angel solder

Mercy and her Ninja in shining armor.

Here’s a Other one!

The Dropship was about to land while the team inside the ship were getting ready for the mission, the team made up of Genji, Solder 76, Reinhardt, McCree Torbjorn and lastly Mercy. Genji had just finish making sure his weapons were in working order when he look at mercy and couldn’t help but keep looking at her, she was wearing that new outfit she made, the winged victory was what she had name it and all he could think of to describe her was one word, Beautiful.

As he keep looking at her he notice her feet wear and he frown.

Genji: “ Eh.. Angela love? Where are you shoes?”

Mercy: “ My shoes? Genji, I’m wearing them!”

Genji look down at her “shoes” and then look up to her.

Genji: “ Angela, those are not shoes, half of your feet aren’t even cover! What happens if you step on something sharp? You’ll hurt yourself or worse!”

Mercy turn and look at genji while the rest of the team run past them.

Mercy: “ Genji honey, I’m sure That I’ll be fine! You never had said anything about my other footwear”

Genji: “ That’s Because your feet were in always in boots or something that keep them from getting cut!”

Genji start to walk back and four, trying to think of a way so that mercy wouldn’t hurt her feet with mercy watching him and look outside to the fight ongoing when all of a sudden genji picks up mercy in his arms.

Mercy: “ Genji! What are you doing!?”

Genji: “ Well, I can’t let you go into the fight and risking you hurting feet so I……eh…I’ll carry you“

Solder 76: “ COME ON! Push the Payload!”

Solder 76 took cover from a other barrage of gun fire, he look at and sees where McCree and Trob lay dead, with McCree hang over the side of the barge while Reinhardt was trying to get the payload to the point but then he gets shot by Reaper and Doomfist falling down with a flower in his hands.

Reinhardt: “ Tell Ana I lov….Blggga….DEAD”

Solder 76: “ Damn it Rein! Come on! Don’t Die on me!!!!”

But Reinhardt hits the floor and doesn’t get up, leaving 76 to against the enemy team. Alone.

Solder 76: “ Well Come on then! I’ll Take on all of!…”

Solder takes a shot to the leg from Widowmaker, With Reaper giving her a thumbs up and her blowing a kiss to him.

Doomfist: “ Oh would you two get a room or something Pls?”

Reaper just walk by doomfist and head up to Solder, who was on his knees.

Solder 76: “ Agrr….Just get on wi….BANG!”

Solder flops down on his back, with Reaper holding a smoking gun in his hand.

Reaper: “ Yeah yeah, Just shut up already”

Junkrat looks around, seeing where Rein, McCree, Torb and now 76 lay, before he stands up and looks at Reaper.

Junkrat: “ Oi! Ghost boss! There’s only 4 of them! Where’s the other….”

“Heroes Never Die!”

A sudden bright Light shines above everyone, with Reaper and his team looking up and see………genji holding mercy in his arms, with mercy holding out her staff while genji has his short sword out to defend himself and mercy from enemy attack.

Mercy: “ Let’s get them team!!”

Genji: “ Hell Yeah!”

Widowmaker try’s to shot mercy only for her grab genji’s hand and makes him deflect the shot into Roadhog.

Genji: “ Wow! Nice one Angela!”

Mercy: “ You’re Welcome!”

Roadhog: “Ow….”

The fight ends with genji and mercy’s team finishing the mission, while reaper’s team respawns back in their starting point.

Junkrat: “ Was it just me or did anyone else see the robo dude carrying the angel lady like they were marred or something like that?”


shout out to @sugawara-kkoushi for helping with name for it! Thank you!:)