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Breaking News: We Found Pharah! An interview by Sombra and Mercy
Carolina Ravassa and Lucie Pohl interview Jen Cohn. Had she really been living under a rock?!

Everything in this video is iconic: 

 "Hispanglosaxon news" 

 Being able to see Jen’s reflection before she’s actually on screen and seeing her laugh at the Staten Island joke 

 Lucie’s beautiful hair 

 The movie editor glitter effect when Jen appears 

“No paparazzi please" 

 Carolina trying to help in French 

 The sheer audacity these women have by being able to speak so many languages, like how even? 

 The microphones 

 The woman with the pink umbrella in the background when they found Jen 

The Grade A sign  

 Lucie’s gentle nod when Carolina is speaking 

 Jen’s iconic sunglasses 

 Lucie’s face after Jen says she’s been in an egg 

 The inevitable egg memes that will come 

 Carolina’s eyebrows after "I’ve got you on my radar" 

 The faces of mockery during "did somebody call a doctor?” “

Everything must go” frowny face 

 The camera pans around Jen

just as a reminder that lucie, jen, cara, chloé, anjali & carolina all support wlw ships with their own characters & support the possibility of their characters being wlw and they don’t shame us as a fandom for wanting that, and instead they encourage it

Chapter 30

*Authors Note: Trigger warning: rape, torture, violence*

-August 31, 2014 (Present Day)-


My hands were shaking as I stood over the bathroom sink trying to do my make up. I didn’t need to wear any at all; I was just trying to fill the time. My face had finally cleared of its bruises and the bags under my eyes are starting to fade now that Bryant doesn’t call me throughout the night. Failing again at my winged tip, I tossed my eyeliner in the sink and let out an annoyed sigh. Reaching over to my Beats pill, I paused the music on my phone and called Bryant again. It rang straight through to voicemail and I was starting to think he had blocked my number even though my gut was telling me otherwise.

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Angela vs. Jen from Appleton dramatic reenactment

I just found this and it’s perfect.