Kind of an updated skin Overlay thingy…

  • Standalone
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Probably doesn’t work with HQ mod but you can try.

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my second piece of cc! another recolor of course. I didn’t know what to call it so I just called it patterned shorts lmao.

  • 15 recolors
  • EA mesh - all credit goes to EA
  • base game compatible
  • custom thumbnail - i think? it’s been being weird lol

hope you enjoy! again, pleeeease if you end up using my crappy stuff tag me in your screenshots! I wanna see it in your wonderful games!

download: simfileshare


Look One

Look Two

Look Three

Look Four

Look Five

Look Six

* Hold it! - Top (get it?)

I am so bad with naming skills that I just kinda made up things on the go, I apologize. xD This is an old creation of mine that I found and re-designed a bit before posting it. It’s a corset/bra/top (looks great with high-waist pants and a jacket, just saying!) in three different styles.

Also, bringing back the metallic skeleton hands from my previous skeleton hand bra. There will probably be more creations with these hands since I love them!

Enjoy! ♥ Download is under the cut as always! ♥

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A friend of mine, @bellassims, is working on tsum tsums for ts4 and was awesome enough to let me test them before they were done! So far she has Stitch and Mickey done but will be making more. Also, you can scale them up and down with [ and ] and she plans on making them stackable so I’m super excited! I thought it would be cool if she could somehow replace mysims trophy capsules and put random tsum tsums instead.

Okay so @c-0-i-n-s and I have been talking a lot about Sherlock theories and oh boy.

Y'all know how Molly was dating Tom, one of the snipers Moriarty hired? I just remembered her saying ‘he’s not from work, we met through friends’ like what if that 'friend’ was James? If she knew that Moriarty was bad after all the shit that went down, why would she then proceed to date someone she met through him? How does she know she can trust anyone she met through him? Also why didn’t Moriarty target Molly?

I’ve actually been thinking about that a lot the past few weeks after rewatching the show. Like, what if Molly is in contact with James’ brother?

Also, that scene they filmed with Moriarty and Molly for S4. What even was that. Was that a flashback, or is that his brother idk man.

I’m probably looking way too far into things, but idk this show has me thinking about a lot lately also I’m running on three hours of sleep this time so my mind is all kinds of awake and jumbled so please forgive my rambling.