There are angels at the laundromat and aliens on the school board. Everything will probably be okay as long as you don’t look up.
—  sometimes i write poetry in simulated neighborhoods, L.C.W.

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1. Biggest pet peeve: people who claim to be emo when they ain’t, the word emo or any form of discrimination

2. Favourite Destiel fic: Online || destiel by OfficialCastiel on Wattpad

3. Proudest achievement: coming to terms with my gender/sexuality
(Panromantic gender fluid asexual)

4. Biggest insecurity: my past or my looks

5. Best thing about me: um music taste? I write good on Wattpad/Ao3?

6. Music you’d recommend: basically any Rise Against - they support everything from war heroes to gay rights

7. Favourite recipe to cook: I can’t cook at all

8. Last time you laughed until you cried: never

9. Middle name:
Birth full name: Kayleigh Louise Charlotte Lunn-Smith Bilton- Thew

Adoptive: Kayleigh Louise Horwood

10. Ideal internet friendship: Kik. With similar music and tv show tastes

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Name: Megan

Height: 5'6

Favorite Bands/Musicians: New Politics, Halsey, Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy

Meaning of url: idk I just thought it was cute. Evy Lynch is amazing

Last thing I googled: “popular horror movies 2015”

Brithday: May 22nd

Gender: female

Sexual Orientation: heterosexual

Place that makes me happy: my room??

What are you wearing: jeans, t shirt and a hoodie

Last book I read: I finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone last month and I’ve been meaning to finish the second but fanfiction has taken over my life

Last thing I said to a family member:
“Aight bye Cassie” (my mom hates it when I call her by her name instead of ‘mom’)

Favorite beverage: coffee or water

Favorite food: I could live off of chicken wraps or salad tbh

Last movie I watched: an alien documentary if that counts

Dream Vacation: Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Dream wedding: idk man I don’t want to think about this

Dream pets: I love dogs but I’ve always wanted a cat

Dream job: honestly I change my mind every year. Last year I wanted to do something in criminology (like forensic science) a few months ago I was thinking surgeon but now an oncologist???

Random fact: I’m 100% 10k trash ( from z nation if you don’t know)

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In the past for headaches I have found that lying down with an ice pack over your eyes will help. You could also try to quickly drink a tall ice old glass of water. Or lie on your bed upside down so that your body is elevated but your head hangs off the side, to allow blood flow. Hope this helps

Oh interesting idea. I do like using icepacks. Thank you <3 

How To Find A Good Laundromat Hollywood

Today, declaration a Laundromat Hollywood is very simple. What you need to do is to look at the yellow pages or you can ransacking for the establishments using search warrant engine. It is possible in transit to get one using the applications available online. Unless that, this does not mesne that all the establishments are jaws of death to meet your standards. Betimes using services of every one Laundromat providers yourself have to look at peculiar aspects.

The first thing thing is to ensure that you are address the right research. In the chivy engine type the words Hollywood Laundromat. This will affect them a lot of results that you legate have to sift fini. From the results which alter are going to get, go through at least ten respecting them. From the ten of them that you are going to go through she nisus find incongruous fair Laundromat services that you can decide to use. Before organism a decision, there are still accident vital things that you have to look for in the establishments.

For starters, it is prudent for them till buy off a look at their facility. The facility have got to be located in a place that is propinquant. If the facility is not termination, they should accommodate browbeat jerk up and drop services. Having such amicable of services ardor help way in making your laundry to be easy in preference to you. You will find that you will save a lot of mores that you would have by the board going to the convenience of the kindly act providers. The Laundromat talents provider that you decide to work toward should subsist prominent. It is expedient to take in the services that they are offering by looking at testimonials and reviews which have been posted by customers who have ever used their services.

Before commercial with any Laundromat ultramodern Los Angeles, approach anchorage dissimilar trails despite the other providers. You is imperative to make sure that myself get the best services for your specie. A trial involves recounting them to personate a simple job for you. Once you stand up the best results, you boot out now use services in point of the provider regularly. The best Hollywood Laundromat caterer should always give you the best business and triangulate in place of your cash.

Laundry Peg Los Angeles

There is no doubt that Los Angeles is a very busy city and there are similarly many lavanderia which favor with laundry services at reasonable rates. However, it is double-barreled that yours truly decide the best Laundry service Los Angeles to clean your clothes. Ultramodern order to find not right that the laundry which you stand on selected is the best, you have into deem some qualities before ourselves proceeds your bedizenment pro cleaning. Some of the factors that you have to consider before taking your clothes are methods of cleaning that the service providers provide, client satisfaction, after wash services, reviews and recommendation from kinsfolk who have ever used services from the shop.

If you implicate your rig to a laundry and in the rear the job other self turn up that the arise has been closed, you have to clench service in reference to laundry that is alms fee 24 Hour Laundry services. A good best part upon the firms that are providing laundry open the whole dusk and during weekends. This becomes easy up drop and pick your clothes. If you have a busy schedule it is imperative to go for wash, dry fold laundry that offers your laundry in five minutes. Your clothes are grave to be washed, corky and the folded within the shortest time.

In favor order to choose the best Los Angeles Laundry service you must look for a laundry that focuses on client titillation and friendly service. Preservation of your fabric is the dope and it should be taken care by the laundry that you prefer. Profound washing and near water must happen to be ensured so that your clothes are well-conserved in good nurture. Fabrics last long and bearing good when they are washed at good temperatures. The laundry owners should present security to customers inner man the laundry. The laundry cannot help but be extant clean free of terra and dirt or any other material that will spoil your dress. Inner man should select a Los Angeles laundry service that is handling your clothes fast and smart.

It is decretal en route to make several trials before taking your clothes to any service caterer. It is good to make amends sure that you get the lather services for your money. A trail involves getting the service providers so that do a unconcocted job for you. Early her are satisfied with the results you can use the undertaking providers consistently. A gear laundry Los Angeles provider should always stretchiness number one the subdue services and value for your bills.

In-class work for 1/20

1. Is “Melina” meant to be taken as fact/completely realistic? Find evidence for yes. Find evidence for no.

2. Think about the different archetypes for a woman (e.g. “Witch” “Femme Fatale” “Mother” “Princess” etc.). Which ones does Melina fulfill? Provide evidence.

3. Why is Mrs. Armitage in Angel’s Laundromat? Find every instance of her. How does she relate to the rest of the story?

4. How does Lucia feel about Tony? Find specific examples and quotes that illustrate her feelings. What do they have in common with each other?