angel set from heaven

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Every single time. Every single time we see Louis interact with a child I wonder how some people still can't see the obvious.....

I knowwww. I know. Look at him with this little girl. He glows. She glows. I don’t care how tired he supposedly was back then or how much he hates the J’s (because full same) he fully ignored the baby when they were taking those pap strolls.

It can’t be because he hated the paps either, because he could have shut that down. He never had to prove a thing to anyone. It couldn’t be because he wanted privacy, because once he asked for it, it was given.

We’re out of excuses. He has traveled the globe, spent whole chunks of time away from this kid, and he glows like an angel from heaven with another kid on the set of his music video?

How does anyone think this is still legit?

In the middle of klaus’s best man speech at Gia and Elijah’s wedding reception marcel drunk ass gone take the mic and be like