Things the signs remind me of

Aries: late night camp fires, warm black socks, counting to Infiniti, electric guitars, a lone light in the dark, running until exhaustion, looking someone in they eyes, 11:11 wishes, nose piercings

Taurus: a full nights rest, breathing, light purple, honey, sweet tea, anger, dark red roses, genuine smiles, jokes, blushy cheeks, eyelashes, closed eyes, lonliness

Gemini: kites, blue skies, the sound of running feet, being homeless, crowds of people, black leopards, picnics, numbers, electronic music, crows, blinking

Cancer: daisies, sunflowers, sunsets, a baby’s toes, friends, laughter, black eyes, souls, angels, making others laugh, waterfalls, rainbows, cartoons, the tired feeling after crying

Leo: public speaking, strong muscles, the bright light seen when dying, the solar system, the sun, singing, gray skies, smiley stickers, Nike shoes, dark circles under eyes

Virgo: pink skies, clouds white as milk, sheep, mathematics, being smart, shyness, antique furniture, cat paws, autumn brown, classy shoes, whispering

Libra: time, sprouting flowers, marijuana, white, wine, beer, fruit, highways, slow motion, loud music, sour gummy worms, big pupils, boobs, entertainment

Scorpio: teddy bears, blood, strange music, forests at night, silly faces, long walks, dinosaurs, private numbers, cigarettes, messy rooms, fingers, scrubby clothes, Where The Wild Things Are

Sagittarius: background vocals, talking about everything, lighters, secret letters, alley ways, new trends, leather, a favorite song, movies, yellow, stars

Capricorn: children, hard work, calculating, the circus, falling asleep, boredom, facts, making out, country music, one on one time, forests, red, phobias

Aquarius: sharks, being underwater, fame, face tattoos, being alone, existence, the brain, drugs, cats, trumpets, airplane rides, being above the clouds, spiders

Pisces: the hands of an artist, white walls, silence, sleepy eyes, big smiles, simplicity, sitting on a sidewalk at night, sad music, sadness, paint brush strokes, surrealism


Angel Falls, Venezuela, highest waterfall in the world, during the dry season.

Things The Signs Remind Me Of

Aries: late night camp fires, warm black socks, counting to Infiniti, electric guitars, a lone light in the dark, running until exhaustion, looking someone in they eyes, 11:11 wishes, nose piercings

Taurus: a full nights rest, breathing, light purple, honey, sweet tea, anger, dark red roses, genuine smiles, jokes, blushy cheeks, eyelashes, closed eyes, lonliness

Gemini: kites, blue skies, the sound of running feet, being homeless, crowds of people, black leopards, picnics, numbers, electronic music, crows, blinking 

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“Please just… answer me.”

11. Midnight Confessions 

Warnings: Angst mostly 

My requests are open xx

Maybe it was the way the snow was swirling outside and it reminded you of the time that the two of you leapt out of bed at midnight in nothing but your pajamas and boots to go celebrate the first winter storm. Or maybe it could have been the way that the air smelled sweet and familiar, almost like home, almost like him. Or it could have been the way that you were quite literally shit faced off of a cheap bottle of wine as you watched cheesy romance movies on Lifetime and all you could think about was him. 

You were bitter, sure. And yeah, you were a little sad. Well, scratch that. A lot sad. Really sad. So sad that you had abandoned the movie with a happy ending to instead sprawl out on your living room floor, your phone clutched in one hand, a bottle of red in the other. You’d become a cliche: the heartbroken girl, pitying herself as she laid on the floor and replayed old videos that now only held the what could have been. 

This particular video was from the time Harry flew you out to Jamaica in the middle of his recording process. Your schedules had lined up just right, you had enough vacation hours, and you missed him, dammit. You couldn’t remember if this was the second or third day you’d been there, but Harry had led you to a lush spot two miles behind the studio where he’d been staying for the past three weeks. In the center of the greenery was a crystal clear pool of water filled by a decent sized waterfall that roared on the other side of the bank. It’d taken your breath away, and you couldn’t believe that it was just the two of you where no one could find you. You two were quite literally in your own little paradise. 

