angela is perfect

When Angela Bassett has the perfect reaction gif for every occasion

When you’re getting ready to drop some receipts:

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When you drop the receipts and leave:

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When you want the gossip, and you’re tired of being subtle:

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When someone you hate is about to get dragged, but you’re not involved:

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When you meet your saltmate:

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When you and your saltmate have to admit that the person you don’t like actually has a point:

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When you’re watching someone have a social media meltdown, and they keep digging themselves further:

When you get anon hate:

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When they get even more upset because you don’t respond:

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When you look at your bank statement, and realize you went too far on your last shopping trip:

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When your friends are drunker than you are:

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When your mom asks you to do something:

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When your mom volunteers you to help do the dishes at your grandma’s house after Thanksgiving dinner:

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When you come to terms with the fact that you will never be as amazing as Angela Bassett:

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Because there is no one else like her

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When they ask for healing but youre dead cuz noone protected you from tHE FUCKING WINSTON CHASING YOUR TINY SWISS ASS ALL AROUND THE MAP

Fareeha has got a whole personality of her very own! She’s headstrong, a little cocky, she’s got a strong sense of right and wrong and a corny sense of humor, she’s a skilled leader, like, approximately none of her personality is “follows Mercy around marveling at how pretty she is.” I’m not by a long shot objecting to shipping them or making fanworks about them being together, but, maybe let Fareeha act like herself a little bit and do something other than “stand in the background worshipping Angela and talking about how perfect she is?”


Blac Chyna models the Perfect Sculpt push-up bikini.

Sometimes I just can’t get over the fact that Fareeha is like a head taller than Angela. She’s 180 and Angie is only 170. It’s 10 centimeters difference people!!! Imagine Angela has to stand on tip toe to kiss her wife. That’s the cutest shit ever (≧∀≦)


8.04 - Garden Party


Synopsis: Taking steps forward sometimes means closing the door on steps past.

Pairing: Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler

Fareeha lifted the lid on her trunk, one hand scooping out the neat folders and piles of accumulated uniforms until she came upon the hard case she had been looking for. She pulled it from the trunk, replacing the displaced objects in order.

She sat back on her heels, laying the case on the ground and flicking the latches open. She opened the lid to reveal a camera, its charger, and several lenses. At the top edge of the case, golden letters in black velvet spelled ‘ANA AMARI,’ no less bright than the day her mother had first bought the case, ushering her over, and saying, in their native tongue:

“Darling,” she had turned the camera over in her hands, “our memories are precious, and everything changes. But we must do all we can not to forget.”

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