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Just A Nightmare

Request: Omg could you please do something Where what happened in tonight’s episode with Cas happens, but it’s the reader’s dream and she wakes up and Cas is right there and completely fine and he comforts and cuddles her?? I need this so much rn

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Word Count: a little less than 1k. I know it’s short, but I think it gets the job done.

Warnings: *SPOILERS FROM 12X23!* angst, but it gets resolved bc WE ALL NEED THIS FLUFF RIGHT NOW


You sat on the opposite side of Mary on the bed, squeezing Kelly’s hand as she got through another contraction. It was then that you heard Sam and Dean speaking in rushed, frantic tones outside, and you looked at Mary with worry in your eyes.

“Do you mind if I—“

“Go check on them,” she nodded. “I’ll stay here.”

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Hate to Love You (Part One)

Summary: You hate Castiel. Or at least, you tell yourself you do. In turn, Castiel feels the same about you. Exactly the same. 

A/N: Part 1 of 3!!! Part two will be up tomorrow and part three will go up Saturday!

Warnings: language, a little violence (Castiel and the reader are a tad rough with each other), some public sexual stuff. This also has a sprinkle of angst (Just a little)

Word Count: 1.6k

Originally posted by thegreatficmaster

Dean sat in the library, staring at his beer on the table; trying to focus on anything except his two best friends on either side of the room, arguing.

“And what would you have done, flappy bird?” you questioned, gripping the back of one of the chairs at the table, digging your nails into the wood.

“I would have-” Castiel began, but you interrupted him, his hands balling up into fists.

“Stabbed him with your shiny knife or-”

Guys!” Dean shouted. His voice radiating off of the walls of the library, causing you to jump and bringing Cas’ attention to him.

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The Darkness

gif is not mine

Title: The Darkness

Characters: Sam, Lucifer ( or Casifer if you want to be technical), Dean x Reader, Amara, Gabriel x Reader (you’ll see)

Word Count: 1,627

Warnings: angst, slight fluff

A/N: I wrote this a while ago, maybe a month or two ago, and I decided to post it finally. I hope you all like this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

Ever since Dean removed the mark of Cain, there had been this unspoken tension between the two of you.  You loved Dean, and he loved you, but there was one huge problem; the darkness, or Amara as she called herself.  Dean was your boyfriend, but Amara acted as if you didn’t exist.  You didn’t take her affection for Dean lightly.

When you finally came face to face with Amara, she was not pleased with you.  She made sure to note that Dean and her were bonded.  You chose not to give a shit about what she said.  You weren’t willing to lose Dean, especially to Amara.  By the time Amara was done with you, you were beaten and bloody.  Lucifer was the one to heal you.  If it wasn’t for him, you probably would have died of internal bleeding.

“[Y/N] please,” Dean pleaded.  “Amara will kill you.”  Dean’s eyes looked over the blood that still stained your skin and your clothes.

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One or the Other

Castiel x Reader

Request: how about a oneshot where Castiel has to choose between two people? idk if you’ve done that before but it’d be a fun angsty prompt :)

Warnings: slight angst, intoxication, mild language, jealousy, unedited (whoops)

Word count: 1975

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Jealousy was the one emotion you weren’t capable of controlling in front of people, especially the blue eyed angel and the black eyed bitch. Meg was your worst enemy, not only had she broken your arm three times, twice on purpose, but she really knew how to get under your skin. She was flirty and she was good at it to, you on the other hand could not flirt for the life of you, which wasn’t exactly a bad thing considering Cas couldn’t pick up on flirtations a lot of the time. But when she flirted with him it would drive you insane, even if he didn’t notice.

You had a crush on Cas ever since you met him back when he pulled Dean out of perdition. Back then he was more of an ass, but he’d still manage to make your heart flip with one quick glance. But with Meg in the picture there was barely any time for you to hang out with him, considering she’s always around him. 

Sam, Dean, and yourself had just finished a hunt not too long ago which meant you were trying your best to relax before you jumped back into the impala for another long drive. Sam was most likely out for a run considering he couldn’t get one earlier today, Dean was outside washing in the motel parking lot despite telling him he should probably wait until you got back to Bobby’s. Cas was sitting at the table, reading through a lore book while you laid flat on your back on the bed, trying to think of something to say to the angel.

“Hey, Cas?” You murmured, staring up at the peeling paint on the ceiling. “Why are you staying here with us? I mean, you have those wings and we aren’t exactly doing anything, usually you’re hard to track down.”

