angel speech

This is the sweet message Harry said before Sign of the Times and after he had suddenly put his pride flag over his mic stand. (As you can tell by my yell I was surprised. Also, the video gets a lot better when Harry starts talking, I thought he was going to leave the stage before the encore but he went straight into his speech and he had the flag so I had to be quick lmao)

“Thank you so much for having us. I um— It’s kind of impossible to say thank you enough times because, like, I just couldn’t be on this stage if it wasn’t for you guys. So, thank you so much for everything that has got me to this place and for all your support since this next song came out. I love you very, very much and um -coughs- this is the last one.”

Then the crowd started to boo and get sad.

“I mean, I just don’t have any more songs. This is just the last— This is just the last- the last one! Now please sing along if you know this one and if I am– If I could possibly be any luckier than I am right now I will see you again very soon! I love you with all my heart, this is Sign of the Times!”

Words to remember:

-No one’s going to see your first draft.
-Your first draft is just a really detailed outline. 
-You can edit later.
-Your first draft is just you telling your story to yourself. Editing is making it presentable to other people. 
-Your writing isn’t going to improve if you sit there and stare at the paper.
-Your writing WILL improve if you continue to write.
-You have enough time.
-Inspiration and motivation are not necessary to write. Just nice. 
-Yes. It’s garbage. Keep writing anyway. 
-No one cares how bad your first draft is.
-Edit later. 
-You’re doing fine.
-Don’t stop writing.
-Writer’s Block is a concept and not real. 
-Write anything you want for five minutes. That’ll help the brain juice flow.
-There’s always someone better and there’s always someone worse.
-You are not as bad as you think you are.
-Write whatever you want to.
-If it makes you happy, that’s what matters.
-You don’t have to show your work to people if you don’t want to. 
-You got this.
-Go write.

170503 ♡ 53rd baeksang arts awards
bogum not hearing his name be called accepting his ‘popularity award’ for the male television division

(from 0:23)
Hello, I am Park Bogum.
Uh first of all… /fans scream/ thank you.
It is by God’s grace that I have become who I am. And I give the honor to God who is always beside me and leading me down the right path.
I received a lot of love last year through the production 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’. I’m aware that it wasn’t just Korean fans, but fans overseas also participated in the voting for this award. A sincere thank you to fans who knowingly and unknowingly voted, supported and gave me strength.
I think I was able to receive this thankful award after meeting the production that was 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ as well as the staff who became my luck, the extras (who appeared in mdbc), sunabenims, and fellow actors that are here tonight. It was an honor to work with you.
I was thankful for the opportunity alone to attend Baeksang Arts Awards again this year following on from last year, and I think of just being nominated as me taking one step closer to my dream.
Even though popularity isn’t something that will last forever, I will work hard in order to become an actor with a good influence, who can move and touch the hearts of people, and who will always be remembered in everyone’s hearts for a long time.
Thank you so much to my family, my company and everyone who are always praying for me and loving me.
God bless you.


Hello hello! 

I’m going to pick up translating this comic for those that really want to look into Angel of Slaughter. I work a lot and I do other things with life so some pages may take some more time to get finished, but I will do my best!

Please note: I am translating this from KOREAN. I cannot read Japanese, so it will depend entirely on the Korean translation time for me to bring it to you in English, but there is plenty so we should be fine for a good while. 


“I wish you kids the best, but if you don’t mind a bit of fatherly advice, I just don’t see much of a future for you two. I don’t sense a lasting relationship. And not just because I plan to kill the both of you, but you got a bumpy road ahead.”


Comrades of the Union of Communist Youth (SCM) and United Communist Party (OKP) of Russia brought a class struggle message to marches for “Internet Freedom” in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Obninsk, and even Los Angeles on the weekend of July 22-23, 2017. 

They called for the freedom of student Dmitry Bogatov. Earlier this year, Bogatov was unjustly charged with uploading “extremist content” and now faces up to 20 years in prison. Working class websites like Forum.msk have also come under attack from the Russian oligarchy.

While we in the U.S. fight the attacks on Internet freedom by Donald Trump, the Democratic and Republican parties, and capitalist monopolies like Facebook and Twitter, we must also demand an end to the U.S. ruling class witch-hunt and war drive against Russia.


170907 ✧ the 12th seoul international drama awards (© bogumfeel)
bogum accepting his ‘outstanding korean actor’ award + short interview (where he congratulates song joongki and song hyegyo on their upcoming marriage
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(from 0:46)
I would first like to give this honor to God who is always beside me and leading me down paths of blessings.

