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can you rec some poetry about girls who love girls?

sorry this is took me so long to get to ya! i’ve had a busy month. this is real quick & dirty bc this has been sitting in my drafts 4 ever & if i don’t post it now i never will. love u xoxo!

i also invite u guys to check out glitter tongue which is an online collection of love poems by lgbt poets

NCT Life Masterlist [ENG SUB]🌍

 Please message me if any links aren’t working. [last update 29/08/17]

If something is crossed off it means there aren’t any subs out yet, I will keep looking.

Bangkok - taeyong, jaehyun, johnny, doyoung, ten (then all of them)


Seoul - taeyong, yuta, kun, doyoung, jaehyun, winwin


Paju - taeil, taeyong, yuta, jaehyun, winwin, mark, haechan


Korean Food King - taeil, taeyong, yuta, doyoung, ten, jaehyun, winwin


Entertainment Retreat - renjun, jeno, chenle, jisung


Chiang Mai - jaehyun, doyoung, taeyong, johnny, ten


Osaka - taeil, taeyong, yuta, doyoung, winwin

Ep.1 - Ep.3//Ep.4 - Ep.6//Ep.7 - Ep.15//Ep.16 - Ep.21



Cushion Game, Rolling Paper, Find a Partner, Girl Group Dance One, Girl Group Dance Two


170115 // Angel // Heartbreaker // Dunk Shot


Music Game - Cont, Initials Game


170122 // 

Underrated K-Pop Groups (Male Edition)

So basically I was thinking about all of the underrated groups and decided to make a small post about them. I will eventually make a female edition of this list!

1. Boyfriend- Bounce, Obsession, Boyfriend, Witch, Glider.

2. Topp Dogg- The Beat, Arario, TOPDOG, Follow Me.

3. Monsta X- All In, Hero, Trespass, Rush.

4. History- Might Just Die, Psycho, What am I to You, Dreamer, Queen.

5. U-Kiss- Stalker 끼부리지마, One Shot One Kill, Believe, Stop Girl, Neverland.

6. B1A4- Sweet Girl, Tried to Walk, Lonely, Beautiful Target, Baby good night, What’s Happening.

7. UP10TION- Attention, So Dangerous, Catch Me

8. Royal Pirates- Run Away, Drawing The Line, Dangerous.

9. UNIQ- EOEO, Best Friend, Falling In Love, Happy New Year, Luv Again

10. Boys Republic- Get Down, The Real One, Video Game, Hello, Party Rock.

11. MADTOWN- Emptiness, OMGT, YOLO, New World.

12. ROMEO- Miro, Nightmare, Target, Lovesick.

And now for some groups who aren’t completely underrated, but still need some more love!

1. VIXX- Dynamite, Chained Up, [hyde], Error, G.R.8.U, Voodoo Doll, Eternity, Super Hero.

2. Block B- Toy, Very Good, Her, A Few Years Later, Jackpot, Nillili Mambo,  NalinA

3. B.A.P- Feel So Good, Young, Wild, & Free, One Shot, No Mercy, Where Are You?, 1004 (Angel).

4. Winner- Sentimental, Baby Baby, Empty, I’m Young.

Anyways, feel free to add some groups that are underrated that I didn’t put on the list! I know there are a hell of a lot more.

Find Your Prompt

I thought it would be fun to do one of these with prompts. So here you go people:

1. First letter of your name.

2. Your birthday.

A. “Ow! What was that for?!”

B. “Come on, help me find it!”

C. “I want to show you something.”

D. “You do have a plan, right?”

E. “Reading from an ancient book, never a good idea.”

F. “I may kinda be stuck.”

G. “This is not funny!”

H. “It’s okay, I resurrected you.”

I. “Good morning, I made breakfast, here-”

J. “So, how did you two meet?”

K. “You can’t just die, please don’t die!“

L. “Please say you’re here to stay.”

M. “You’re staring again.”

N. “Wait, you’re royalty?”

O. “Ahh, it’s too hot in this room!”

P. “You tried to kill me!”

Q. “What did you break this time?”

R. “Looks fun, doesn’t it?”

S. “You did this on purpose, didn’t you?”

T. “You’ve gotten us lost, haven’t you?”

U. “How did you know?

V. "Didn’t you say we were friends?”

W. “Is that a puppy? That’s so sweet, you brought me a puppy!”

X. “What is wrong with you? You drank one of those potions again didn’t you?”

Y. “You could help!”

Z. “This isn’t real.”

1. “Betrayal never comes from an enemy.”

2. “This is all your fault.”

3. “You can’t just give up!”

