angel pro gelly

Excuse the bad 3D Art. I am not a nail tech so I suck at acrylic. However, I would just like talk about how awesome Angel Pro Gelly Polish is! It’s really easy to paint with and saved me a ton of time! Awesome possumness to the max. I had to get it shipped from Singapore though because they don’t sell them in the US: MAJOR BUMMER! Love dem LED gel polishes. I think I’m going to be taking part in a nail party soon. Will post thousands of pictures. Kidding. Okay, done talking.

Comic-Con Nails

It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to whip out your disposable sleeping bags and camp out for 12 hours outside Hall H. My heart beats faster at the thought of brushing so close to SDCC exclusive My Little Ponies (Friendship is Magic) and the hoards of Bronies hogging up the Hasbro lines even on preview night. It’s time to accept that you will never make it into the Game of Thrones panel but revel in the fact that you have a 10% chance of scoring an XXL Free Nintendo Gamecube-hit-reboot-for-the-DS T-shirt. Let us all pray its not Bad Boys II: Miami Takedown.

Done with Angel Pro Gelly top to bottom.

I won’t go as far as using the word inspired since this is a total copy of a mani done by my personal nail idol, Sophie Harris-Greenslade, from The Illustrated Nail. I can’t emphasize enough how much I am in love with her and I wish I could meet her and become her apprentice or something like that.

I used Angel Pro Gelly fo errthing in this mani. Angel Pro is soooo good! I wish they shipped from within the US


Hey guys! I did a nail tutorial on a SUPER EASY method of doing gradient with gel polish with my friend in our beauty vlog, TPlusB. If you want to skip all our blah blah blah then go straight to 5:30 in the vid to get to the tutorial. Enjoii :)