“Harry,” you cooed from behind the phone. You grimaced at your voice. 

Harry turned to you, swim trunks hanging low on his hips. He was dripping wet from his swim, his now short hair slicked back from the water. “Wha’ yeh doin’?” he asked. 

“Nothin’,” you giggled. 

He smirked and your heart broke. “Doesn’t look like nothin’.” 

Harry started for the camera and you squealed behind the device. You held it up, right to his face. His eyes flicked down to the lense and then back up, presumably to meet yours. 

“Yeh havin’ fun?” he asked. 

“Are you having fun?” you asked back. 

Harry smiled as he chomped on a piece of gum. “’M havin’ a lot ‘f fun,” he admitted. 

“Good,” you heard yourself whisper. “I love you.” 

You remembered that moment clear as day. He looked angelic with the waterfall behind him, that smile on his face, hair wet and slicked back. He was yours and you were his. 

“I love yeh, too,” Harry replied. He leaned forward and the recording shut off. 

You remembered that he kissed you, taking the phone from your grasp and tossing it over next to your clothes. Then the two of you made love in the water. 

You closed out of your photos app and your thumb hovered over the call button in the lower left corner of the screen. Sober you knew it was a terrible idea; drunk you also knew it was a terrible idea, but didn’t care. So you scrolled through your contacts until you found his name, sitting there between Hannah and Harvey, one of your managers at work. You tapped Harry’s name and held the phone up to your ear, mindlessly picking at the loose spindles of fabric in the carpet as it rang. 

It went to voicemail after a while and you sighed. Your heart jumped at the sound of his voice. “Hi, you’ve reached Harry Styles. Please leave a message and I’ll get back to yeh.” 

There was a beep and then it all came pouring out. 

“Hey…’s me,” you slurred. “I was jus’ thinking about you is all. We were good together, yeah? Everyone thought so. I guess all I’m tryin’ to say is that I miss you.” 

Sober you would have hung up by now. Sober you wouldn’t have even called in the first place. But drunk you started crying, and decided to stay on the line anyway. 

“Harry… please… just answer me. I miss you. I love you. I fucked up, yeah? It’s been three months and I… I can’t stop thinking about you. It doesn’t stop hurting and I just… please. I’m sorry.” 

You ended the call abruptly and flopped your head down on the living room carpet, sobbing. Eventually, you passed out there, your tears drying into sticky trails on your cheeks. 

Hours later, at some point in the early hours of the morning, you woke to harsh banging coming from your front door. You sat up too quickly and your head pounded in protest from too much wine and too many tears. 

“Damn it, open up!” the voice yelled from the other side. 

You gasped. You’d know that voice anywhere. It was Harry. Last night’s events came rushing back and you cursed yourself as you stood, wrapping a blanket around your shoulders. 

The knocking stopped but you could still hear his voice on the other side. You unlocked the door and opened it, not concerned with what you looked like, considering he’d probably seen you look worse. 

Harry, dressed in black, a contrast to the blanket of snow behind him, turned his attention toward you, his eyes steady on your frame. You noticed he had his phone to his ear. “She jus’ opened the door…. Yeah… Yeh too… G'night.” He didn’t take his eyes off of you as he ended the call. 

“Who was that?” you asked. 

“Yeh mum. I thought yeh’d done somethin’ stupid.” He sounded pissed. 

You could feel your cheeks redden. “Well I’m fine. So you can go.” 

As you went to shut the door, Harry stopped it with his foot. “Stop pushin’ me away, damn it!” 

You didn’t have the energy to fight right now. That’s how you’d gotten into this situation in the first place. The last month of your relationship was nothing but fighting. Over what, you weren’t even sure. You felt you were holding him back, wanting too much, needing more of him than he could give. He felt he wasn’t enough, was never there, and couldn’t give you what you needed from him. 

“Harry, I don’t wanna do this,” you sighed. 

“Wha’ ‘bout me?” he protested. “Wha’ ‘bout wha’ I wan’?”