4. “Being part angel has it’s perks sometimes.”

5. “Don’t just stand there, run!”

6. “I beg to differ.”

7. “I stole his wallet.”

8. “Its not like you gave me a choice.”

9. “Hey, I’m with you always.”

10. “You’re about to find out.“

11. "We really don’t have time for this right now.”

12. “Of course not.”

13. “Love, I’m already dead.”

14. “Oh my gosh, that is terrifying!”

15. "Not going to happen.”

16. “Do you know how to knock?“

17. "What’s that?”

18. “It wasn’t me!”

19. “I told you not to come over here.”

20. “Run! And don’t stop running!”

21. “Take these chains off first.”

22. “I don’t even know you!”

23. “It’s three in the morning.”

24. “This place is super creepy.”

25. “Let’s just forget this ever happened.”

26. “Hey, you can’t just barge in here like that!”

27. “This one followed me home.“

28. “You don’t really believe that do you?”

29. "Me? Of course not!”

30. “I could also be living my life but look where we are.”

31. “I did?”

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my queen my angel my number one favourite writer could you do one of those lil au thingys for Minhyuk please??? You don't have to obvs but if you wanna that'd be great I liVe for your blog I literally check it like 4 times a day and I'm so excited for your jooheon college au bcos he is my number 1 but u r also my number 1 ok I'm done sorry thank u in advance if you do this xxxxx

waaa so many compliments,,,,,,,im currently feeling my heart burst hehe!!! thank you for liking my writing, college jooheon is coming really really soon!!

  • mermaid!minhyuk
  • his tail is a shimmery pink and coral, and the gills on his neck and scales that highlight his cheek are really pretty and always look like there’s glitter on them
  • for the most part he can shift back and forth between human form and mermaid form,,,,but if he touches water,,,,,,,,there’s his tail and he’s left, basically flopping on the floor 
  • most people know he’s a mermaid,,,,,,thanks to changkyun stupidly throwing a water balloon at him at the park and well,,,,,,everyone has come to accept it
  • nicknamed prince of the sea,,,,because he looks like a prince and is a mermaid and someone (cough jooheon cough) once was even like “you’re like ariel!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,well maybe eric?? he wasn’t a mermaid but he was a prince,,,,,you’re their child minhyuk”
  • minhyuk: if you ever say that again, ill say you’re the love child of shrek and donkey- so DONT
  • and since he’s a mermaid,,,,minhyuk can communicate with aquatic animals and well you’re his neighbor who happens to own a pet turtle and ,,,,,,,,,you’re worried
  • because crush the turtle hasn’t been as active as before,,,he just sits on his rock and doesn’t swim around his tank and you’re like “crush,,,,,,are you ok? are you lonely? am i bad owner,,,,,,,,,” and you decide that since you can’t speak crush’s language, you need to get someone who does
  • and luckily, your next door neighbor is a mermaid
  • so when you knock on minhyuk’s door, holding crush in a little pail of water he’s like “,,,,,,is everything ok? am i going to be babysitting your pet turtle?”
  • and you’re shaking your head, looking really sad because you’re like “can you talk to him???? is he sick??? he hasn’t been eating as much or swimming and i love him,,,,i want to help him.”
  • and minhyuk is watching you get emotionally broken up over your pet turtle and he thinks it’s kinda funny but he’s holding back a laugh,,,,,that and also,,,,,,,,it’s kinda cute,,,,,,,you care so much about the little guy
  • and minhyuk is like “sure, let me talk to him but i need to transform to do so,,,,,,,are you ok with sitting in the bathroom with me?”
  • and so you end up sitting at the edge of minhyuk’s bathtub as he lays in it, tail hanging out the opposite edge
  • and he’s talking with your turtle as you’re waiting nervously and minhyuk finally returns crush to you and he’s like “he said that he wishes he had a bigger tank, it’s kind of boring because it’s been the same size for too long. maybe you could invest in a bigger one with more pebbles and stuff???” 
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,,,,,he isn’t sick??????? or mad at ,,,,,me????” and minhyuk laughs and is like no, no he likes you as an owner very much
  • and you’re like WHAT A RELIEF MY TURTLE LIKES ME
  • but also you smile and then notice suddenly that minhyuk is there,,,,,,,shirtless,,,,,,,tail,,,,,,,,,,wet,,,,,,,,,and you automatically look down and are like “sorry!!!!!!! i didn’t mean to stare,,,,,,” and minhyuk is like “most people stare when they see my mermaid form,,,,,,,it’s weird right?”
  • and you’re like “no!!!!! you’re so pretty,,,,,” and minhyuk is flattered,,,,because oh,,,,,,that’s so nice of you to say
  • and then he’s suddenly getting flushed and you’re like ???? and minhyuk is like “sorry, your turtle keeps asking me silly questions,,,,,,” and you’re like “oh???? what’s he asking????”
  • and minhyuk is like “he’s asking,,,,,,,,if im you’re,,,,,,,mermaid,,,,,,,,ma,,,,,mate,,,,,,,,,,,,,” and you’re like OH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what,,,,,,,,,,,crush!!!!!!!!
  • and you look at your turtle and you’re like don’t be rude even though it can’t understand you but minhyuk is like looking away and he can’t really get up until the water goes down the drain
  • and you’re like “ill keep you company so it isn’t boring ^^” and you and minhyuk talk and you click so well
  • and then the water is almost gone and minhyuk is like qUICk,,,,close the shower curtain!!!! and you’re like why- and he’s like “i transform back nude,,,,,”
  • and you jump up like wOAH,,,,ok im closing it!!!!!!!!!
  • both you and minhyuk blushing on each side of it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but it’s cute,,,,,,,,,,,,your neighbors crushing on you,,,,,,,and you’re crushing on your (mermaid) neighbor,,,,,,,,,hehu

