angel pie

Imagine sending a bath snap to the wrong person

You snapped the picture, adding the caption ‘Romantic bubble bath… now all I need is a man’ before sending it off to your friend Carla. The two of you often joked about how much you needed a significant other in your life, so pictures like this weren’t out of the ordinary.

Castiel’s phone lit up with a snapchat notification while he was sat in a diner with Sam and Dean, the three of them on a case while you were back at the bunker.

He opened it, revealing the picture of your legs in the bath, his mouth going dry as soon as he saw it.

“What’s up?” Sam asked, frowning at him.

“I’ve… I’ve got to go,” Cas told them, vanishing from the room in the blink of an eye.

Dean rolled his eyes, taking another mouthful of pie, “Friggin’ angels.”

Your eyes shot open and you sat straight up, splashing water from the tub when you heard the telltale flutter of wings that let you know an angel had arrived.

“Jesus, Cas,” you gasped, your hand coming up to your heart as it pounded with anxiety, “You scared me.”

“I- I’m a man,” he told you, his eyes flitting around the room.

You smiled fondly, confused, “Yes, you are.”

“You said, all you need is a man,” he reiterated, “I’m a man.”

Your jaw went slack, “Oh.”


Why is the sky blue?
Why do cows moo?
We are so so keen
On this wonderful person we call Dean
Full of sarcasm, family protection and pie
He really is a brilliant guy

Up there in the sky above
There’s an angel who we love
He wears a trenchcoat every day
Half of the fandom thinks they are gay

Next we’ll travel far below
The King of Hell sits on this throne
His demons all chant “King Crowley”
But we know at heart he’s a big softie

I know a moose who’s proud and tall
He kills demons, nearly trapped them all
He’s covered in plaid, wild and free
How could we not love the great Sammy

And finally we have a home and car
It kept them safe and took them far
Until season eight when it became part time
They found the bunker, didn’t cost them a dime

Now we’re at the end of this SPN poem
Please feel free to write your own
For all the monsters that we see killed
Keep on loving Team Free Will



Made with Vine