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THE SIREN INITIATIVE. It has always been a sad and unfortunate superstition that women were bad luck to have aboard a ship - and, as such, there have been many women thrown over the rails and into the water. But as the water filled their lungs, they finally found fins to call their own. Ruling at sea, they drown sailors in revenge for their deaths, and aid and support the all-woman pirate crew of Captain Isobel Maulie.

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Spectre’s Call: *Reveals Doland is Descole in disguise.* “I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before…”

Eternal Diva: *Works out Descole is behind everything and engages in close combat with swords.*

Miracle Mask: *Reveals Angela is Descole in disguise, even though Descole is extremely disproportionate to the tiny Angela and logically the disguise should make no sense.*

Azran Legacy: *Sees Descole’s true face - a face he has seen before. Okay, he was only like seven years old, so maybe he can’t remember. But surely he must recognise the bottom half of Descole’s face, his black suit, the same friggin’ shoes, his unaltered voice, his fascination with the Azran - *

Layton: “The honour is all mine, Professor Sycamore!”

If someone can give me a logical explanation headcanon for this, I’ll take back every single problem I’ve had with Azran Legacy. 

Birthday Party

Little Fareeha had been lucky enough to have everyone at her home for Reinhardt’s birthday. The big German was one of her favorite people which was saying a lot because Fareeha though young could judge anyone with a fierce gaze. Something she’d learned from her mother. It also helped that a specific doctor was there.

“What did you get Rein?” Angela asked as Fareeha dragged a large bag into the corner of the room.

“Something special.” She replied grunting and shoving it out of obvious sight.

“Did you?” Angela mused. Fareeha was very interesting to her, very much like Ana but also very different. She was a cute kid, and she had endless possibilities for who she could be when she grew up.

“I made it myself. I had help though, from Uncle Jesse.” Fareeha said straightening her dress.

“I can’t wait to see it.” Angela smiled crossing her legs from where she sat on the floor.

“What did you get him?” Fareeha asked bounding over to the doctor and plopping down into her lap.

“That is also a surprise.” Angela laughed. “Are you comfortable?”

“Yes. Very much.” Fareeha giggled leaning back against the doctor. She had to admit the blonde was really pretty and she was really nice too.

“Good to know.” Angela laughed resting her chin on the top of Fareeha’s head. There was a knock at the door before it opened revealing a red head, tall and lanky, with a very new trait about her.

“Woah.” Fareeha’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened.

“Moira your…eyes.” Angela frowned observing her mentor.

“Ah yes. A temporary side effect…hopefully.” Moira smiled straightening her tie. “I haven’t missed the party have I?”

“No. Hey, did you try to make your eyes into 3D glasses?” Fareeha asked noting one was red and the other was blue. “Cause that seems pretty stupid.”

“Ah! Fareeha be polite!” Ana frowned finishing up to the last of the decorations.

“It’s true!” Fareeha grunted earning a small smile from Angela.

“Fareeha may you give me a moment I’d like to have a conversation with my colleague.” Angela spoke quietly and gently to the young girl. She knew that it was rare Fareeha actually got to see her and the young girl adored her, so asking to spend less time with her may seem rude, however Fareeha had been distracted by something and happily obliged.

Angela stood and collected herself before grabbing Moira by the arm and dragging her down the h all to the guest room.

“Let me see.” She demanded flicking on the lights and cracking the door. Angela gripped Moira’s face and angled her head downwards examining the other woman’s eyes. “How did you do that? Why?!”

“Like I said it was a side effect.” Moira hissed batting the blonde’s hands away. The two had progressively grown apart, it was no longer a close relationship between mentor and student, but a distant one between people with different morales.

“Why do you insist on experimenting on yourself?” Angela demanded rubbing her hand where a red welt had formed.

“Because you shut down my experiments on the animals.” Moira retorted coldly.

“It was unethical. You weren’t using animal safe products. There are laws you cannot ignore!” Angela protested while Moira rolled her eyes.

“Do not question my work anymore Angela. It would do you good to leave me be when it comes to my research. Now, let’s pretend this didn’t happen and go join the party.” Moira gave a cold smile at the smaller doctor before making a move for the door. Reaching out Angela caught the elder woman by the arm pulling her back.