Jimin as your boyfriend

aaaaaaand anotha one! I’ll link yoongis and hobis wen I’m not on mobile buuut for now,,,,((also sorry if there’s any spelling mistake or soemthing I just write these and I barely check over them 😰😰💗💗💗))

Yoongi  Hobi

•Person who listens to everyone’s problems but doesn’t like to share his problems bec he feels like it’d be a burden to everyone else
•Jimin would never be able to comprehend the extent of your love for him

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Signs as Rent Songs

Aries: Light My Candle
Taurus: Goodbye Love
Gemini: I’ll Cover You
Cancer: Take Me Or Leave Me
Leo: One Song Glory
Virgo: Over The Moon
Libra: Today 4 U
Scorpio: Out Tonight
Sagittarius: Seasons Of Love
Capricorn: Tango Maureen
Aquarius: Rent
Pisces: La Vie Boheme

I saw the Rent tour last night so here are a few things:
- “April left a note before she slit her wrists; ‘We’ve got AIDS.’” Mark looks at the ground.
- Angel makes her entrance for “Today 4 U” by jumping from a fucking raised platform onto a table in 7 inch heels
- Mark resting his hand on Roger’s shoulder and saying,“take your AZT,” then resting his head on Roger’s back and heading out the door
-Benny pulls up Angel’s skirt during “You’ll See.” Angel sits far from him the rest of the song, looking really anxious as Collins holds her
- Mimi straight up balances on a ledge with only her leg and spins around it during “Out Tonight” and walks backwards down the stairs in her heels
- when Roger starts singing to Mimi after “Life Support” the life support group stares down at him from a raised platform, Angel at the front
- during “On the Street” Angel is looking for a jacket for Collins at the bodega. she is going through them, repeating “no” to herself quietly. the bodega worker lifts up a disgusting orange camo shirt and Angel legitimately screams “NO”
- Mark and Collins holding Roger tightly and singing to him amusingly
- at the beginning of “Santa Fe” after Mark’s altercation with the police, Angel says “yayyyyy New York” really nervously
- during “Santa Fe” Collins spins Angel into Mark’s arms where he’s sitting on a table. they spend the rest of the song in each other’s arms, smiling
- in “Over the Moon” Maureen made the audience moo with her
- ok this is about La Vie Boheme
a. Mark fucking throws his body onto the table like a plank of wood
b. when Collins and Angel sing “brothers!” they Eskimo kiss and it’s super cute
c. when they sing “to any passing fad” Maureen and Mark dab at each other and everyone in the audience lost it
d. when the waiter returns and seeing chaos, he joins the dancing
- during “Take Me or Leave Me” Maureen gets on her knees and sings to JoAnne’s vagina
- in “Without You” Collins lays with Angel, then picks her up and carries her to a different table, where she starts convulsing, then crying into Collins’ arms
- all the couples get under a white blanket and moan and grunt during “Contact” while Angel emerges from the top and rings a reprise of “Today 4 U”. the couples leave one by one, shouting “it’s over.” finally the blanket is pulled away and Collins sits on the table facing the audience while Angel faces the back of stage, motionless. bitterly, Collins whispers,“it’s over.”
- during “I’ll Cover You Reprise” Mark and Maureen sob in each other’s arms while Collins sings at the top of the stage, voice cracking
- the priest kicks the group out and calls Collins a “queer who can’t pay” and Benny offers to pay the burial change. Collins says “you should know the persons funeral you just paid for killed your dog.” to which Benny replies,“I know. I hated that dog.”
- Mark stands apprehensively at the edge of the darkness during “Goodbye Love” waiting to see what Roger will do
- Mark slamming the phone so hard during “What You Own” that the stand shakes
- during “Your Eyes” Mimi convulses and starts repeating lines from “Candle” and Roger looks horrified. when she comes back to life and says she saw Angel, Collins beams
- Angel’s spot is left vacant during “Seasons of Love Reprise” -During the finale, Angel runs back onstage to the group wearing a white smiley faced t shirt and white pants, although no one on stage notices her
-Mark projects images and videos of the group onto the walls of the theater, moving his projector from side to side so it moves across the walls

