third Korra Dark Horse art book is up on Amazon’s pre-order now. That was an earlier work-in-progress version, and this one above is slightly different, and if history is any indicator I will still be tweaking it up until Dark Horse rips it out of my hands at the absolute last second. The background design is an update by Angela Sung of an old ATLA one by Ricardo Delgado. Fred Stewart did an absolutely exquisite job painting it––probably one of my top 5 favorite background paintings of his on Korra. Korra was drawn and colored by me. The Book 2 art book will be released on September 16, 2014, and the Book 3 art book, which we are working on right now, will come out on January 20, 2015.


BK: Zaofu was an inspiring location for me to art direct. I gathered Art Deco photo reference of architecture, interior design, furniture, sculpture, lighting fixtures, clothing, jewelry, etc. When it came time for the designers to start generating concepts for this episode, I went through the reference folder with each of them, pointing out the design elements I liked best, and how I wanted them to think about streamlining the complex aesthetic down to its essentials so it could be reproduced repeatedly for animation. My dream design team rose to the challenge remarkably! In contrast to Lin’s no-frills lifestyle, Su lives in a palatial estate, using her Beifong inheritance to the fullest. It reminds you just how different these sisters are! 
Background designs by William Nanqing Niu and Angela Sung. Paintings by Lauren Zurcher, Frederic Stewart, and Emily Tetri. 



BK: Asami’s prototype for the flagship Future Industries dirigible was a challenging and intricate design task, but our prop designer Christine’s enthusiasm made it a fun process. i knew the upcoming Metal Clan city and vehicles were going to be steeped in an Art Deco style, so I gave Christine the direction to make this an Art Nouveau airship. She came up with this striking silhouette and developed it beautifully. William had the daunting task of designing the elaborate Art Nouveau atrium and cockpit within the parameters of the bizarre volumes dictated by the exterior design of the airship. He executed them stupendously, resulting in one of my favorite locations of the season. Designs by Christine Bian, William Nanqing Niu, and Angela Sung. Paintings by Emily Tetri and Frederic Stewart. 



Congratulations to the Korra design team members for taking home the Annie Award for Production Design in TV for Book 2 Chapter 10 “A New Spiritual Age”! From left to right in the top photo, skipping Mike and me: Angela Sung (background design), Christine Bian (prop design), William Nanqing Niu (background design), Emily Tetri (background paint), and Frederic Stewart (background paint). And congratulations to the other designers who worked on this special episode: Sylvia Filcak-Blackwolf (color stylist), Christie Tseng (character design), Angela Song Mueller (character design), and Lauren Zurcher (background paint). Every day I am blown away by their talent, dedication, and enthusiasm, so it is nice to see the animation community recognize their work as well.

Korra Wins Annie for Best Production Design

Here are the results for Korra from the 2014 Annie Awards:

  • Win! Angela Sung, William Niu, Christine Bian, Emily Tetri, and Frederic Stewart won for “Outstanding Achievement, Production Design in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production”.
  • Loss: Colin Heck for “Outstanding Achievement, Directing in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production”. Lost to Toy Story of Terror.
  • Loss: “Best Animated TV/Broadcast Production For Children’s Audience”. Lost to Adventure Time.
The Wind Rises Won Best Writing at The 41st Annie Awards

The Annie Awards is widely recognized as the Oscars counterpart of animation, where The Wind Rises was nominated for three categories: Writing in an Animated Feature Production for Hayao Miyazaki, Character Animation in a Feature Production for Kitaro Kosaka, and Best Animated Feature.

Frozen topped the occasion with four wins including Best Animated Feature – with ten nominations there was one huge award that got away, which was Writing for an Animated Feature and it was awarded to Hayao Miyazaki.

The presenters were baffled that no one came to pick up the award – quite reminiscent of Miyazaki’s absence for his Oscar win in 2002.

Click below for the complete list of winners:

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