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Live Bait

*Image credit goes to @atc74, she is the best!*

Summary: When Castiel suggest to use the reader as bait Dean isn’t too happy about it.

Characters: Y/N, Dean, Castiel, Sam

Word Count: 2,000 ish

Warnings: Language, Drinking, Dean being over protective, Crack-ish, fluff

A/N:  This is my entry for @creatively-charlie ‘s Anniversary Writing Challenge and my prompt were “Excuse me I have to go make a scene” & “Hey, no threatening the Angel.”

This is also my entry for @atc74 follower celebration, my song was Down in the Mississippi (Up to no good) by Sugarland.  The line I had to use was “All these years without any help, well guess what honey? Clothes just don’t wash themselves.”

**If you would like to add yourself to my tag list you can do that here, also check out my other stuff on my masterlist! **


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Stuck in the Cage (With You)

Originally posted by supernatural-squadd

“You heard me just fine. My soul for Sam’s. Easy switcher-oo.” You clenched your jaw, impatient with how long the archangel was taking to think about the deal you were offering. Dean needed Sam back, you could see it. You weren’t as good of a hunter and both of your older brothers always tried to protect you, leaving room for silly mistakes to be made.  

Michael finally answered, “Fine.”

For as long as he took to make a decision he sure didn’t take his time to take action. Your ears popped and everything went black.

A boot nudged your ribs and you sat up to find yourself surrounded by thick, metal bars, looking up at the pure blue eyes of Lucifer himself.

“The youngest Winchester, how interesting.”

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Badass Devil

gif is not mine

Title: Badass Devil

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 395

Warnings: none

A/N: This was requested by @ishipmichifer! I am sorry that this is so short, but the request wasn’t that specific </3 So hopefully you all enjoy this! I love you all so much!

Two demons held you up by your arms.  Even though you tried to wriggle free, it was no use.  You were beaten and bruised; you were in no shape for a fight.  It was foolish of you to think that you could go out on a hunt without backup.  You were dating Lucifer; you were targeted by demons and angels everywhere you went.

These demons were followers of Crowley.  He must still want the throne to hell, otherwise you wouldn’t be in this situation.  A demon entered the room, wearing a devious smirk on his lips.  Of course Crowley wouldn’t come here himself.  He was a coward.

“You’ll never get away-.”  You tried to speak, but your words were cut off when the back of the demon’s hand met your face.  You let out a huff of frustration, glaring at the demon before you.

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Comic-Con: Castiel X Reader

Pairing: Castiel X Reader

Words: 1295 (This was supposed to be a drabble)

Summary: Sam, Dean and YN head to a comin convention when they are made aware of a possible case, but when Supernatural fans begin talking to the trio, secrets are revealed.

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Jaemin Does Your Vlog’s Voiceover

Title: Jaemin’s My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover Challenge

Author: Admin Kay

Genre: Fluff

Artist: Jaemin (NCT)


A/N: I’m so sorry this is short! It’s just that Jaeminnie is so sweet I couldn’t make it outrageously funny..

Originally posted by kunq

  • Your fans begged
  • begged
  • for Jaemin to do this
  • They love Jaemin so much
  • He was more than happy to tho
  • ok now the video   
  • “hi guys its Jaemin”
  • “ohmygosh she’s so cute how did i land her”
  • “okokokok she’s starting”
  • “shes spreading something on her face”
  • “the bottle says primer??”
  • “ok now that that’s all rubbed in, it’s time for bb cream?”
  • “we use the same kind”
  • “its so nice and thin”
  • “Ok she’s taking a big brush and spreading it all over her face”
  • “Ok now shes taking bronzer and putting it on her bones”
  • “So pretty”
  • “Some glow”
  • “So she’s taking two eyeshadows”
  • “the darker one looks like shes stabbing her eyeball”
  • “Baby did you STAB YOUR EYEBALL”
  • “im gonna tell Jeno how metal my girlfriend is later”
  • “sometimes i ask for y/n to put eyeliner on my so i too can have angel wings”
  • “shut up you do it for ‘couple selcas’ Jaemin”
  • “Ok youre right”
  • “oh my god eyeliner is art”
  • “my gf is an artist”
  • “But she’s also art?”
  • “lipgloss!!”
  • “she looks so kissable in lipgloss”
  • “baby come and give me a lil kiss”
  • “jaEMIN”
  • “pleaseee”
  • “…”
  • “fine”
  • “yaY”
  • “ohmygod look at her”
  • “her eyesmile is better than jeno’s”
  • he texted jeno later to tell him that he’s sorry
  • “Hey look it’s mee”
  • “We’re cute”
  • “Ok guys that’s all! Subscribe to y/n’s channel and if this video gets to 10,000 likes I’ll do her makeup and do ‘shy shy shy’”
  • “Jaemin did you plan this so you can be in more videos”
  • “…maybe”

A/N: I posted this on my personal on accident omg im screaming!!

