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stranger things meme [1/5 characters]: Will Byers

“I don’t get scared like that anymore.” 

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  • “ah, shit..” you hear a voice say from just outside your bedroom window
  • you quickly grab your biology textbook as it was the closest weapon you could find
  • you peek out the window to find a tall, toned,, and shirtless guy sprawled out and tangled within your rose bush
  • you opened your window timidly
  • “uhh, are you okay there..?” you asked cautiously
  • “oh! yeah, yeah. it’s all good. just a little knotted up,” the guy laughed, although his face said he was in immense pain as the thorns tore cuts into his bare skin.
  • “do you need help?” you asked, still unsure of how to handle the situation.
  • “no, no, you just stay there. i got this.” 
  • every attempt the guy made to get out of the rose bush made him wince in pain
  • so even though he said he didn’t need help, you went out to examine the bush, and how he could have possibly landed like that
  • i mean, he was facing your window,, how does he just fall into the bush like that, unless-
  • are you a peeping tom?” you sneered
  • “what? tom??? no. my name is daniel.”
  • oh, lord,,,,.
  • “okay, nevermind. hi daniel. how did this even happen?” you mentally laughed at his seeming cluelessness
  • “welllllll, you see, god gets a little sloppy from time to time when he puts one of us down here, so i kinda landed a little funky, wouldn’t you say?” daniel laughed
  • “i’m sorry, god? what?” you scowled in confusion
  • “yeah, god sometimes takes the wings off us ‘bad’ angels and throws us onto earth to learn our lesson before taking us back in. basically, this is time-out. totally. sucks.”
  • “um, right. okay. so what exactly made you a bad angel?” you went along with whatever daniel was rambling on about just, you know, for the heck of it
  • “ok so i was manning the grill at this burger joint, right? and god doesn’t come in too often but when he does, oh boy, it’s a big deal. and so, i accidentally burned his burger a little too much. so he sends me to earth! like what the fuck, right? it was only a little bit overdone, i swear.”
  • “uh-”
  • “okay, so maybe it was completely burnt, but like, it was so packed that day, and i was the only one in the kitchen, all my other coworkers had to go out and serve! it’s not fair, i tell ya,” daniel kept rambling on.
  • “okay, well let me just help you outta this bush here, and you can go do whatever it is you need to do to get back to heaven, alright?” you say as sickeningly sweet as you possible could. 
  • “NO! DON’T TOUCH ME!” daniel screamed
  • “wHAT? WHY?” you clutched your heart, startled by daniel’s sudden screaming
  • “if i touch or am touched by a human, i’ll be a human and get old and that’s so gross, don’t make me do that.”
  • “ok, fine, whatever..”
  • you end up finding a rope for daniel to tie around his waist while you try to pull him out of the bush that has latched into his body and simply wont let go without a fight
  • “on the count of three, i’ll pull,” you announced.
  • “one… . two … three!”
  • you dug your heels into the ground and yanked the rope as hard as you could.
  • at first, daniel’s body doesn’t budge
  • but before you know it, daniel becomes free and is cheering as he finally is outta the bush
  • but you quickly feel yourself begin to lose balance and fall backwards
  • daniel swiftly reaches out for one of your hands
  • …only to fail at keeping you two upright, and ended up landing on top of you when you two fell to the ground
  • you felt as though you were one giant bruise due to daniel’s larger body toppling on top of and crushing you, but daniel just laughed manically and you couldn’t help yourself but start to giggle too
  • yours and daniel’s faces were mere centimeters apart
  • you both made eye contact as your laughter began to die down
  • and in a flash, all joy is erased from both your faces as you two noticed you both were still holding hands
  • daniel’s face suddenly loses all signs of color and says:
  • “ah, shit..”

Not to be over dramatic, but I love Yoon Jisung so much I would literally punch anyone who says something bad about him.

Cafe Daniel Au

- Admin Xion 🍡

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- so you went to this cat cafe by yourself
- to celebrate how you passed your SATs with one of the highests scores
- you extremly adored cats to the tea
- and you really were craving some black tea to calm your nerves down from all the stress built up the exam
- as you entered, you were greeted by flUFFY cats and a warm atmosphere
- “welcome!” a male voice spoke happily as youre attention went towards the male with broad shoulders and brown hair in which looked familuar to you
- a small smile creeped up on his face as you gazed off
- his eyes formed slightly as you could see some of his teeth poke out
- “have a seat,” he warmly said. the cafe had a few couples in and it was quite warm and cozy with semi-cafe talk in the air
- you sat down to a table for 2 as the male helped you to the menus
- “you can pet the cats and play with them, just don’t do anything mean to hurt them and if you’d like to see their names its all on the wall over there,” he spoke
- you thanked him as he went off
- you looked at the menu filled with pasteries and cakes that made you drool
- and the drink selection looked so good too
- you wanted to order everything
- but you were only limited to so much money
- you glanced around and saw two cats playing around with each other
- and your eyes landed on the same male with the name tag ‘daniel’
- he looked pretty cute in your eyes
- but his smile kept on repeating inside your head
- it seemed so soft and
- attractive
- he caught you staring at him as a soft chuckle escaped from his lips
- lips in which you watched form into a small grin
- he approached you
- “ready to take your order?” he asked as he had a notepad in his hand
- “mmhm, i’d like combo number 72” you spoke. it was a strawberry icecream cheesecake with pound cake pieces inside, that also came with a matcha latte and the foam is a cat shape!
- he softly smiled
- and my god
- his smile made your heart melt
- and despite you guys just met 85 seconds ago
- you didn’t wanna get into a relationship that quickly
- even if you had the chance
- but you doubted it
- a few minutes later the same male came back with your order
- you thanked him as you ate away

