angela jennings

Chapter 31

September 7, 2014

It’s been a week since Elicia put August out and she was hating every moment of it. That wasn’t what she wanted for them. It wasn’t even what she expected to happen from their conversation. But, it felt like his confessions were attacking her and the only way to escape was to push him away. After Brittney left her alone, it felt like she started pushing everyone away.

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Chapter 30

*Authors Note: Trigger warning: rape, torture, violence*

-August 31, 2014 (Present Day)-


My hands were shaking as I stood over the bathroom sink trying to do my make up. I didn’t need to wear any at all; I was just trying to fill the time. My face had finally cleared of its bruises and the bags under my eyes are starting to fade now that Bryant doesn’t call me throughout the night. Failing again at my winged tip, I tossed my eyeliner in the sink and let out an annoyed sigh. Reaching over to my Beats pill, I paused the music on my phone and called Bryant again. It rang straight through to voicemail and I was starting to think he had blocked my number even though my gut was telling me otherwise.

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