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wELL I finally got this little project done

So, I decided to make some Gem character designs just for the hell of it. Originally I was going to do more, but due to time and motivation, I just did these ones; but hey, I like how most of these turned out >v>

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Hello, gemsonahelp! I was wondering what the fusion between a yellow tourmaline and a snowflake obsidian would be. Do you have any ideas?

Hello~ For a fusion between Yellow Tourmaline and Snowflake Obsidian, I would reccomend 

Bumblebee Jasper

Tiger’s Eye

Yellow Turquoise


Hope this helped

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Get To Know Me Meme: Favorite Female Characters [3/5] Caitlin Snow [The Flash]

“Both of my parents are doctors. It’s all I ever wanted to be. Growing up, I used the Hippocratic Oath. I was obsessed with it. If anyone was gonna step on a bug, I would say, “Do no harm.” It’s built into my DNA.”


I’m finally making a list of Fic recs. All for elsanna. (Most are M but not all and not all have smut) Separating into WIP and Complete. Another note: These are the ones with Elsanna I decided not to include stories with no romantic focus. (I can recc those separately if there is interest.)

I FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO A CUT YOU’RE WELCOME. Cuz this is getting long. I haven’t even included ALL of my elsanna favorites from but it was hard picking favorites from favorites. (If you want more than this check there.)  ALL OF THEM ARE AMAZING (And like… ¼ way through I started regretting this decision because CHOOSING and I REREAD LIKE HALF OF THEM FUCK) Plz appreciate (HOLY FRICK THIS TOOK FOREVER, ALSO I AM STILL MISSING FIC I WANTED TO FAVE OR IT DELETED ;o;)

My descriptions are minimal so I encourage clicking the link! (Let me know if any are broken)

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good thing Venus is finally breaking free from her controlling mom

You don’t know the half of it! 

I’m so happy Venus did what she truly wanted for once in her life. Seriously, I’ve been following her since she started on youtube, keeping an eye on her from time to time, and the cringe her mother constantly gave; manipulating and controlling her daughter, was real. I hope this is not a set-up or anything, because Venus deserves to finally live on her own (or most likely with Manaki), learn new things and just…well, finally live her life.

Her mother, on the other hand…gross.

(WARNING: Kind of NSFW and stupidity. Nonetheless, an update on the drama.)

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Izaya and shizuo reaction to finding out that their lover have ice powers?

Orihara Izaya:

Early morning coffee was one thing. Ice powers were another.

For example, early morning coffee was nice. Toasted. Warm. Fresh. It gave Izaya a good little buzz and had him ready to start the day, mess more things up, go to more meetings with dangerous yakuza, the usual things. 

Ice powers, however, were stunning. Shocking. Frosty. Cold. It sent Izaya into a intrigued state, phrasing his words as carefully as he can, questioning how in the world could such things happen. 

And coffee was nice at any time of the day. Early morning ice powers, weren’t. 

He hasn’t even had a single drop of coffee yet.


At the call of his name, he blinked slowly and faced the person who’d just confessed to him about their supposed ice powers. Supposed, being the keyword, since he had no proof that they actually did have ice p-

plop. ice cube in his coffee.

“…Oops. Meant to.. kind of.. drop it there. But that’s solid evidence of my powers, right?”

Scratch that. Terribly-inconvenient, bad-at-the-x-and-y-axis-ice powers. Blankly staring at his coffee, Izaya gave a sigh and pressed his hand to his temple, shoulders slouched. Months living with him and his coffee was still ruined. 

It didn’t really leave him with good first impressions of their powers.

“…I…I think, I’d like to try ice cold coffee today,” he ended up mumbling, voice uncharastically wavering. Fingers gripping the mug, he held it to his lips and promptly drank, shutting his eyes.

“…So,” Izaya breathed as he licked his lips, scrunching his face at the taste. 

“Ice powers… Should I ask where did you get them from? Or,” he paused, straightening his back and firmly looking into his significant other’s eyes. 

“Should I just let it go?”

“…I can’t believe you just.. made a pun…”

“I can’t believe you just dropped ice into my coffee.”

Heiwajima Shizuo:

“…You can make snow appear?”

“If I try, yes.”

Heiwajima Shizuo has seen snow a couple of times in his life. Every year, actually. He’s seen it all, snowflakes, snow angels, snowmen, even felt the cool winter breeze along his cheek. He would have quite the list of stories to tell about winter - if he bothered to even remember what happened. 

But now that his lover had turned around suddenly as they were walking, smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk and confessed about their (apparently) previously secret ice powers to Shizuo, added with the fact that summer had arrived and he sweated buckets each time he came home, snow has never seemed more appealing than now.

“…Nice. So.. like.. you can.. make it cold?” he mumbled, catching up with them with quick, hasty steps. He’d never heard of people having ice powers. In fact, the only times he’s ever heard of people having ‘powers’ that were supernatural was a sad, sad group that only included him. 

And Celty, but she was a whole ‘nother urban legend.

“Yeah. The summer heat’s getting to you, huh. Tell you what, when we get home, I’ll show you what I can do,” they hummed, back facing Shizuo. 

It sounded suggestive. 

Pulling lightly at their clothes, ‘wait up’, it took him a few moments to re-collect himself. 

“Right. Show… Show me, then,” Shizuo, looking straight at them, holding their gaze for a couple moments before he blinked. 

“Later, I mean. But.. But don’t be afraid to..” he trailed off, clearing his throat. Maybe he was overthinking this, maybe the weather was making him like this, but a blush rose to his cheeks as he coughed and swallowed thickly, hoping he was soft enough for only them to hear.

“Go overboard.”

And he meant it. Make a blizzard happen, make it hail, make it rain ice cubes - as long as the damned heat was ‘rid of and he could feel cold for just a single moment…

“It’s not that hot, Shizuo…”

“But I’ve been sweatin’ so much lately - !”