sorry if this was long but the performance as incredible so I thought I’d share

rent [movie] summarized
  • seasons of love: ooooh THATS what this song is from !
  • rent: apparently these ppl don't understand paying rent is part of fucking life? but okay?
  • you'll see: boi u beTrAyed Usss now we gotta pay rent, which is part of life but we don't wanna do it !1!1!
  • one song glory: Rodger just can't write one fucking song and it's pathetic
  • light my candle: k r they really talking about candles ??
  • today 4 u: angel is perfection and she is too good for this world you can't argue with me on this she's adorable and this song is adorable fight me
  • tango maureen: so joanne + mark are just like incapable of understanding maureen is an independent bisexual woman so their bitch ass complains
  • life support: u can do dis bby u got aids but u ok bby I believe in u
  • out tonight: freaking hoe anthem this is the sOng to HOE TO stRip To ThiSss
  • another day: rodger has fuckin baggage and he's fucking rude tbh
  • will i: awe bby
  • santa fe: deadbeats can dream, can't we?
  • i'll cover you: collins and angel are too good for this movie they are literally perfect they don't deserve this
  • over the moon: whAt theE aCtUAl FuCK??????111111!!!!!!
  • la vie boheme: lIt
  • i should tell you: we both got issues but let's coMbINe our issues and date cause that's just sO healthy !!
  • la vie boheme b: lIt pt.2
  • seasons of love b: it's abt to go downhill kids
  • take me or leave me: apparently strong women who are naturally flirtatious and also bisexual NEED TO be like??? super careful and always cater to their overprotective lover???? but that's none of MY business :))
  • without you: idk man this is just depressing cause mimi is messed up and rodger isn't emotionally there enough to help her.
  • i'll cover you [reprise]: anGel ANd COllINs dId nOooT deSerVe ThIs !1!!/!- THESE Sfucking IDIOTS are out Living LIDE and being fucKin duMbassEs and aNGel, toO pure fOr tHis World, dIes iM fucKing dOne tHis is FuckEd UPPP
  • halloween: this is p sad i mean he's realizing things and it's almost been a year wow ??
  • goodbye love: i don't even know it's like they all hate themselves and everyone else they are all so fucked up I'm
  • what you own: this song is such a waste of time like rodger goes to santa fe then comes back all in one song it was such a waste I don't understand
  • finale a: mimi is dying whoops
  • your eyes: i finally did a thing but ur dying lol whOOps
  • finale b: aw jk I'm here for now but I'm lowkey abt to die ahaA we good fam we good
  • love heals: this whole fuckin musical is messed up but it's amazing bye

nyo finland just as a concept is just complete perfection like im so….. imagine a 4′11″ angel with marshmallowy soft rosy cheeks and beautiful warm brown eyes and her adorable beret and her little dog and she’s ripped so she can lift the couch and you up with one hand and vacuum under it and then go out back and chop down trees for the fire??? and while the fire is going she makes you the best spiked hot chocolate u have ever had in your entire life??? can you imagine anyone more wife material


The Various Sides of Lee Seokmin

97.02.18 Happy Birthday to the always fabulous and handsome Lee Seokmin! 🎂🍰🥂🍾

This baby was the very first one that caught my eye in SEVENTEEN when I watched their ‘Adore U’ music video after being impressed by one of their live debut performances! Soon after, I realized that Dokyum was not only a singing angel, but also a really dorky but lovable boy! I wanted to include so many more moments of my bias but one GIFset is not enough!!

Happy Birthday once again to this wonderful human being, and I hope your year will be blessed with everything that you’ve always wanted!

