Why I’m Deeply Invested in Pharmercy, Part 1

I’m a queer, WLW identified Filipino. All of my previous relationships have been interracial, and a good number of them moving forward will also likely be interracial simply because Filipinos are a tiny minority in the US (I’m talking probabilities here). I’ve been looked down upon for my race, my sexuality, and my gender identity and expression, among other things. I’ve had people not want to get involved with me because of my race. I don’t expect meaningful Southeast Asian representation in mainstream North American media, let alone meaningful Filipino representation, at least, not in the next ten years. I’m not even going to mention how long it might take to see meaningful LGBTQIA Filipino representation.

When I look at Pharmercy, I see an equal, healthy, interracial relationship that gives me hope for my future relationships and validates my past relationships.