angela please


Fareeha steps onto the mats and easily catches the staff that Angela tosses towards her. “Please don’t hold back, Ranger Ziegler,” she says, and spins the staff in one hand.

Inspired by another really good pharmercy fic recommended to me, 
Equilibrium by caesurae @gravehelm

A List of Mercy ships that are better than Gency
  • Pharmercy
  • Mercymaker
  • Snowangel
  • Mercy x Zarya
  • McMercy
  • Mercy x Symmetra
  • Mercy x Winston’s Peanut Butter
  • Mercy x Her Right Hand
  • Mercy x Torbjörn’s turrets
  • Mercy x Symmetra’s Sentries
  • Mercy x A Battery Operated Machine
  • Mercy x Bastion
  • Mercy x Ganymede
  • Mercy x The Payload
  • Mercy x The POTG
  • Mercy x Her Cadeceus Staff
  • Mercyhog
  • Hell just about anything is better than Gency
  • Please save my beloved main please. I’m begging you. Please save her and leave her out of this lousy ship