The reputation lyrics are absolutely groundbreaking. Honest, and genius, and they cut right to the core. After listening, I felt warm inside. I felt how much love and soul she put into it. I felt stronger. I was absolutely floored and blown away. You guys, she really really did this. Get ready, because she’s about to change your life with reputation. I am so, SO incredibly proud of her. Thank you for everything tonight, Taylor. Thank you for sharing a part of your heart with us and trusting us with it. I never saw you coming, and I’ll never be the same.

I can’t count the number of times I screamed and cheered and welled up with tears tonight out of pure shock and adoration of reputation. It’s truly in another league than anything she’s ever done, not in a way that takes away from my love for any of her other albums, but in a way that makes me so, so proud of her and how incredibly far she’s come. She’s brutally honest in a way that won’t let the lyrics escape your brain, and a way in which the message reaches your very core. She’s really outdone herself. reputation is a brand new, unforgettable type of Taylor magic and I can’t wait for you all to hear it too.


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sometimes it feels futile to be making art in this cruel and extreme political climate, but some of the brightest moments of the last few months for me and for a lot of you, i suspect, have come from seeing @janellemonae ’s amazing and positive vision of the future, especially when we are being introduced to so many possible dystopian futures. Thanks to for giving so much time, energy and creativity to this project 👁👁👁 as a director editor, creative director i also feel like is my strongest work, and i can’t wait to share w y'all.
thanks @tidal for being amazing patrons of the arts!! and @route_eleven !🤘🏻my amazing team! (i know i just used amazing twice but woke up and my mind is devoid of adjectives at this early hour)

Stereoview scene of three children and a translucent angel posing around a tombstone titled “The orphans at their mother’s grave,“ 1889. By Melander and Brother.

Source: Library of Congress.