“I am not going to watch you ruin yourself with this sick obsession of yours to understand everything. Some things are meant to be left alone!” Moira turned to face her and pried Angela’s hand away her grip painfully tight on the Swiss girl’s wrist.

“Then you doctor shouldn’t play with life and death.” Hissed the red head. “I know what you’re working on, would your parents really be proud of you? Tampering with the forces of nature. It’s a bit late to try and bring them back isn’t it?”

“You’re cruel.” Angela couldn’t help the tears welling in her eyes. She jerked her wrist free and watched with a lowered gaze as Moira smiled as if nothing happened and left the room.

Angela stayed there for a long time, well into the party even after the German giant had arrived. There was a very soft knock on the door before it was eased open and Fareeha stepped inside with a plate that held a small slice of cake.

She plopped down next to the Doctor on the end of the bed and held out the plate to her. “I saved you the last piece.”

Angela glanced over at the young girl and gave her a small smile. “Thank you.”

“Awe crap I forgot he fork!” Fareeha groaned smacking herself on the forehead. “I’ll be back wait here!”

Angela laughed as Fareeha sprinted out of the room before running back in a plastic eating utensil in hand. “Here!”

“Thank you Fareeha.” Angela ruffled her hair and ate a small bit of the cake. A silence stretched over the room for a moment.

“You’re upset. I heard you and 3D eyes arguing.” Fareeha noted quietly. “Was she mean?”

“I-yes a bit.” Angela nodded.

“I’m sorry. I think your work is nice. I like listening to you talk about it. Well I just like listening to you talk in general.” Fareeha smiled and fidgeted with her hands. “Your face gets all happy and stuff. I like it.”

“You’re no different you know.” Angela noted.

“I’m not as smart or pretty.” Fareeha frowned.

“Yes you are.” Angela laughed wrapping an arm around the shoulders of the younger girl. “One day you’ll get to work for Overwatch and you’ll make people happy.”

“Justice!” Fareeha laughed making her hands into fists.

“Yes of course.” Angela chuckled. “I bet we’d be a great team.”

“You think so?” Fareeha smiled excitedly. “Maybe I could fly with you!”

“I’d like that.” Angela smiled finishing the slice of cake Fareeha had given her.

“Good then its settled. I’ll hold ya too it.” Fareeha promised holding up her hand. “I’ll be a better friend than the weird eyed lady.”

“I don’t doubt it Fareeha. You have a very noble heart.” Angela meant what she said and couldn’t help but feel happy at the brilliant gleam in the younger girl’s eyes at her words.

“Come on let’s enjoy the party. Rein’s been asking where you are.” Fareeha dated getting to her feet and pulling Angela to a standing position. She gave the Swiss doctor a tight hug that made the elder woman sigh and smile. Fareeha indeed was a special person.

“Alright lead on soldier.” Angela saluted starting one of Fareeha’s favorite games.

“Sure thing Doc!” Fareeha saluted and ran off, Angela hot on her trail.

“Awe looks like Fareeha’s enjoying time with her favorite girl.” Ana mused standing next to Jesse at the kitchen counter.

“Those two are trouble I tell you.” Jesse chuckled. “I can only imagine what kind of shenanigans they’ll get into when Fareeha’s older.”

“I don’t doubt it’ll be interesting.” Ana agreed as Fareeha jumped onto Reinhardt’s back.

“I got him!” She yelled as Reinhardt staggered around as if he were struggling to support the young girl’s weight.

“Hands up old man.” Angela smiled pointing a hand gun at Reinhardt.

“Oh no! It is the dynamic duo! My enemies.” Reinhardt slowly fe to the ground and faked his death.

Ana laughed to herself and shook her head. “Perhaps Reinhardt will participate in those shenanigans.”

A Single Death


I know this ends yesterday, but here’s my last submission for day seven: Mission

and yes, a bit free-style.


If you’re reading this, I’d probably die or went missing… or went to search for something that I can use to… get a foothold for myself. I know you’re not good with words and how to craft it like a true craftsman and I know that I write better than you.


I’m sorry… I shouldn’t take that mission earlier. I don’t know that this mission will cost my life… to save a lot of others. That’s a noble cause, yet my altruism is getting another foothold against my feelings and decisions. I realise that you worried about me and my illness… an incurable disease, yet I rebelled, and now I bite more than I can chew. I face the Death himself.

