angel slide


When you mistake the court for a slip ‘n slide.


Imagine Castiel waking up to Dean’s twin sister laying next to him; naked.

Feeling something move beside him, the angel opened his eyes; confused on where he was. He looked around for a moment, finally realizing that it was Lydia’s room… 

And within a second, Castiel remembered the events of last night and then he realized that her brothers where to surely kill him now that they had sex out of wedlock. He swallow, praying that the Winchester brothers wouldn’t come through the door or even better? That they had mysteriously disappeared. 

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things that will always make me think of muse

•everything in existence
•conspiracy theories
•people who talk fast
•leopard print
•slipknot (sit the fuck down)
•(pwoper) fish
•people who have weird noses or crooked teeth
•fuzz factory, whammy pedal, angel slide, double tapping, any weird guitar thing
•bread (breadhead)
•shuffle slide

One thing Silicon Valley has made clear is something everyone secretly already knew: Every adult wants their office to be Chuck E. Cheese. Not to be outdone by their wimpy neighbors to the north, the owners of LA’s US Bank Tower have symbolically thrown Facebook’s ping-pong balls right back at them and declared “Oh yeah? We’re putting in a fucking slide.”

The SkySlide, which will extend from the 70th to the 69th floor, will have a glass bottom so you can fully appreciate being anywhere other than on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles, capturing that surprisingly large demographic of people old enough to have conquered their fear of heights who still giggle at the number 69.

Skyscraper Slides: 6 Awesome New Pieces Of Architecture