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Hello! Since everyone seemed to take a liking to the art I posted on this blog, I decided I would start doing commissions! The digital art previously done on here has been completed using only free apps and my fingers, so it is obvious that I am doing this because of my tight budget. However, the money will not be going towards a tablet or anything of the sort. In fact, by commissioning me, you will be buying me meals and helping me move out of my house :D Not gonna give details there, but hopefully you can infer enough by the fact that I have to pay to eat (and even then, a meal is not guaranteed). Anyway, if you are interested, prices are listed as thus:

Hand Sketch - $3
Digital Drawing - $5
Digital w/ Colour - $6

Half Body:
Hand Sketch - $4
Digital Drawing - $6
Digital w/ Colour - $10

Full Body:
Hand Sketch - $6
Digital Drawing - $10
Digital w/ Colour - $15

Scene (Multiple People):
Prices will vary depending on the amount of people in said scene
Hand Sketch: $10
Digital Drawing - $15
Digital w/ Colour - $20

I am willing to draw anything (including, but not limited to, your angelic self and anthros!) besides NSFW considering the fact that I am only 17 and don’t think that would be right of me : )

My only requirements are that you:
a) Email me at to commission me! I work through Paypal, so it’s just a lot easier that way! If you would prefer doing this over tumblr messenger, however, that is fine as well as long as I am supplied with an email to use for a payment method.
b) Pay in advance! I promise not to scam you, I don’t work like that, but if there is any chance I feel I won’t be able to get to your commission (for some reason, though that is extREmely unlikely), I will return the money. However, if you want to leave a tip (which would be awfully kind of you, though it is not required), we can discuss paying after the product is completed so you can decide by the end of it how much you are willing to tip, if any.
c) Supply me with as much detail as possible! I am really excited to do art for people and want to know everything there is to know about the subject(s) I’ll be drawing so I can get it just right for you and give you your money’s worth! I wanna know everything from builds to character’s personality and/or any specific pose you’d like!
(What would be even better is if you had a reference of sorts, but I don’t require that!)

Anyway, that’s all!
Please help a guy out, if you’re willing, and I will try my best to fulfil your needs!
Have an awesome day, everyone! 💕✨


Before, when you all confessed your feelings to me… I took advantage of your kindness and made all of you wait for my answer. But… I finally realize what it is. To think it took all of this for me to get it… I hate how clueless I was, but… I finally know now. I love Mutsumi-senpai.

I think one of the hardest things is trying to remain a good person despite the way that people treat you. I forgive people and they hurt me again anyway, my kindness and soft nature get abused and thrown back in my face, people treat me like I’m worthless just because they know they can. I honestly try so hard to be helpful and kind toward people but in return I get backbitten, disrespected and treated like crap. It’s kinda breaking my heart