With all the news of X and Y buzzing around, here’s another fun thing you can do with your old ones.

The main rules of Nuzlockes are:

  1. Fainting is permanent, and Pokemon who faint are released or boxed forever.
  2. You must catch only the first Pokemon you see on a new route. No matter what it is.
  3. You must give your Pokemon a nickname.

There’s a ton of optional rules too: whether you disregard Pokemon that you’ve already caught; whether you can use Repels or not; whether Shiny Pokemon are a free catch or not. But the three main rules have to be kept for it to count as a Nuzlocke.

For extra fun, you can use the randomiser as I did, so you can never be sure what you’ll get. My first four Pokemon were Aron, Torchic, Geodude and Loudred, two of which you can see in my graveyard box. Diederick was an especially sad death, killed by a lucky crit from my rival just before Victory Road.