angel's trey


Loving me


I moved Trey from laying on my chest as I got up to get ready for work it was 5:14 am and my day hasn’t even started and I wanted to come back home , “ Where you going ? ”
Trey groaned pulling my waist so I couldn’t get up opening his eyes still half asleep , “ I gotta go to work you know this ” I said unhooking his arm form around my waist “ Don’t go today ” I rolled my eyes and placed my warm toes on the carpet and pulled down my shirt from being ruffled up “ I need to ” I walked to the bathroom did my business , brushed my teeth washed my face etc , I turned on the light and Trey sat up on his elbows “ you know damn well you had work this morning why you let me put in work last night ”
He said looking at me because I was sleep standing straight up “ I wanted to ” I said coming back shrugging my shoulders he laughed heading back down into the bed “ I need it get up too ” he said rolling over “ For why you don’t have to go to studio today ” o said furrowing my eyebrows looking Threw my shirts “Go see my nephew”
“ now don’t go without me ” I said walking up to him in just a shirt and underwear I stood between his legs and he put his hands on my waist
“ you know I wanted to see the baby”
I said pouting and crossing my arms he kissed my lips and chuckled
“ kiss me again I forgive you ” he smiled and kissed my lips again a little longer this time I deepened the kiss “ love me ” I said out of breath he pulled me back on the bed and I let out a squeal “ we’re gonna be late ” I said smiling at him This was the usual we would get distracted by each other and I loved it “ I love you baby ” “ I love you y/n ” I emailed and got up to continue with my day .