angela dunn


Because elections matter and I want to stop the next George Zimmerman or Michael Dunn from using SYG as a justifiable reason for murdering Black people in cold blood, and because I’m sick and tired of elected Republicans actively not caring about the value of Black lives


I seriously want to hear from the juror(s) who held out in favor for not finding Dunn guilty on all charges. because those jurors obviously either believed his fake story about feeling “threatened” and afraid (guess Black people aren’t allowed to be afraid of an armed agressor tho, right?), or they were just straight up racist and supporting a fellow racist…really, I cannot wait to hear their “logic” explaining how Dunn is guilty of committing attempted murder, while simultaneously being not guilty of murdering Jordan Davis

s2g if it’s any bs variant of, “well those other three weren’t a threat, but Dunn said that he believed Jordan was” I am gonna need to flip all the tables

also, major s/o to the juror(s) who didn’t roll over and pull a “Maddy”…bc of them not letting Dunn slide on the main charge, that may give Eric Holder and the DoJ a crack at him for a federal hate crime or civil rights violations, and a change of venue -I have absolutely zero faith in Angela Corey, the same ELECTED Republican who sees no prob with the SYG law and who prosecuted (and is still planning to re-prosecute) Marissa Alexander for firing a warning shot that harmed no one

the Dunn verdict and the racist, unequal application of “justice” with the SYG law still has me heated

they may as well call it the, “make sure you kill ALL the witnesses” law

Or, the, “who can really say what’s in a man’s heart?” law, because apparently, once an armed White person claims they felt threatened by the mere presence of a completely unarmed Black person, juries are compelled to take their word for it

The jury’s logic seems to be: “Well, Mr. Dunn said right there on the stand that he was afraid and he thought that he might have seen a gun. Maybe. Possibly. Therefore we have absolutely no other choice but to take the White man’s word for everything” -no matter WHAT evidence to the contrary was presented demonstrating that he very obviously was lying

Think about it for a sec…about how the entire script ʇoƃ pǝddıןɟ in both trials, and how what passed for “reasonable fear” was, in fact, an angry, *armed* and grown ass man, initiating a confrontation—with an *unarmed* minor—then escalating that confrontation, and then being murderously violent, and then after all of that, still saying with a straight face, “well, I thought they were about to become as violent as I already was. And they were Black. So I had to kill them”


Eventually it’ll be something as trite as, “he even dared to look me directly in the eyes”…oh wait, never mind

Stand Your Ground: where “reasonable fear” really means I got mad at a Black person Reasonable fear is the new 21st century shorthand for, “you know what I mean, they were Black”

FACT: if the choice is to believe the wild, improbable imaginings of a drunk, racist White man vs. considering that maybe, just maybe, a Black person was innocently minding their own business…well then, someone on the jury’s gonna side with the former and not the latter

and no; it isn’t just a “confused jury” or not even solely a “poorly written law” either, because if it were, there wouldn’t be such a lopsided, asynchronous application of the SYG law. SYG is only an acceptable defense based on race, and the ever-present presumed guilt of Black victims

for every self defense verdict where SYG is used against innocent Black victims; verdicts that let racists off the hook for the cold blooded murder of Black men, women and children…all such verdicts codify racism into our already heavily racially biased Criminal “Justice” System

With or without SYG, it IS about race…race simply becomes even more of a get-out-of-jail-free card for White (or non-Black) people who murder Black people. Again: racism is ALWAYS at play; is always a factor in the Criminal ‘Justice’ System


1) only moments prior to Zimmerman’s fatal attack, he was so full of anger that he told the police, “these n*ggers always get away” (and no, I don’t buy that he said punks)

2) moments before Dunn’s lethal attack, he was also angry, telling his gf how much he hated “thug music”

the mere presence of Black people who were not behaving in a manner that they approved of (whether passively walking away or just listening to music) was sufficient to make them see red. Both Zimmerman and Dunn were out looking to initiate trouble, and turn even the most innocuous of situations into an opportunity to show “them” who was the boss   

both Zimmerman and Dunn were the armed aggressors who were going to MAKE those uppity Black boys obey them. So we cannot overlook the underlying truth that Dunn and Zimmerman were sent into a homicidal rage, to a very large extent, because two young Black minors—Trayvon and Jordan—didn’t “know their place” (certainly not in north Florida) and neither teen submitted to Zimmerman or Dunn’s wishes; they weren’t sufficiently docile, and they didn’t say “yessa massa”

and that was all it took to make grown men want to murder them

the really troubling thing? Dunn thought that because of Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict that he would also be acquitted of all charges…and he was nearly right, but right now, somewhere in Florida, there’s another seething, angry White guy with a gun, who also hates “thugs” and “thug music” (but probably doesn’t think he’s a racist either) and who thinks he’s smarter than Dunn…who thinks he’s “learned” from Dunn’s “mistakes” and has SYG all figured out…don’t make the error of not killing everyone, and don’t pause once you’ve started shooting. Not until you’re completely out of bullets or till all the witnesses are dead

this needs to become a midterm election issue in Florida (and any other state with SYG laws) because the best way to prevent the next Zimmerman or Dunn from successfully hiding behind SYG…and the best way to get rid of both Angela Corey and SYG is to get rid of Rick Scott and the Republicans (or anyone else) who values ALEC and their precious NRA ratings more than they do Black lives