- later on you decided to look at the cats, leaving your seat
- two certain cats caught your attention
- they instantly hopped onto your lap as you were overwhelmed by their licks
- a small laugh escaped from yours lips as suddenly daniel approached you
- “they’re usually not friendly,” he spoke as one of the cats hopped onto his shoulder as smol giggles escaped from his lips
- “rooney that tICKLes” he claimed as he laughed
- “someone’s ticklish,” you teased as suddenly the cat huddling om your lap hopped down to your leg and began rubbing their fur against your bare leg
- you began laughing becaUSE YOU WERE ALSO TICKLISH
- “and someone’s teasing me because im ticklish,” daniel spoke in a giddy tone
- “are you the only one working here?” you asked
- “nah, my managers in which are a cute married couple are here working in the back, but they’re extremly chill,” he spoke as he began to gently scratch the rooney
- “so, what brings a beautiful lady like you here all alone?” he questions as he raises an eyebrow
- “just a small celebration for having a high score on my SATs,” you softly said
- “i like your type of celebrations,” daniel spoke as he pulled up the chair and sat beside you
- “so, if you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?” you asked
- “guess,”
- “sophmore year,”
- “correcto mundo, and how about you?” he questioned
- “same as you,” you replied
- his voice is something that echoed inside your head like a record trying to find the music within itself
- it reminded you of something but that something was a blur like a whole part of your memory has gone to a piano slur [aNGSTY WRITTING TIME WITH XION]
- [but nahh i had the oppertunity to make it a deep moment baCk to fluffy shit]
- “so, do you have a boyfriend?” he asks
- “what a straight forward question,” you said with a smile
- “nope, and even if i did i wouldn’t kiss him. when i was eight i met this dude who owned three cats. one of them died and i remember us crying until the sun rised. but- we made a promise. we both liked each other but we promised we’d lose our first kiss to each other when we’re in sophmore year. and even if he broke that promise, i still wouldn’t care,” you drabbled off speaking your opinion and getting lost in your own thoughts
- “oh shit- sorry for venting,” you blurted
- “no problem,” he replied with a soft smile that you couldn’t help but stare at
- you and daniel kept on talking as the two cats didnt seem to get bored of you both
- sometimes you’d doze off and you wouldn’t notice how much time has passed
- “anyways, i should get going. do you want me to pack that up for you?” he suggests as you look at the time
- damn, 3 hours of just talking
- you nodded as he took your plate
- you patiently waited as he came back with a box in a plastic bag
- you smiled as you paid for everything then left, saying goodbye
- you were at home as you were craving some of the leftover cake
- you opened went through the plastic bag as you took out the white box
- it had a sticky note with daniel’s phone number on it as you chuckled
- you removed the sticky note as on the back of it you saw something folded
- you took the folded piece as you unfolded it which
- revealed a picture of you when you were a kid beside that same boy you promised to lose your first kiss too as the two same cats from the cafe were there
- “kang daniel,
- no wonder why your name sounded so familuar,”

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fallen angel! hwang minhyun


minhyun x you


floff n angst

other members: woojin | daniel | to be cont..

  • “i can’t believe i’m finally in my own house!” you said excitedly to yourself as you unlocked the door to your new place
  • it was the first time you were completely on your own
  • you were ecstatic to say the least about not having to wait forever to use the bathroom or having your hard-earned snacks stolen by your roommates or etc.
  • the place you bought already had basic furnishings so you spent the rest of the day unpacking and putting up decorations, putting away groceries, setting up your internet you know, all the necessities in life
  • after a long day of putting everything away, you were happy to be able to get ready for bed
  • thrilled, you quickly throw on your new comforter, climb inside, and pull out your book to read to help you get drowsy-eyed before sleeping
  • as you opened your book, you finally could let out a relaxed sigh
  • that is, until you were interrupted by the ceiling above you suddenly giving out
  • the plaster and drywall crumbled around you, kicking up a thick cloud of dust that made it hard to see
  • as the dust settled, you saw a
  • ??? man ???

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Signs as Rent Songs

Aries: Light My Candle
Taurus: Goodbye Love
Gemini: I’ll Cover You
Cancer: Take Me Or Leave Me
Leo: One Song Glory
Virgo: Over The Moon
Libra: Today 4 U
Scorpio: Out Tonight
Sagittarius: Seasons Of Love
Capricorn: Tango Maureen
Aquarius: Rent
Pisces: La Vie Boheme

tbh still not over that moment on purgatory when dean strokes cas cheek after commenting on his “peach fuzz”??? i mean, this is the most platonic and friendly thing to do, am i right or am i right???