Love, in All Its Guises


I check my gut

at the kitchen door -

my gut smiles back,

full of you,

in the know.

I cross the threshhold

and am greeted by you -

smiling you with your

sixpences for eyes

and your balloons for cheeks.

There is a fine line,

my gut says,

between love and delirium,

and you are treading

it, dear, you are treading.

I do not heed it,

I run to you,

full up with the weather

and the birdsong,

and the laundry

and the dishes,

Love and delirium,

it warns,



I make bread,

slapping the dough

down and flour

rising from my fisted

hands; sweet saffroned

dough for you.

Not too much,

just a touch,

my gut warns:

I throw it in, wantonly.

The bread rises in its

tiny tins in the force

of the belching stove

and I slide it

out with ease,

up-end it

and out fall

these sweets of

love, these angel-

cakes, these coils

of perfumed light.

I offer you one,

you take it,

and bite.


So you can cook,

my gut spits,

What else can you do?

I wrap my arms around

you, feeling your

softnesses and hardness,

feeling all your blessed

corners, feeling in tune

with you, and my

gut simmers, hardening

to me as I kneel

to you, bow my head

against your legs,

feel your warmth

at my forehead,

and cling to you -

as to a mother -

and cling to you

there, my gut

looking on, sneering.


We take a walk

in the rain,

O, as lovers do,

I suppose,

my gut sing-songs,

and pass by

wildflowers, naming

them, and dripping

trees; drenched

elderflower and

soaked laurel.

We splash in the

muck of the rainstorm,

my gut is appalled:

So what, you think

you’re fourteen and in love?

it sneers.

But I know love

when I feel it,

its ponds and pools,

its oceans and tides,

its masterful

seduction of the self.

Love, in all its guises,

rises up in me

and laughs in the face

of my gut,

my tricky one,

my little soothsayer,

my witch,

my bad penny,

my low-down

dirty gut.

The Signs as Teen Idle lyrics

AriesI wanna be an idle teen, I wish I hadn’t been so clean

TaurusI want blood, guts and angel cake, I’m gonna puke it anyway

Gemini: I want blood, guts and chocolate cake, I wanna be a real fake

Cancer: I wanna stay inside all day, I want the world to go away

LeoI wish I wasn’t such a narcissist, I wish I didn’t really kiss, the mirror when I’m on my own

Virgo The wasted years, the wasted youth, the pretty lies, the ugly truth

LibraI wanna drink until I ache, I wanna make a big mistake

Scorpio: I want back my virginity, so I can feel infinity

Sagittarius And the day has come where I have died, only to find I’ve come alive

Capricorn Adolescence didn’t make sense, a little loss of innocence

AquariusWish I’d been a prom queen fighting for the title, Instead of being sixteen and burning up a bible

PiscesThe ugly years of being a fool, ain’t youth meant to be beautiful?

Ask Me Anything: MATD Edition

1. Favorite song off of The Family Jewels?

2. Favorite song off of Electra Heart?

3. Favorite song off of FROOT?

4. Favorite Era?

5. Least favorite to favorite Archetype?

6. Which song relates to you the most?

7. Favorite music video from each era?

8. Favorite outfit Marina has worn?

9. In your opinion, which album has the best cover art?

10. What unreleased song is your favorite?

11. Angel Cake or Chocolate Cake? (Teen Idle)

12. What happened the day you turned 17? (Seventeen)

13. Heart on your cheek or on your sleeve? (How to be a Heartbreaker)

14. Favorite lyric from The Family Jewels?

15. Favorite lyric from Electra Heart?

16. Favorite lyric from FROOT?

17. Which lyric is the funniest to you?

18. Would you rather spend the day with Marina or Electra Heart?

19. Which era, in your opinion, had the best style?

20. What is your go-to Marina and the Diamonds song to sing?

21. Catchiest song?

22. Favorite FROOT of the month?

23. Favorite FROOT cocktail?

24. Which Electra Heart music video is your favorite?

25. Least favorite era?

26. Kill, Marry, Kiss? (Has to involve Marina)

27. If you could listen to one Marina song for the rest of your life, which song would it be?

28. Burger Queen, The Lonely Hearts Club, or Neon Nature tour?

29. Favorite acoustic video?

30. Submit your own question! (Must be related to Marina)

Send me a number in my ask and I’ll answer it!

Sweet Fact of the Week: Sweet Tea

Summer is in full swing, and there’s no better way to cool down than iced tea—especially Southern sweet tea. But is your tea high or low? The difference dates from the 18th and 19th centuries:

In the United States, ladies were gathering in their parlors or on their verandas for “low tea” (so-called because the tea and cakes were served on low tables, in contrast to “high tea,” when a more substantial meal was eaten at a high dining table). Tea parties, with homemade specialties such as strawberry shortcake, pecan pie, or angel cake, were held to raise funds for churches or charities.

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Image Credit: Photo by PDPics. Public Domain via Pixabay.