angel from the heavens


this dog that i dogsit for is an actual angel sent from heaven, evidence:

  • he’s 100 lbs and so gentle i don’t need any special collar or leash or harness to walk him, ever
  • he was meant to be a service dog but he was too shy so he became a rescue, can u even imagine
  • so well behaved he waits for me at the tops and bottoms of flights of stairs until i tell him it’s okay to go ahead up/down the next flight
  • he somehow communicates to his dads how much he loves me bc they tell me every time i leave and they come back he’s sad ?? my son !
  • he knows that if it rains or snows or he gets wet he needs to wait at the bottom of the stairs inside their condo to be towel dried
  • he is trained to towel dry himself; i hold out the towel and he wiggles his body through it back and forth until i dry his tail and that’s his signal to go ahead and go inside
  • he hangs out by my feet all evening making big impatient huffing noises until i go in the bedroom with him and sit up in bed doing whatever i’m doing so he can sleep by me

u kno when i think about the fact that Might Gai and Rock Lee were clearly designed with the intent of being “unattractive” i really viscerally feel the disconnect that The Straights have with reality like?????? Might Gai is handsome af and that is TEA and Rock Lee is a good, adorable, and equally handsome boy and u fuckin kno both of them are cut like marble statues carved by the hands of only the gayest of greco roman era Adonis worshiping power bottom sculptors so like Nice Try Straights but you’re Wrong Again

Things I loved about Black Panther

Warning: Spoilers

  • T’Challa. Literally just T’Challa. 
  • “Don’t freeze.” “I never freeze.”
  • “Did he freeze?” “Like an antelope in headlights.”
  • The amazing, wonderful, talented, very black with a hint of white cast 
  • Shuri giving T’Challa the finger
  • “One more word out of your mouth and I feed you to my children.” *Ross gulps* “I’m joking. We’re vegetarians.”
  • The underlying important messages about race
  • Klaw pulling the vibranium out of his pants and Ross awkwardly averts his eyes 
  • *Shuri points at T’Challa’s shoes* “WHAT ARE THOSE?” 
  • The rhino that stopped and licked Okoye
  • T’Challa taking Killmonger up to see Wakanda’s view after he defeats him
  • “You’re recording.” “For science purposes.” *T’Challa is thrown across the room as Shuri laughs* “Delete that footage!”
  • Literary just Shuri in general
  • And Nakia. And Okoye. And all of the strong warrior women who wore practical (not scandalous) armour and were completely badass
  • Shuri calling Ross ‘colonizer’
  • The soundtrack that literarily sounded like angels singing from the heavens  
  • The fact that Wakanda was an advanced civilization but it was still cultural
  • Klaw trying to get Ross to listen to his mixtape
  • Okoye throwing her wig as a weapon
  • “Is this Wakanda?” “No, it’s Kansas.”
  • T’Challa deciding to help the world in the end instead of hiding Wakanda’s advancment
  • Pretty much just the whole movie

Runaway Prince

AU where viktor thought yuuri was an angel sent from heaven to be his friend but he’s actually a runaway prince from a kingdom in the sky

a bit about the rankings of angels

seraphim (singular: seraph): these are the angels closest to God, in charge of guarding His throne. they help to rule over heaven and maintain order. usually, they are depicted as beings of pure and radiant light or fire - though many do have a human form as well. seraphim are often known for their voices, be it for the gorgeous songs they sang or the terrifying holy screeches they unleashed. though these may be some of the most orderly and composed angels, they can also be some of the most emotional. 

cherubim (singular: cherub): these angels are most often remembered for being the guardians of Eden. Now, however, they are said to be guardians of holy places on earth. they typically have many wings, eyes, faces, limbs etc., though, like seraphim, they may also have a more human form. cherubim are responsible for keeping harmony in heaven, and providing power to those in His kingdom. these angels are more likely to be peaceful and docile than confrontational, but of course there are exceptions.

thrones: usually depicted as beings of fire and many eyes, these angels are the ones who carry out God’s orders. they are most known for their inhuman forms, often described as being wheels. thrones are the bringers of justice in heaven, and, on earth, likely retain their strong moral compass. these angels are secretive and tend to keep to themselves and other thrones, so they have a lot of mystery surrounding them.

dominions: dominions were the leaders of the lower angels, offering advice and direction. they are very tied to heaven, and not likely to interact with humans. they are described as divinely beautiful, often with glowing skin, eyes, hair, or wings. their true forms tend to be more human-like than the angels above them in rank, and are usually remembered for their appealing appearance (to other angels, humans would of course be startled by them). these angels are thoughtful and determined, though friendly.

virtues: these angels are those who bring God’s grace to earth. though they do not interact directly with humans usually, they bring miracles and enlightenment to the world and its inhabitants. they are brilliant and powerful, though almost always benevolent and peaceful. virtues are angels of choice, and accredited with keeping earth moving forward and developing further. though they are naturally good and kind, virtues can be fierce fighters if necessary.  

powers: these are the angels in charge of defending heaven from hell and providing balance in the universe. they are often depicted as warriors and soldiers of God, though they are usually on the defensive rather than offensive. powers are wise, and it is said that they are the keepers of history. they are immensely loyal to heaven, and some believe no power has ever fallen. 

principalities: principalities are protectors of certain places, nations, cities, or groups of people on earth. they usually derive their physical characteristics and personality from the place/people they are watching over (for example, a principality of a lake may have blue or green tinted wings, wear pearls or water plants, and have a calm and peaceful personality). they also teach valuable lessons to those on earth, and are said to be the ones who inspire humans to create or invent. 

archangels: these are the warriors and protectors of human life. they are the commanders in God’s armies, and the ones to relay his most important messages to humans. they are incredibly loyal to their cause in heaven, but also show empathy towards humans and fallen angels. they show a great deal of understanding towards others, and because of that can be persuaded to join a cause even if it goes against heaven - although this is rare. archangels tend to be very complex, but their dedication and ferocity is constant.

angels: common angels are the ones most concerned with humans. there are different types of these angels, such as messengers to humans and personal guardian angels. it is difficult to categorize these angels as a whole, as there are so many of them. they are highly diverse, and the most like humans in both personality, morality, and appearance. 

fallen angels: these are angels who no longer serve heaven, and now reside on earth. typically it refers to angels who have sinned or rebelled and are then cast out of heaven by God, but there are other ways in which angels can become “fallen” as well. angels who desire free will, or fall in love with a human/humans can also be cast out. fallen angels can originate from any of the ranks above.

  • Those Studyblrs: my favorite pen is this $420 amethyst-gold-plated-crusted-ruby angel pen that only writes in platinum ink straight from heaven
  • Me, a Poor College Student: my favorite pen is that one free pen someone gave me at campus fest freshman year that I have lost about 7 times, and yet it somehow miraculously always turns up again in my bookbag