 I will always be your fan! 😍😘❤️💛💚💙💜❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟

#Happy_DK_VERNON_Day & #소중한_한솔이와_석민이의_생일을_축하해

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9)

BTS: J-Hope AU/series


Bartender!AU: Drunk In Love

Cop!AU: Maybe

Gangster!AU: Pt 1: Bullets, Blood, Love | Pt 2: Smooth As Fuck (M) | Pt 3: Noted | 


Part 1: Cold | Part 2: Hold Me Tight


Mythical!AU: Fallen Angel (Part of Mythical BTS AU): Pt. 1 (M) | Pt. 2 |

Recommended Order to Reading


Diety (A Jimin series): Part 1 ft. Hoseok (M) |


A Secret Obsession: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | 

Alone Time (M): Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | 


I’m Him: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6 |


School!AU: Thank You 

Mythical!AU: The Garden of Evil (BTS): Yellow Frog

Supernatural!AU: Clown

Birthday Heartbreak: Pt 1 I Pt 2

Parent!AU: Nervous To Leave |

Operation Trust No One: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2  | Pt. 3 |


View From 4-B (M): Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | 


I Need U: Pt 1 | Pt 2 

High School!AU: High School

Grim Reaper!AU: Grim Reaper

Gang!AU:  Gang!BTS AU


Half Past Paradise: Pt 1 | Pt 2

Fight or Flight:Pt 1 | Pt 2


DexterityPt 1Pt 2


Hybrids!AU: J-Hope


Really GoodPt 1 I Pt 2

Maybe, Maybe NotPt 1 I Pt 2

Underneath Your Clothes: Pt 1 I Pt 2 I Pt 3 I Pt 4 I Pt 5 | Pt. 6 |


Truth or Dare ft. Rapmon and Suga: Pt 1 I Pt 2

Garden of Evil: Pt 1 I Pt 2

Guess Who ft. V and Jimin: Pt 1 I Pt 2


Foudroyant: Pt 1 | Pt 2 |


Walking Dead!AU: Saving |


Favorite Things Series: Pt. 1 |

Dad!AU: Business Casual |


Tokyo Ghoul!AU: Hellion |


Soulmate!AU: Tissues |

CEO!AU: Rsvp |

Vampire!AU: Crimson |

College!AU: Coming Home |


The Purge: Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 |


Vampire!AU: Supper |


Stripper!AU: J-Hope (Hoseok) |


Prince!AU: Prince Charming |

CEO!AU: Witches Brew: Pt. 1 |


SONG: um, mum… i’m sure this comes as no surprise to you but…! i’ve moved in with Pickle! it’d, uh, be really nice if you came to visit us soon…? maybe you and Sulo could come round for dinner??

MEI: oh, my darling sunshine bubblegum angel child, i knew this day would come… of course i’ll come visit you both! just… don’t let Pickle cook, okay?

SONG: mum, i’m dating a Goon, that doesn’t mean i am one!

things i said to my friends about rent the day i watched the movie
  • out of like 7? characters 3 of them are straight (<- yes this is the first thing i said)
  • well idk abt 2 of them cuz one is a drag queen and this guy loves her so idk but thts like queer u know
  • and like 4 of them are black (<- idk why but i thought mimi was black)
  • it’s set in 1990 too which makes it even !! representation !!
  • It’s sad tho cuz aids
  • Everybody has a partner while this one guy is like hhahahhha what
  • Cuz his ex left him for a girl and he’s like what and it’s funny
  • and theyre a happy lil family until like stuff happen
  • there’s honestly no plot lmao (<- this is not true. but rent doesn’t really have a definite climax, and if there was it would be without you or i’ll cover you reprise but it wasn’t as clear to me in the movie)
  • it’s like uhh stuff happen and these people are together and they have fun and then they cant anymore
  • they don’t want to pay rent that’s the whole musical
  • and there’s this lesbian couple fighting in the background (<- i mean. joanne and maureen aren’t background but they do have less than mimer or angel/collins)
  • And the drag queen being fabulous and her boyfriend being amazing and the two of them loving each other so much
  • And the stripper and guy just being who even knows theyre cute (<- this was before i realized my love for roger davis)
  • and then the single guy 7th wheeling (<- mucho masturbation)
BTS Reaction | Cheating

Request: Can you please do a Bts reaction to them cheating on their gf and she still wants to be with him?


