Mythical Creature Drawing Challenge

Send me a character and a # and I’ll draw them as a Mythical Creature!

1.) Vampire
2.) Angel
3.) Demon
4.) Mermaid
5.) Werewolf
6.) Zombie
7.) Naga
8.) Harpy
9.) Fairy
10.) Seraph
11.) Tiefling
12.) Elf
13.) Elemental (specify which element)
14.) Ghost
15.) Dryad
16.) Kitsune
17.) Pixie
18.) Drider
19.) Wraith
20.) Hybrid (specify which animal)

New Found Glory Announce ‘Resurrection: Ascension’ + Release “Vicious Love” Ft. Hayley Williams

New Found Glory will be releasing Resurrection: Ascension on October 9th via Hopeless Records. The band has also released a new song/music video for “Vicious Love” featuring Hayley Williams. Check out the song and album details below. 

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