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Flora/Niles C-S supports

[Sorry this took so long! Me and my proofreader are both free for Spring Break so you will see a wave from me. I wrote this and the P/C support on the way home. Anyway, I brought the original idea for this support up to my friend and he didn’t think it made much sense, so I changed my approach. Flora is not here for Niles’ flirting. Also, in the C support, I have he/she in there. That pronoun is the gender that corresponds with the Avatar. I hope that’s not too much trouble to code. When you read the support, you’ll know. I hope this works! And I hope you like it!]

C support:

*only Niles*

Niles: ….

*switch to Flora*

Flora: Is everything ready?

Maid: Yes, Miss Flora!

Flora: And he/she is none the wiser?

Maid: He/she doesn’t suspect a thing. I’ve been keeping an eye on him/her in your absence.

Flora: Thank you so much!

*switch to Niles*

Niles: …Hm.

*screen transition*

Flora: All right, now we wait.

Niles: Flora.

Flora: Hm? Hello, Niles.

Did you need something?

Niles: I just wanted to join you.

Flora: …For what, exactly?

Niles: You tell me.

Flora: I don’t know if I should…

Niles: You can trust me, little maid.

Flora: You don’t seem the type to take part in parties.

Niles: …Parties?

Flora: Yes. One of our chief staff members has a birthday coming up, but we’ll be marching on the exact day.

So the other maids and I took the chance to plan a surprise today.

Niles: I…see.

Flora: If you’re not busy, you’re welcome to join.

Niles: N-No, it’s ok. I have things to attend to.

Tell me how it goes.

Flora: I’d be happy to.

*Niles leaves*



B support:

Flora: Niles.

Niles: Ah, Flora. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Flora: Did you suspect me of something untoward earlier?

Niles: Suspect you? Of what?

Flora: Did you think I was doing something aside from a party?

Niles: Oh, no. I love parties.

I mainly prefer parties of two, if you’d like to join me.

Flora: No, I won’t listen to you flirting.

Did you suspect me…because of what I did to Lord/Lady Avatar?

Niles: I haven’t the faintest clue what you mean.

Flora: Did you suspect me of spying for the Ice Tribe?

Niles: You? Of course not.

I’ve seen you in battle. You have atrocious aim.

You’re also far too emotional to be a spy of any kind.

Flora: ….

I wish I could argue the point.

You are well within your rights to not trust me…

And I’m well aware you are good at your job.

Niles: Flattery will get you everywhere, snowflake.

And you’re correct, I don’t exactly trust you.

But I doubt you can do anything to act on any thoughts you may have.

You are very…entertaining to observe.

Flora: I don’t take that as a compliment.

But I’m glad I’m cleared of suspicion.

I have to return to my duties.

Niles: Please, don’t let me stop you.

I’d hate to see you leave, but I’d love watching you go.

Flora: Niles.

Niles: Sorry, couldn’t help it.

A support:

Flora: Phew.

That’s the last of the sheets.

Niles: I must say, when I pictured you and sheets, this isn’t the direction it took.

Flora: Do you not have anything better to do?

Niles: Not anything more entertaining than this at the moment.

Flora: Is there any reason you continue to stay around me?

Niles: Is it so bad to consider us friends? Comrades? Anything?

Flora: I apologize if this is rude, but on what grounds?

Niles: Well, you deflect my japes fairly easily.

It makes me want to find the thing that cracks that icy shell.

Flora: That hardly seems like the basis of a real friendship.

Niles: What can I say, my idea of friendship is skewed.

May I ask what you’re up to?

Flora: My maid duties, of course.

I’ve finished hanging the sheets to dry.

I need to take care of the rest of the laundry before the day is over.

And then I’m responsible for set up in the mess hall.

Niles: You seem….perfectly content with being overloaded with work.

Flora: It keeps me busy. Though this would be too much for even fledgling servants, any less would leave me idle time.

And idle time…lets untoward thoughts set in.

Niles: I would suppose they would. I know about your past, and being forced into servitude.

Which is why it shocks me that you have no reason to rebel.

Flora: I…used to.

But as time passed, I realized that Lord/Lady [Avatar] wouldn’t have wanted that for me had they known.

He/She is so kind that I could leave any moment I wanted to.

But I don’t want to. I’ve devoted myself to them.

We’re not that different deep down. He/she just has…more purpose.

Niles: Hey now. We all have purpose here.

You may think people don’t notice your efforts, but we do.

I do.

And Lord/Lady [Avatar] needs you.

Flora: …Wow.

I wasn’t expecting something  so…nice from you. Pure-hearted, even.

Thank you, Niles.

Niles: Think nothing of it, snowflake.

Flora: You’ve soured it that fast.

Niles: Sorry.

But have I earned that friendship?

Flora: If you’re willing to trust me, I can return the favor.

If you’d like, you could help me plan a new party.

Niles: Party for what?

Flora: That’s a surprise.

Niles: Oh, how I love surprises.

Flora: Niles.

Niles: Force of habit.

S support:

Flora: Oh, how I hope this goes well.

Niles: Flora.

Flora: Y-Yes?

Niles: You’ve been avoiding me.

Flora: Have I? I hadn’t realized.

Niles: I find that hard to believe.

I had thought we had built a relationship together. I must have just been assuming.

Flora: No, no! We did build something as friends.


Niles: What is it, my snow angel?

Flora: A-Angel?

Niles: What?! You’re blushing! This must be serious if something that simple cracked you.

Flora: I’m sorry.

It’s just that…after spending time with you…

Talking together…planning small events, of all things, together…

I’ve really come to like you. I want to keep building on our relationship.

Niles: I guess it is true that great minds think alike.

Now we can trade rings.

Flora: Wait, you were…?

Niles: Yes, I thought of proposing to you a while ago.

But you avoided me. And then that pretty little mouth of yours got to it first.

Flora: I’m thankful that I didn’t have anything to worry about, then.

I’d apologize, but…I like having gotten the jump on you.

It might not be the last time.

Niles: Oho! You’ve definitely been around me long enough.

But that’s the only thing you’ve managed to keep from me, unfortunately.

Flora: What was I keeping from you?

Niles: That little party we were planning together. I know it was for a successful proposal.

Flora: Ah…

I don’t know if I can stop them.

Could we still have the party? You’d have to pretend you don’t know, of course.

Niles: I’ll put on my best surprised face, snow angel.

Flora: Snow angel…I do really like that nickname.

Niles: I’ll call you that as long as you’ll let me.


wELL I finally got this little project done

So, I decided to make some Gem character designs just for the hell of it. Originally I was going to do more, but due to time and motivation, I just did these ones; but hey, I like how most of these turned out >v>


when your life was threatened, the Three Original Brothers stepped in to protect you. they had you under house arrest, which was terrible because it was finally snowing.

one was always around. but you managed to slip by them, getting outside so you could make snow angels and catch snowflakes.

they found you in no time, all three walking towards you, “so you escaped.” Klaus mused.

“you guys are supposed to be my protecters not my jail guards.” you laughed.

“we only want whats best for you.” Elijah stated.

“then get off your high horses and have some fun in the snow.”


send in your Christmas imagines! <3

…. So the person trying to report @die-fahne-hoch says that anyone running a “Nazi appreciation” blog is a Nazi and is therefore spreading malicious speech and content… They also have “Deus Vult” written as their blog title and claim to be an angel named Lucifel. Bloody snowflakes. I wonder if they even know what “Deus Vult” means.