angela marie keim

All 3 of these girls have impacted many lives, their ethier dead or fighting for their lives in a hospital bed helplessly.

Lizzie ( left ) : She was involved in a fatal accident with Angela Keim ( middle ) and were flown out the car due to not wearing seatbelts, they didnt want to go in a diffrent car and the driver was drinking that night and decided to drive them to sunset bay and went off the road Lizzie is critical condition fighting for her life, Angela is now dead and can never see ANYONE ever again because of one choice everyone made that night.

Alyssa ( right ) : Got hit by a car back on may 12, 2011 the driver gave alyssa the signal to go ahead and cross but the 2nd car didnt see that he let her go and hit her on accident she was flown to the hospital she just got sent home yesturday she is doing SO much better and is very responsive to voices.

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