It was an honor in itself just to be invited to this meaningful festival where I can meet productions from all over the world, but thank you so much for giving me, who is still lacking, an award as major as this.

There were a lot of blessing like things that happened to me last year. A sincere thanks all the fans who still haven’t forgotten 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ even though it has been a year (since it finished), and those who loved the drama. I would also like to sincerely thank the directors including director Kim Sungyoon, who is here today, director Baek Sanghoon and Kang Suyeon, cinematographers Kim Sihyung and Lee Minung, and lighting director yoo cheol etc, as well as the staff members, actors and seniors who worked hard while sweating during the hot summer days. I want to tell them (staff/actors) that I was happy (while filming for the drama). Because I was working on a production with such great people, it felt like it made me, in turn, want to work harder and become a better person a well. I think that’s how I came to think “Ah, I want to become an actor who others want to work with, while being a good influence to staff members as well as other actors”. I will work hard to become a warm (hearted) actor, an actor who is able to relay his sincere feelings, and an actor who others want to work with.

(Thank you to) Our Blossom Entertainment family including (chief) director/president Joo Bangok, vice-president Seung ByeongWook, and director Kim Jihye, who help me both emotionally and materially to become an actor like that. To Kwangjoon-ie hyung, who is always quietly loving from behind, Jiyeon noona, Yeyoung-ie(?), and Yejin noona, thank you so much for being in this together with me.

My beloved family, I love you so much for praying for me.

Last of all, to all the fans who love me with one (the same) heart and mind even though we speak different languages, and live in different places.. 'terima kasih’ (indonesian/malaysian), 'duo tse sai’ (cantonese), 'xie xie’ (mandarin), 'kob khun krup’ (thai), 'arigatou gozaimasu’ (japanese), 'thank you so much’ (english).

Thank you everyone, and God bless you.

(translation of the short interview + message to song joongki)

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  • Lucifer: You remember that speech you used to give us, Dad. About how one man can accomplish anything once he realizes he can be something bigger? Well, now I am.
  • God: A part. A PART of something bigger.
  • Lucifer: Is that how it went?
  • God: If you tell me this whole evil path thing you took is because you misheard my damn "one man" speech...

“When I’m writing songs, I think for me my main goal is to write exactly what I’m feeling, when I’m feeling it. If writing songs happens for me in the middle of the night, say between the hours of 2 and 4 am, chances are, I’m trying to forget somebody. It’s almost impossible to write how you feel. If you’ve ever lost somebody, you know that you’re never just feeling one feeling at a time. It’s much more complicated than that and when I was writing my song, I decided maybe instead of writing how I felt, maybe it would be better to write what happened from beginning to end because, I remembered it all too well.”

Bars with Destiel ft Crobby
  • Dean: Whew! That one really hit the spot! (slams shot glass down)
  • Crowley: Telling me about it, Squirrel. Who knew dating an old hunter would be such tough work! (pops back a shot)
  • Dean: Every night I have to hear the "Angel of the Lord" speech from Cas. I wish he'd just realize how annoying it is.
  • Castiel: Oh, so now you're complaining?
  • Dean: Motherfucker! (spills beer)
  • Bobby: You two little girls done weepin'? Self pityin' bastards!
  • Crowley: Darling, it's not what you think. Dean and I-
  • Castiel: Were discussing how annoyed you both are with us. We heard the whole conversation.
  • Bobby: C'mon, Cas. We manly men don't have to put up with these two whiny bitches.
  • Castiel: Agreed. They don't deserve our perky asses. (poofs Bobby with him)
  • Crowley: Well, I suppose we should dial Moose for ways to apologize.

The Moment of Truth Commentary

Episode: 1x10

Commentary curtesy of Angel Coulby (who plays Gwen), Bradley James (who plays Arthur), Colin Morgan (who plays Merlin), and Katie McGrath (who plays Morgana)

