[2015.02.06 Release] 맥케이(McKay) - Angel 2 Me MV

Ei-chan, Thanks for all


“Whenever I’m out with friends, they take the mickey out of me. They go: ‘This is my friend Angel, she’s famous!’ And I go: 'I’m not famous, shut up!’ I went to a wedding recently and when they were taking pictures, they were going: 'Oh look at you posing, you’ve done this before!’ But they’re all really supportive and happy for me.” - Angel Coulby ½

The pride and joy of my crystal and angel business - the Angel2. Precision cut to aid in communicating with God, angels, and your higher self. 

Inclusion-free (as far as I can tell) and it just SINGS with love and the desire to help people. I’ve developed a great working relationship with it in the last couple months. 

Angel 2° Temporada

Sinopse da temporada: Angel precisa lidar com a presença da agora humana ex-vampira Darla, sua antiga paixão e responsável por seu estado vampírico. Angel sofre uma intensa crise moral durante a temporada.

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2x01 - Judgement

2x02 - Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?

2x03 - First Impressions

2x04 - Untouched

2x05 - Dear Boy

2x06 - Guise Will Be Guise

2x07 - Darla

2x08 - The Shroud of Rahmon

2x09 - The Trial

2x10 - Reunion

2x11 - Redefinition

2x12 - Blood Money

2x13 - Happy Anniversary

2x14 - The Thin Dead Line

2x15 - Reprise

2x16 - Epiphany

2x17 - Disharmony

2x18 - Dead End

2x19 - Belonging

2x20 - Over The Rainbow

2x21 - Through the Looking Glass

2x22 - There’s No Place Like Plrtz Glrb

                        Créditos: Séries Forever