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Angela Vicario s'azzardò appena a insinuare l'inconveniente della mancanza d'amore, ma sua madre lo demolì con una sola frase: «Anche l'amore s'impara».
—  Cronaca di una morte annunciata - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Bones + CM Headcannons

so this will eventually be a fic (possibly a multi-parter??) but here’s some headcannons to start the ball rolling. feel free to send me your hcs too!!

tagging some people who mentioned being interested bc I’m thirsty for your feedback and want to make this fic the best it can be: @nobravery @cryingbccharactersandbands @criminalmindsbul @the-tiny-2j @butdallywinston @stunudo  I think there was a couple more of you but tumblr isn’t letting me tag anyone else for some reason so sorry bout that

the characters involved:

what’s up there with your hands Sweets??? lmao wtf

-Brennan hearing about the BAU coming in and getting pissed out of her mind. Even though Sweets is her friend, she can hardly stand his talk of psychology, and to hear that a whole team of these fools would be overshadowing her case would make her incredibly irritated

-The team comes in and Reid is giving off smart vibes and he says it’s an honor to meet Brennan (you can’t tell me he hasn’t read her books and you can’t tell me he hasn’t read about her accomplishments. you can’t take this away from me.) and she’s like hmm okay at least this one might be tolerable

-Then he interrupts her like she interrupts everyone else and she’s all gasp, how dare???! and when she realizes how intelligent he is she gets angry all over again because he’s “wasting” his time studying behavior and how dAre he call himself a man of science

-The rest of the case is just Brennan and Reid trying to outdo each other with more and more specific facts

-Garcia and Angela fucking falling in love. Not romantically, as I still hardcore ship Angela and Hodgins, but I mean these two would giggle to their hearts content and spread sunshine everywhere they went.

-“Oh, girl, in another life…” Angela Montenegro 2k17

-Garcia doing research on them because Morgan and Prentiss want to snoop before they work together and she accidentally stumbles on Pookie Noodlin Pearly-Gates Gibbons (if you’re new, yes, that is actually Angela’s full name)

-Hotch being the overly serious leader and Cam being like “He’s cute, he’s just got a stick up his- he’s right behind me, isn’t he?”

-Prentiss laughing her ass off because for once she isn’t the one getting caught talking about someone

-Reid shutting down almost all of Hodgins’ theories (which he’s spouting like crazy because I mean, an elite FBI team invading their case?) until there’s one that Spencer has no argument against so he starts to say “Actually, there might be some traction to that theory. In the past couple years….” and Hodgins nearly jumps for fucking joy because he knew it

-Booth and Morgan both coming up with the same plan of action and having a testosterone battle as they stand up at the same time and stare each other down

-Prentiss making some badass comment and Angela just being like “Oh, I like you.”

-Sweets saying something a bit out of the box and sassmaster Rossi just giving him side eye as Sweets grimaces and looks away pretending he din’t say anything

-Sweets getting flustered when in a room with JJ and Prentiss and I mean me too.

-Morgan making fun of Sweets and Booth getting hella protective (much to Sweets’ embarrassment - “I could have handled it, you know.”) until Angela makes another iconic “Okay put them on the table and measure why don’t we” joke that has Prentiss and JJ screaming

-Rossi finding out about Angela’s dad and asking to meet him leaving everyone in shock (his team because usually he’s a music snob and the squints because who the fuck??). He looks around the room and shrugs, “What? Have none of you ever gone to a party?”

-Cam meeting Garcia for the first time and being just shocked. ‘Uh… is that- I didn’t know that you could get away with that with FBI regulations,“ a long pause where she nods and tries to pick her jaw up off the floor before quietly saying, "Booth usually keeps it in his socks.”

-“In his socks, ma'am? Oh, I know someone your guy should talk to.”

-Garcia answers the phone thinking it’s Morgan, proceeding with her vulgar greeting, and Booth straight up hangs up on her. Brennan is all “Did she not answer?” but Booth just walks away grumbling “I didn’t fucking ask for this.”

-At the end of the case Reid and Brennan have a B&B moment where they finish each other’s sentences and solve the case.

 -Angela: “I could almost swear that for a minute there you two got along and appreciated each other’s smarts.”  

-Booth: “Yeah, should I be jealous of wonderboy?”

-Brennan: “Don’t be ridiculous!”

-Reid: “I’m still right here.”

The ABC of female fronted metal bands by wastelandcaress.

Q is for Queens.

Sharon den Adel, Alissa White-Gluz, Vibeke Stene, Floor Jansen, Tarja Turunen, Simone Simons, Amanda Somerville, Anneke Van Gierbergen, Doro Pesch, Angela Gossow, Ailyn Garcia, Charlotte Wessels, Cristina Scabbia, Maria Brink, Ji-in Cho, Joan Jett, Anette Olzon, Amy Lee, Liv Kristine and Manuela Kraller, and so many others that aren’t on the picture.

Claude Gaveau, 1940

Declaration of Silence
Something solid connects me to you
Like kinship
A hidden stream
In season’s change

Our embrace is never past tense
It is the trunk of a centuries-old tree
From time to time giving up all of its leaves
To the hunger of earth
Firing up new roots
In decomposed matter

The rotating water dances
Rotating air
Mood of eternal longing
Dense as earth
Light as air
Dark like the first
Ethereal like the second

Something connects me to you
Solid like a natural law

Angela Garcia