Highlights/my commentary of the commentary:
- “This is Ealdor,” Colin
- “Merlin’s village,” Angel
- (Merlin’s feeling nostalgic)
- “I would just like to point out that this is the first time we’re seeing the episode for most of us,” Katie
- “Bradley’s the only one who’s seen this already,” Colin
- [Hunith comes on]
- “My mum,” Colin
- [Kanen hits Hunith]
- (Kanen needs a slap back)
- “That’s not cool,” Katie
- [Camelot is shown]
- “Do you notice how in Camelot the wind is always blowing in the same direction because the flags are always blowing in the same direction,” Katie
- “Maybe only a geek would notice that, Katie,” Angel
- “That’s my mother you are taking about you are insulting my mother,” Katie
- *laughing*
- [Merlin title sequence/theme]
- “This is my favourite bit of the episode,” Bradley
- *Colin laughs *
- “What, the sword in the lake?” Angel
- “The part with my name on it?” Katie
- “No, the titles,” Bradley
- “That’s me on the horse,” Katie
- (I 100% believe you, Katie)
- *everyone laughing*
- “This music makes me emotional,” Bradley
- (Same Bradley)
- “You sound emotional,” Katie
- [Hunith pleading her case to Uther]
- “Caroline kept falling on every take,” Angel
- *Bradley reciting the lines*
- “Stop saying my words,” Katie
- [Merlin and Arthur talking on the Balcony]
- [“It’s been an honour serving you,” Merlin]
- “Has it really been an honour?” Angel
- “No,” Katie
- “Well you know I just say the lines that are on the page, really,” Colin
- *laughing*
- “But the chemistry between you two is really undeniable. That’s something that just can’t be written. I mean look at this,” Katie
- (Yes.)
- “Yah there’s a lot of love there,” Angel
- (Definitely, clearly, I agree, yes, they’re in love, beautiful)
- “Yah so much love,” Katie

- “I remember they refused to acknowledge me in this scene, but I did a lot of work,” Colin
- “What do you mean, what more do you want?” Bradley
- *everyone laughing*
- “It’s so beautiful its such a moment between the two of you,” Katie
- “Aw, isn’t it,” Angel
- (Yessss)
- [Merlin and Gaius. Gaius gives him a bottle of wine.]
- [“Be careful with the wine. One whiff and you’re singing like a sailer,” Gaius]
- *laughing*
- “And that’s true in real life,” Katie
- (Colin’s a lightweight confirmed)
- *more laughing*
- “What are you taking about?” Colin
- “The evidence was at the wrap party,” Bradley
- “I didn’t drink at all what are you talking about,” Colin
- (Sure Colin)
- “Um…” Bradley
- “Don’t drink kids,” Colin
- [Campfire scene]
- “I burned my lips in the fire before,” Colin
- “Don’t worry there’s lots of people who would like to kiss it better,” Katie
- (I may or may not be included in that group of people…)
- [Morgana saves Arthur in sword fight at Ealdor]
- “See how good I am?” Katie
- [“Bring back memories of when I used to beat you?” Morgana “That never happened,” Arthur]
- “Of course it did,” Katie
- “No it didn’t Merlin fans,” Bradley
- “Yes it did,” whispers Katie
- “Because that would be…ludicrous,” Bradley
- (I’m agreeing with Katie, sorry Bradley)
- [Merlin and Will reunion]
- “Awwww,” Angel
- “So beautiful!” Katie
- [Arthur addressing the townspeople]
- [“I know Kanen’s kind,” Arthur]
- “No you don’t,” Bradley
- [Will is upset with Arthur]
- “He doesn’t like him does he?” Katie
- “Who does,” Bradley
- [Arthur says he is the prince of Camelot. “And I’m prince William of Ealdor,” Will says sarcastically]
- “I just gave him a bit of a pout then,” Bradley
- “Ooh, Prince of Ealdor. How ya doing?” Bradley says flirtily
- (Okay then…)
- *laughing*
- [Chicken in Wills house]
- “That chicken was there on set the whole time and it kept running away. It wasn’t like the pigs,” Katie
- (This seems like a Moana reference to Heihei and Pua just saying)
- “Yah you could pick them [the pigs] up and stroke them and they were really friendly. Didn’t run away,” Angel