It has been two days since the first initial attack, many recognised me KIA, but I managed to open my eyes a bit for 0.5 seconds every time a fresh reinforcement come in. The lights flickered uncontrollably, and all I can see is a blurred vision of the world. I don’t know how many times left for me to open my eyes and see you for the last time, nevertheless, I had a little story that I’d like to share with you if you found me take a long dirt nap, under the desk near an old radio.


Death sat down beside me. “Angela, what a beautiful name for a Shield-Maiden,” he complimented. “I long to see another Shield-Maiden in the Land of the Dead.” He took a short sigh. “I had a lot of Angelas in the Land of the Dead, but you…” he stopped for a bit and pet my head. “You’re unique.”

“Why?” I said. “I am just a regular Angela with a normal life as a doctor and a field medic, why am I that unique to you, dear Death?”

“You were destined to save others while risking yours.”

“Death, there’s a lot of people that rescue others better than me.”

“They risk their lives for others, but you… risk your life for others… with feelings.” Death said, sipping a glass of a Deathly Wine, it was so fragrant that I can’t hold myself to taste it.

“What are you talking about? Feelings have nothing to do with my job, Death.”

“You stuck with somebody you love that when I called you for a few days, you rejected it and embrace what will happen next,” he stopped. “You keep telling yourself you’re going to be okay that you forgot how painful it is to be shot in the chest three times…” he looked to another dead soldier beside me. “How painful to left this world while you don’t say goodbye to your beloved ones.”

“I guess so.” I shrugged, although it’s hard, I managed to do it.

“Angela, have you ever dreamt about a sky so blue that you feel you were flying in it?” Death asked.

“I have, several times, even.”

“Would you like to go there now?”

“Death, if my death was in vain and beyond saving. I’d like to go there now.” I said while looking at the orange skies of the afternoon. “But the skies are too beautiful for me to left this world.”

“Angela, how I like your tenacity,” Death chuckled. “What will you do if you’re saved?”

“I’d like to stay with my beloved ones and forget everything since this accident,” I said, with a warm smile. “I long to see peace and serenity. Maybe we can talk again, sooner or later.”

“What a noble choice, Angela,” Death touched my shoulder. “You should remember that you have an incurable sickness. I can lift it off from you, but you promise me something in return.”

“What would you like to trade with me?”

“I’d like to buy your sickness with love. A Love from Death.”

I blushed, hard. “Death, don’t flatter me like that!” I laughed for a bit. “I don’t want to see my fiancée’s face getting all confused and ask why I’m blushing when I was on the brink of my death.”

“I thought you were single.” He joked.

“No, I’m engaged.”

Death stood up. “Anyway, I have to go, I had to collect lost souls of your comrades,” he picked up some of my comrades on his hands. “I guess you better get some rest, I feel your fiancée is coming right now.”

“Thanks, Death.”

“No. Thank you. I learnt a lot from you, now, Angela.”

I gasped. “You… You’re welcome.”

He smiled. “Keep praying for someone to come and make your life worth living, Angela.”

Then, he fades away.


Ah, sentimental Death – what could you expect?

Hey, do me a favour, will you?

From Betelgeuse to Saturn, how’d my Marshmallow Cake tastes?

Ah, enough joking, I don’t want you to find me dying in laughter. Literally!

Like, who’s excited to see someone died while they’re laughing hard, right?

I hope this doesn’t make the extraction awkward.

Winky Wink Boom Pow!

Angela Ziegler.

Angela Content is an 8th grade girl from Brooklyn, New York and at just the age of 13 she is already a published author of two books. She loves to read so much that she decided to actually write one despite her young age. Angela with the encouragement of her Mom writes her books by hand herself and her last novel reached over 200 pages. She prefers to write by hand because it helps her with her creativity as it flows better than when she types using a computer. It took Angela 3 months each to write her 2 books, one is Sci-Fi Fantasy and the other is a Romance novel. 

Angela used the website CreateSpace to self-publish both of her books and it took just 24 hours for them to be reviewed and approved, the next day they were available on several websites, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Angela intends to write 2 more books in the near future. She is an example of age not being a factor when it comes to being able to inspire others to seriously chase a dream. #BlackExcellence Post By: @Champion_Us