angela merkle

Oh how everyone kicked off when Angela Merkle said everyone should be a little bit more German.

I’m not interested in politics at the moment after Cameron shot our country up the arse (but hey that was always going to happen)…however, I think Merkle might have been onto something there…

Some of the nicest, friendliest, kindest and most helpful people that I’ve spoken to recently on here have been German. They’ve gone out of their way to offer help, answer questions and be generally friendly. Actually, it’s really struck me how many have been like that (no I don’t mean I expect them to be unpleasant, but I’m not seeing many other people from many other places being so friendly).

So yeah, maybe we should be a little bit more German and become more like these awesome people.

And maybe a little bit more Dutch too - they’ve been lovely as well.

Don’t be English though, we suck. And most of us have rubbish accents. We sound common. Nasty.