- Merlin and Arthur sleeping on the ground]
- “This is one of my favourite bits coming up. Colin didn’t like it, but I was a particular fan. You’ll see why in a minute,” Bradley
- (Really, Bradley?)
- “Was it because your feet were in his face?” Katie
- “Oh yah. We’ve spilt in now haven’t we?” Bradley
- “No I spilt it,” Katie
- “Ohh, terrific,” Bradley
- [Arthur puts foot in Merlins face]
- “Aaaghh,” Katie and Angel
- “Definitely my favourite bit,” Bradley
- “Did you do that for over half of them?” Angel
- “No. I waited until it was Colin’s take. Then Colin complained to the director,” Bradley
- “Did you?” Katie
- “Not really,” Colin
- “He did it in a Colin way,” Bradley
- [Eating breakfast made by Hunith. Arthur doesn’t like it and hands it to Gwen. Gwen tells Hunith it was lovely]
- “Colin, your mothers cooking,” Bradley
- “What are you saying about my mothers cooking?” Colin
- “I’m saying that’s why you moved out of Ealdor,” Bradley
- [Will and Merlin talking]
- “I don’t remember this bit,” Katie
- “You say that again,” Angel
- “The audience should know, Katie suffers from amnesia. We’ve sent her to various doctors..” Bradley
- *laughing*
- “No, I just don’t remember you going off and doing this,” Katie
- “You were actually the log in this scene,” Colin
- “Thanks. Great to know you think so highly of me,” Katie
- [Will sits on the log]
- “Oh, there you are,” Colin
- *laughing*
- [Matthew dead on horse with an arrow in his back. Attached to it is a note. “What does it say?” Merlin]
- “Party tonight, eight o clock. See you there,” Bradley
- *Angel laughing*
- (Talk about doing party invitations extra lol)
- [Arthur speaking to the village the morning before the battle]
- “This is Bradley’s big speech,” Angel
- [“the women have the same right to fight as the men do!” Gwen]
- “Alright, chill out,” Bradley
- [Gwen bringing Arthur breakfast]
- “I’ve brought you some more gruel,” Angel
- “You’ve brought me some more kak,” Bradley
- (Ew)
- *laughing*
- “Is this like a hint of what’s going on between the two of you here? Is there like a moment..” Katie
- “Possibly, I don’t know,” Angel
- [I believe in you. I mean..we all do.]
- “Stupid girl,” Bradley
- “But does something happen between the two of you?” Katie
- “No,” Angel
- “I was just wondering,” Katie
- “I don’t think anything is going to happen for a while,” Bradley
- [Merlin and Arthur talk before the battle. Arthur helps him]
- “That’s it,” Katie whispers
- “Come on that’s not it,” Angel
- “Were you scared, Colin?” Katie
- “Petrified. Merlin’s not a fighter, he’s a lover,” Colin
- “I said that once and it’s haunted me ever since,” Katie
- (It’s true tho)
- [Merlins about to tell Arthur when Morgana interrupts.]
- “Aww he was about to reveal his magic and you ruined it,” Colin
- [Battle begins.]
- “There’s the chicken!” Katie
- “The chicken has stolen the show,” Bradley
- “It’s genuinely scared,” Colin

- [Morgana and Gwen fighting]
- “I managed to break a pitchfork over one of the stuntmen’s backs,” Angel
- “I may look like I know what I’m doing but I don’t,” Katie
- “Yah I was kind of just doing it,” Angel
- [Merlin did wind magic]
- “They basically just got a giant fan here and were like we’re gonna blow a bunch of dirt and mud in your faces,” Bradley
- [Gwen and Morgana hug at the victory]
- “And we hug. The love,” Katie
- *Angel laughs*
- (Morgwen for the win)
- [Will jumps in front of Arthur and gets shot]
- “No!” Katie
- [Will dying]
- “Merlins not actually a good friend,” Katie
- “Yah, couldn’t you have healed him with magic?” Bradley
- “Thanks guys, cheers,” Colin
- [Merlin crying]
- (Awww no Colin)
- “Someone give Merlin a tissue,” Angel
- [Hunith and Merlin saying goodbye. “You’re [Merlin & Arthur] like two sides of the same coin,” Hunith “I’ve heard someone say that about us before,” Merlin]
- “Me too,” Bradley
- “The Great Dragon,” Colin
- “John Hurt,” Katie
- (Kilgharrah)
- [Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Morgana riding off]
- “What mountain is that?” Katie
- “Ooh that wasn’t us,” Angel
- “That definitely wasn’t us,” Katie
- [Next time on Merlin]
- “Ooh what’s happening next week?” Bradley
- Everyone gasps
- “The unicorns!”
- *everyone laughing*
- (🦄)
- “The master of leprechauns,” Katie
- “I am Anhora, captain of the Unicorns,” Bradley in a deep imitating voice
- [end credits]
- “Aww well done guys!” Katie
- “Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo…” Angel sings along to the music

Final thoughts:
I love what good friends they all are. The banter was on point and hilarious. This is my first commentary with Angel in it and she’s awesome. This is the only commentary I’ve seen with more than two people in it. This was so good!