- would be quite shocked 

is feeling bad what he did to you 

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-its rlly hard to write it BECAUSE he could have two reactions;

the first one; Calm, do not rlly care 


the second:

worrying, talking with you about your relationship

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- surprised  , would be worried about u 24/7 

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Rap Monster 

- would think about ur decision a lot 

- worried about ur health 

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- would do anything to make u happy again 

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- soft 

- comforts u ( wants to see ur beautiful smile again)


he would never forget his mistake 

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- kinda embarrassed ( in a bad way)

- would ask bts members 4 help 

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I hope u liked it ( I AM SO SRY IF ITS BAD TT)



Some songs: It’s You, Growing Pains (by D&E), My Love My Kiss My Heart (by KRY), Stars AppearReset, Don’t Wake Me Up (by D&E), Raining Spell For LoveEvanesceMonster, Midnight Blues, Y, All My Heart, My Only Girl, This Is Love, We Can (by KRY)

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Some songs: A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone, Spring Day, Lost, Pied Piper, Run, Begin, Let Me Know, I Need U, Illegal/Dimple, Intro: Serendipity, Outro: Propose, Tomorrow, Butterfly, Save Me, Young Forever, Sea, Hold Me Tight 

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Some songs: I Wait, How Can I Say, You Were Beautiful, Blood, My Day, Goodbye Winter, I Would, Sing Me, Hope, Hi Hello, I Loved You, Lean On Me, I’m Serious, Say Wow, I Smile, When You Love Someone, I Need Somebody, Colors, Congratulations

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Some songs: Coma, Now, What The Hell, Walk, Voice Message, I Guess I Need U, Wake Me Up, With You, Save Me, It’s All Lies, Goodbye, Crash, 0 (Zero), Shadow (Daehyun ft. Zelo), One Shot, My Girl, Blind, 1004 (Angel), Definetly Today, I Remember (Yongguk ft. Daehyun)

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Some Songs: When I Grow Up, Don’t Wanna Cry, Fronting, If I, Very Nice, Habit, Healing, Simple, My I, Rock, Highlight, I Can’t See The End, Drift Away, Pretty U, Don’t Listen In Secret, I Don’t Know/Well, Smile Flower, Swimming Fool

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Some songs: Take Me Now, Severely, Black Chocolate, Pray, Just Please, Do You Know Why, The Night, To The Light, Memory, Hey Girl, Shadow, Lose, Stand By Me Please, BPM69, Out Of Love, Travel, No Better Days

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Some songs: White Sugar, Stuck, White Love, Because Of You, Shine Forever, I’ll Be There, 5:14 (Last Page), Miss You, Need U, Blind, All In, Incomparable, Gravity, Perfect Girl, Hero, Beautiful, Queen, Fighter

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Some songs: Hello, Anyway, Time and Fallen Leaves, Green Window, Way Back Home, Live, Hair Part, Haughty Girl, 200%, Melted, On The Subway, Give Love, Artificial Grass, I Love You, Little Star

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Some songs: Mer, Surf Boy, Hooka, Simon, Big Bird, Die Alone, 2002WorldCup, Tokyo Inn, Burning Youth, Wi Ing Wi Ing, Ohio, Wanli, Tomboy

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Some songs: Video (ft. Bobby), Passing ByWorld Tour (ft. Mino), My StarFxxk Wit Us (ft. Dok2), Hold My Hand, Blues, 1 2 3 4, Rose

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Some songs: Limitless (127), Without You (U), We Young (Dream), Sun & Moon (127), The 7th Sense (U), My First and Last (Dream), Heartbreaker (127), My Page (Dream), Paradise (127), Walk You Home (Dream), Angel (127), La La Love (Dream)

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Some songs: The Chaser, Be Mine, Nothing’s Over, Moonlight, Between Me and You, Last Romeo, Julia, Memories, Paradise, Because, Back, One Day, Bad, Man In Love, The Eye, Cover Girl, Thank You, Zero, Amazing, Rocinante, Alone, Light, With…, Real Story

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Some songs: 11:11, Cover Up, Fine, Fire, Lonely Night, Rain, Starlight (ft. Dean), Time Lapse, Why, Feel So Fine, Hands On Me, I

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Some songs: D (Half Moon), Bonnie & Clyde, And You (Outro), Pour Up (ft. Zico), Come Over (ft. Baek Ye Rin), I Love It (ft. Dok2), What 2 Do (ft, Crush, Jeff Bernat), I’m Not Sorry (ft. Eric Bellinger), 21. With Heize: And July, Shut Up & Groove

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Some songs: Y, Why, Kimio, One Time, Radio, Can’t Stop, Like a Child, When I Was Young, Young Forever, Imagine, Lie, I Wanna Be Like You

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Some songs: Holup,  Runaway, In Love, Swim, Up (ft. Mino), Firework, Lean On Me, I Love You, Alien, Tendae (AMAZING ALBUM, GOOD JOB BABY!!)

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Some songs: No Jam, A, You Are, Who’s ThatIf You Do, Good Tonight, Firework, Magnetic, Let MeFace, Fly, Mayday, Gimme, Remember You

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Since my master post got a lot of attention i’m going to make one with fun facts on the members! here we go this is gonna be long.

