ghhostj asked:

I was just wondering if you have ever drawn Angel Cake's girlfriend, cause honestly i really wanna draw cute lesbians right now and your ocs are always adorable O u O

Ohh I actually don’t have a design for Angel’s gf yet :0

-adds to to-do list-

Aaah But I’m happy you like Angel! :D

K but Nina Nesbitt should be 500x more popular in America than she is like

She’s one of the kindest souls you’ll ever encounter, she has such an amazing talent and she looks like she stepped right out of the 90s

You want a kick ass female who stands up for herself to look up to? It’s Nina.

American needs a new face of music. Someone who is confident and doesn’t do the same old shit with their music. And it’s Nina.

And here’s the best part

She sings kick ass Indie/pop/folk music that will make you want to take long drives in no particular direction and just look at everything and absorb it all

So seriously Nina Nesbitt is amazing and I love her and she is too good for this world

The Signs as Teen Idle lyrics

AriesI wanna be an idle teen, I wish I hadn’t been so clean

TaurusI want blood, guts and angel cake, I’m gonna puke it anyway

Gemini: I want blood, guts and chocolate cake, I wanna be a real fake

Cancer: I wanna stay inside all day, I want the world to go away

LeoI wish I wasn’t such a narcissist, I wish I didn’t really kiss, the mirror when I’m on my own

Virgo The wasted years, the wasted youth, the pretty lies, the ugly truth

LibraI wanna drink until I ache, I wanna make a big mistake

Scorpio: I want back my virginity, so I can feel infinity

Sagittarius And the day has come where I have died, only to find I’ve come alive

Capricorn Adolescence didn’t make sense, a little loss of innocence

AquariusWish I’d been a prom queen fighting for the title, Instead of being sixteen and burning up a bible

PiscesThe ugly years of being a fool, ain’t youth meant to be beautiful?