You rolled your eyes, pulling the blanket around you tighter. “It’s always been about what you want! You want to go to Jamaica for two months, you want to fall off the face of the earth, you want to do promo and not think about if I want to be there! You just go and you leave me behind! You think I care about my job at all? I work because I’m bored, Harry. I work because I want a sense of normalcy, because being with you was anything but normal! But did you ever think that I just wanted to drop it all and follow you anywhere? I was so god damn proud of you. I am proud of you. But it felt like you didn’t want me next to you when you took over the world.” You were crying again. 

Harry chewed his lip, running a hand through his unruly hair. “'F course I wanted yeh there! But I thought it’d be t’ much. I wanted yeh to have a normal life, normal friends, a normal schedule-”

“But I didn’t want that,” you whispered. “All I wanted was you, Harry.” 

“Wha’ d'yeh wan’ me t’ say?” Harry nearly pleaded. 

You shook your head. You didn’t know if the two of you could come back from this, and you didn’t have the energy to care anymore. “Last night was a mistake,” you said quietly, your voice steady, all evidence of emotion gone. “You don’t have to worry about me. I’m fine. Just please go, okay? I don’t want you here.” 

That last statement was a lie. Of course you wanted him here. But it hurt too much to look at him. 

Harry stayed put, his eyes searching yours. Knowing that one of you would have to make the next move, you took it, and gently shut the door in his face. You leaned your back against it, sobbing quietly into your hands as you heard his footsteps fade from the door. You slid down to the floor when the engine of his Rover started, and you curled up in a ball when he pulled away. 

For the second time that night, you fell asleep on the floor in your own tears, Harry on your mind.

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Headcanons of the champions with a s/o who is like a cat : they love climbing the highest possible but always end up stuck and can't get down


  • “Again?”
  • Is impressed by their ability to climb- a useful skill to have in many situations. Though, she wouldn’t mind if they learned how to climb down…
  • Would eventually teach them how to climb down. Lifting them up back to ground level is amusing, but she can’t always be there to save them.


  • “Hang in there-!”
  • How dare s/o worry this pure water angel. How dare.
  • Swimming up waterfalls is very useful in situations where she needs to reach s/o, but more often than not she winds up having to get help from those who are taller.
  • Dorephan has to resist the urge to laugh as Mipha lectures s/o after they get down.


  • Loves s/o, honestly, but it’s pretty funny to see them curled up at the top of a rock stack, looking like a sad lost cat.
  • Given his height, it’s pretty easy for him to reach up and simply pluck the s/o to set them down on the ground. After he stops giggling like a child.
    • Continues giggling once they’re safe.


  • “My, my- someone’s looking rather helpless huh?~”
  • This ass.
  • S/o has to either plea or threaten this ass to get him to help, otherwise it’ll be hours before he’s done gloating over seeing his s/o hanging onto a branch like a cat who missed its jump.


  • ?!?!?!?!?!?!”
  • Climbs up for his s/o and glides down with them immediately- gotta make sure they’re fine.
  • As soon as they’re safely on the ground, gives them the look of “really?”. May insist on teaching them how to glide, if only so that they stop getting stuck on ledges. 
The Littlest Winchester - Apology Accepted

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Castiel

Warning: None

Word Count: 788


the littlest Winchester is my favorite series and I was wondering if you could write one where Sam and Dean are arguing and in the middle of it his daughter walks is and tries to talk to Dean but he yells at her and so because of this she runs away and calls cas and stays with him. Dean is freaking out because he doesn’t know where she is and once she has calmed down cas takes her to Dean but she still a little scared and hides behind cas? sorry it’s long!


           Dean doesn’t like to yell, especially if the person on the receiving end doesn’t deserve it, which is sometimes the case. Sometimes he yells because his brother made a bad decision, and sometimes they can’t agree on some big issue. Either way, during the fraternal argument of this morning, voices had been raised. Dean’s four-year-old daughter had walked into the room to tell her father something, and, without thinking, Dean had snapped at her. He hadn’t said anything mean; rather, it was the sharp tone and the negative connotation that had made her tear up and leave.

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