Kim Youngbin (11/23/93)

-he likes to play korean chess
-strict when need be but also very cute and surprisingly funny
-mismatched eyes. Said they were his charm in one of the earlier neon lessons
-sucks at basketball but does that stop him? no
-he’s caring. he scolded hwiyoung in d.o.b once for doing the move not the way he pictured is and then went to comfort him when he cried, saying they’re gonna debut together since they’re all apart of the team.
-he’s an angel and loves his members a lot before they debuted he did everything to make sure they all debut together
-he dabs…a lot…i mean most of them do too but..
-another quote that made me cry was when he was like “I want to debut for the happiness of our 9 member’s families. Let’s succeed with debut since we’ve been struggling and trying hard”
-HE LOVES EVERYONE SO MUCH i love him he’s an angel
-he gets shy and flustered and its so cute??? thanks
-he’s the thrill junkie in the group imo he was always hyped to go on every ride in spectacle fantasy 9
-selfie king thanks 

Kim Inseong (7/12/93)

-eldest member
-VOCALS he has such a sweet voice wow
-He’s learning english with Jaeyoon and he’s very good at it tbh if he keeps it up he can be fluent in no time 
-he has great taste in movies he recommended three when they did their q&a thing in the fan cafe and i watched one that caught my eye (bc of him) and it was literally one of the best movies meaning wise thank u inseong please recommend more 
-HE CALLS HIMSELF A FENNEC FOX BC HE THINKS HE LOOKS LIKE ON can u say furry…im kidding i love him 
-also used the fox filter on snow when they did that video of all of them…using snow filters…self explanatory i guess but yeah
-usually adds cute drawings to his signatures
- really doesnt act like the eldest tbh but he is dont let that fool you 
-hes a happy little baby 
-he’s always next to Zuho and holds hands and HONESTLY they do that for me thanks 

Lee Jaeyoon (8/9/94)

-vocals!! during their hour long v-app he sang and I melted his voice is like honey just like he says 
-he’s so extra but in a good way
-he’s the best at girl group dances in my opinion along with Dawon 
-Learning english with Inseong, his english is also fairly well!!
-amazing body proportions 
-glowing angel
-can be a meme i guess
-he has amazing self confidence i wish i have
-He’s from busan and love to let people know that he’s from Busan
-manly busan man Jaeyoon
-he’s scared of big rides someone needs to protect him 
-he has cute squishy cheeks 
-we need to hear him sing more please

Lee Dawon (7/24/95)

-was in AOA creams MV as the main man there…the only man in the video but u know what i mean yeah ok 
-he said in one lesson that he strives to be the worlds best vocalist and he’s there ok he’ll get there i believe in him and you should too 
-happy virus and mood maker
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-in the one hour v-app thing they had at the very end of it he did a high pitched scream and honestly so relatable 
-always. screaming. 
-but a ball of sunshine even if u don’t stan him u stan him 
-he says he’s a fashion enthusiast i agree 
-the MOST extra member but thats what people love about him and i do too 
-and flirty tf he knows how to give fanservice y’all Dawon stans are lucky
-he loves eating and i support that 100% he should have his own eating show with inseong ok thanks i’ll petition for that are u guys in?
-he has a soft looking smooth face like tell me ur skin care routine 
-he tries to make everyone happy and comfy even if he’s not happy he’ll be the type to make sure the people around him are
- loves making people laugh stan this sunshine

Baek Juho (7/4/96)

-Stage name Zuho idk why they changed it it’s the same pronunciation but yeah if he’s happy with it so are we
-MY BABY MY WORLD MY ANGEL i love this dude…so much can u tell who i stan..
-visuals…for days
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-deep toned rapper 
-his voice is so beautiful like..imagine waking up to his raspy sleepy voice wow sorry
-literally a lyrical genius 
-he writes most of his own raps can you say TALENT? 
-sharp nose is his charming point and he likes to let people know he’s happy with his nose which i love like yes be confident baby 
-people (FNC and members) call him tsundere but i don’t like using that so pretend i didn’t just write that
-members say he’s the most boring dsflak
-he trained the longest..6 years along with rowoon
-both him and rowoon where in a FNC show way before NEOZ SCHOOL was born 
-cheekbones!! he has really sharp and strong features
-invented wearing headbands…
-he says he has the broadest shoulders of the group and that he’ll show them off once he’s more comfortable 
-a BTS fan !! i bet he’s excited for their comeback, and excited they get to promote together wow 
-meaningful lyrics 
-the members woke him up once in DOB by dragging him out the hotel room and fed him a piece of bread lfakf
-bc he’s the hardest to wake up that part was so cute 
-just a shy bun whom i’d lay down my life for if he tells me to 

