SFCon Misha Collins Panel Highlights

It’s so hard doing this write-up for a Misha panel because he basically answers almost everything with a joke answer first, then actually answers it. So it’s difficult to do a cohesive sounding write-up.

- Teased about being happy to find out people in SF watch SPN. Always figured people in SF were too busy growing dreadlocks or other stereotypically hippy stuff. But he’s happy to know that weirdos watch supernatural.

- Bought a bunch of creepy carrots but neither he nor Rob could find the right joke there.

- He also had a beet the size of a a human head. He gave away all the veggies and marveled over people excited for mutant, half decayed, vegetables

- He faced directing again with trepidation, for obvious reasons. But the feelings of fear and excitement are so similar they just go hand in hand. He talked about how it really was a Great environment to learn to direct in because he knew everyone and was familiar with the feel of the show. So he could really ask questions and learn about it. And that there was always a very real chance of being killed by a prank gone wrong. He was instructed to not leave his keys anywhere, to park far away, and not let anyone in his apartment to try to avoid pranks.

- Feels like Cas would be glad to see God and want to know where he was and would expect to hear the stories about why he couldn’t be found. And he said “When I say God I mean Rob Benedict.” not Chuck, Rob.

- Asked what came to mind when the names Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were said, he said “Those names remind me a lot of a couple of my coworkers.” Then answered whipped cream and stale fish. And that a twitch appears on his left side

- He took his meet and greet group to the hot tub at the hotel. They all very sexily rolled up their pant legs to their knees and sat around the edge of the hot tub. One of the women brought angel food cake cupcakes, one of which he proceeded to sit on. He showed the audience his ass as proof. One woman missed it and asked him to show it again. He asked if she had a dollar. Another woman jumped up with one, so he showed his ass again and took the dollar.

- On advice to his younger self. Don’t sit on cupcake. Then told a story about how he got west a whoopie cushion but couldn’t make it work, so he felt like he failed at fatherhood. But he’d tell himself to not get distracted. Told people to find what you’re interested and do that thing. Forget about what you *should* be doing, do what you want. Go after your passion, if you’re doing what you love, it’s successful. Even if it’s just a personal satisfaction, it’s success.

- He talked about leaving his kids behind to sign autographs. That it is challenging, that West would be mad when he comes home. Which was especially rough because Vickie was same way. But he spends as much time with family as he can.

- Though the only time he gets any sleep is at conventions. So he’ll walk into a hotel room and feel sexually attracted to the empty bed. Only person peeing in the bed during conventions is him. “It’s such a great feeling to roll over into a wet spot and know it’s yours.” Maison likes to punch him to calm down to sleep. With the bumpers on the sides to keep he kids safe, it’s like five people and a wet spot every night in bed.

- A local person suggested they do an episode at the Winchester Mystery House and he loved the idea. Thinks some location filming would be fun.

- Asked about how he felt Jesse Turner should return. Asked “Who the fuck is Jesse turner?” When he was fed info, he just vamped on what he’s been told and said that’s what they (the writers/producers) had been struggling with in trying to bring him back.

- Asked if he’s read any fanfic. Said (sarcastically, of course) “What haven’t I read. Love all of it.” Also joked about how he’s printed out stacks of fanfic to fall asleep too. Gets through about 700-800 pages a night.

- Accidentally read one about Castiel in 2009 and that was enough for him.

- His mom once told him “You know you don’t have to go to school.” But he kept going because he wanted to.

- If people are having trouble in high school there are online communities may help nowadays.

- He once went up on a line while on stage. Instead of covering, both he and female lead just stood there and waited for line to come. And it happened while his dad was in the audience.

- Was mispronouncing a girls name and calling her Yanni. When he realized it he said “I was missing a syllable and calling you a vagina.”

- Some of his favorite GISHWHES were the floating Christmas trees, partially because they caused potential air traffic issues. And the people covered in pet hair. He really likes things that surprise people. And also the Mountain on Mars names GISHWHES. Sometimes when he’s feeling down, he’ll look at GISHWHES photos to feel better.

- Said the weirdest thing that happened during a photo op was someone licking his stomach. He also demonstrated the sneaky ass grab that people do while posing for the photo ops with him.

- A girl that was sobbing during his photo op (which he told the whole story of and initially called it funny) asked how it felt to have people crying because of his presence. He said it’s super weird.

- Mark Sheppard came out with the band to play cowbell on their exit music for Misha. So they proceeded to make fun of each other as Misha finished his panel.

- Misha loved the fact that the person asking the question called his (Castiel) voice low and husky while Mark was there. He did that voice because he felt his voice should be more commanding based on the script. If he’d known he’d be having to do it this long, he definitely would not have chosen that voice. And because no one else that played angels changed their voices or played the not comfortable on earth thing, it made Castiel the weird anti-social Angel of all the angels.