The Littlest Winchester - Apology Accepted

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Castiel

Warning: None

Word Count: 788


the littlest Winchester is my favorite series and I was wondering if you could write one where Sam and Dean are arguing and in the middle of it his daughter walks is and tries to talk to Dean but he yells at her and so because of this she runs away and calls cas and stays with him. Dean is freaking out because he doesn’t know where she is and once she has calmed down cas takes her to Dean but she still a little scared and hides behind cas? sorry it’s long!


           Dean doesn’t like to yell, especially if the person on the receiving end doesn’t deserve it, which is sometimes the case. Sometimes he yells because his brother made a bad decision, and sometimes they can’t agree on some big issue. Either way, during the fraternal argument of this morning, voices had been raised. Dean’s four-year-old daughter had walked into the room to tell her father something, and, without thinking, Dean had snapped at her. He hadn’t said anything mean; rather, it was the sharp tone and the negative connotation that had made her tear up and leave.

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