angel perfect perfection


So I’m in geometry class and the other day we were doing ratios and stuff like that, and we did a special oak activity. Basically she asked us to tell her people we considered were “attractive” and submitted responses in which she would get pictures of. We were going to see how symmetrical the people who chose faces were because studies have shown the more symmetrical a persons face is, the more attractive they look in the people’s eyes. So everyone submitted like really pretty/popular celebrities or these guys with muscles and jawline and all that stuff. But me being me I submitted Phil Lester aND HE WAS LITERALLY THE CLOSEST TO PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL, MORE THEN ANYONE ELSES IN THE ENTIRE CLASS, MORE THEN CELEBRITIES. PHIL LESTER IS LITERALLY MATHEMATICALLY ALMOST PERFECT, IM CRYING.


(On Victuuri)

A normal person: How did Yuuri get this lucky?

Me, an intellect: How the fuck did Victor get this lucky???

My priorities are as organized as Dean finding food more important than a passed-out woman slumped in his arms


<b>Lady Gaga / Joanne