Kim Rowoon (8/7/96)

-like i know i said everyone is the visual but thats bc they are ok but the title belongs to him if u understand what im trying to say
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-in CYH he played a baseball player and u can tell how good his proportions are in the uniform wow he can pull off the uniform better than anyone ok 
-he feeds the members and cleans the dorm
-basically the caretaker of the group
-so he’ll be a good husband to whoever he marries !!
-he’s so sweet a literal angel thank u 
-his hight intimidates me he’s a whole foot and inch taller than me he can LITERALLY step on me
-but he’s gentle so there’s no need to be intimidated he’s a gentle giant with a warm heart
-FT islands biggest stan, biggest minhwan stan 
-when he met him in dob he was so cute and flustered
-nice butt but u didn’t hear tht from me 
-he could literally be a model i’m WAITING
-trained the longest with zuho
-alone with cleaning the dorm he also nags the members to clean and put their clothes away. 
-during dob he and two members made a picnic for the group i support
-also accidentally hit chanhee’s nose and he has a nose bleed he felt so bad it’s like a father who was playing with his son i,- 

Yoo Taeyang (2/28/97)

-I have a mini playlist on YT with his predebut videos i might make a post abt them bc wow he did that
-his smile is the literal sun? No pun intended with his name his smile is just !!
-dancer !!
-he choreographs along with youngbin!
-big eyes and is proud of his eyebrows and honestly me too when will i ever
-went to that famous dance school that literally all the best idol dancers went to like zelo 
-usually sings the chorus, or the beginning, his voice is beautiful
-before wanting to sing he played guitar and i think he still does!
-calls himself sexy charisma like ur 6 please 
-loves chanhee
-prolly the biggest chanhee stan next to me bc im chanhee’s certified mother 
-cHANHEE SAID HE RARLEY GETS SLEEP BC HE WORKS THE HARDEST AND THAT MAKES ME SAD like you’re a hardworker you deserve some rest please :(
-his hard work pays off he’s an amazing dancer ?? and singer one of the best honestly he’s just full with passion 
-the selfie with him in the pink sweater is my favorite 
-i think he can beatbox or am i just making that up?
-lmfao like in January people gave him shit bc of his name since taeyang from Big bang has the name like? there’s thousands of taeyangs stfu let this sweet boy live.
-a little shy awkward baby 

Kim Hwiyoung (5/11/99)

-a baby
-a little awkward but not really but yes
-he knows he’s handsome y’all he prolly uses that to his advantage
-i already said this in youngbins thing but he cried when he got scolded by the leader bc he though youngbin was mad at him :(
-he’s sensitive pls handle with care
-doesn’t look or act like his age? he’s really mature for his age
-there’s a selfie of him sleeping with a kitty…my favorite
-he loves cats
-like so much he used to add a cat face at the end of his signature idk if he still does? 
- can u say Jumin Han
-^ im kidding please
-in an episode of DOB he volunteered to bungee jump first and the members called him courageous bc he is !! 
-he talked informally to the eldest members in a episode of DOB he really did that nice
-nice arms 
-beat chanhee in arm wrestling he was so proud 

Kang Chanhee (1/17/00)

-cutest nose and smile ever please
-played sunwoo in signal and was in other dramas as a chil mostly
-when he was little he was friends with moonbin of astro and chanwoo of ikon!!
-with those two they were in an epsiode of star king with DBSK and played mini DBSK
-he’s literally been in the business since childhood thank GOD he debuted he deserves this 
-his goal is to play in a movie!! let him do this please..
-forces the members to be cute. He did that with Youngbin in a DOB episode i love him 
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-other than signal he was also in hwajung and to the beautiful you
-has amazing facial expressions on stage 
-i already said this but his nose is so cute :(
-I need to protect him im his #1 mom 
-before the group name change like even before dob he had an interview with a magazine bc of him being in signal, and he said “the other members and myself will try our very best to debut together because that’s our dream” and i cried
- that was before dob so member changes were more speculated 
-every other member is a chanhee stan 
-if u don’t stan him u still stan him bc u gotta? 
-everyone’s son
-since he’s been exposed the most he’s one of the more popular members!!
-he loves chicken and ramen if u buy him chicken he’ll prolly ask u to marry him 
-when he sleeps he kicks off the blanket he’s a baby bean
- he loves to dance and is really good at it! he says he’s lacking but he’s training hard to meet everyone’s expectations please love him