These Are My Confessions

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Pairing: DeanxReader
Word count: 843
Warnings: Angst

Part 2 of Dean’s Soul Mate


Seeing the person that means the world to you break down kills you. I’ve faced Lucifer. I’ve gone against dickbag angels. I’ve been torn to shreds by hell hounds, shot, stabbed, punched, kicked, and who knows what else. Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the fear and pain of being the reason your soul mate breaks down.

I should probably start with happier times, right, Sammy? Many you were there for, but you weren’t behind the scenes.

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After Midnight

Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1790

Warnings: swearing, mention of blood, fluff, all sorts of smut.

**Some silly thing I thought up while driving to work today. Yet another late night/early morning writing. It’s about time I show Gabriel some love. Enjoy.

(Not my GIF)

“Pass the gauze,” Sam grumbled from across the map room table. You wiped the dry blood from your arm and leaned back in your chair, sliding the box of gauze to him. Then, you continued to clean your superficial wounds.

The job hadn’t been a terrible one, but it wasn’t without a fair share of fighting. Rogue angels, mainly. Ones loyal to a handful of bigger names who were fighting for their chance to be God. You rolled your eyes at the poor fuckers, the ones insistent that their dicks were bigger than the rest.

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Redamancy ; T.O.P

Characters: Seunghyun (T.O.P) / Fem ! Idol ! Reader
Genre: Slight angst, fluff, mention of blood and stabbing
A/N: i added to your request a bit~ hope you don’t mind ^^ this’ll take place in January, 2017 btw
S/N = stage name
:4NGELS is pronounced as angels


Originally posted by taeyangspecs

[Y/N] sighed as she stared up at the darkening sky, content with life. Another, much bigger hand was intertwined with hers as the owner followed her actions. [Y/N] smiled up at the man beside her, the famous Choi Seunghyun of BigBang.

“I’m proud of you,” Seunghyun stated, a look of adoration and pride on his face. [Y/N] grinned in gratitude, squeezing his hand gently. “I honestly didn’t think we’d win,” [Y/N] admitted sheepishly. Seunghyun clicked his tongue, bringing her into his arms, hugging her tightly. His warmth comforted her, greatly contrasting against the cold January air of New Years Day.

“Please,” he began, “you guys won a newcomer award even though you only debuted three months ago. That’s something to be proud of.” [Y/N] hummed in response, nuzzling her face into his chest. A smile etched itself onto her face at the thought of the award show.

The rookie group [Y/N] was in, :4NGELS, had in fact won an award at the prestigious Golden Disk Awards despite only having debuted a few months prior. It was quite surprising; many other rookies had been on that stage with them, and yet [Y/N]’s group won over the votes.

A peaceful silence overcame them as they started to walk again. [Y/N]’s mind wandered and she frowned. She rested her head against Seunghyun’s arm, gulping nervously. “What’s wrong?” he asked, sensing her unease.

“You’re enlisting in a few weeks,” [Y/N] mumbled, her frown deepening. Seunghyun sighed, stopping completely. 

“Don’t think about that just yet,” he said, his voice just above a whisper as he played with her hands. “Let’s just enjoy the time we have together before I go.”


The peacefulness of their date was shattered when the two heard conspicuous whispering behind you. [Y/N]’s curiosity overcame her, and she turned around. Regret immediately filled her being, as the whispers turned into screams. A group of people stood behind them, both male and female, and it was obvious that they could identify the two idols, despite them wearing masks and caps.

Shit, [Y/N] thought, tugging on Seunghyun’s sleeve. Not turning around, Seunghyun broke into a sprint, taking [Y/N] with him. She could hear the sound of camera shutters and squeezed her eyes closed. “It’ll be alright,” Seunghyun said calmly, as if he weren’t running at all. “Just keep running.”

Unfortunately, a car drove past and blocked their way. Before they could maneuver around it, the group had caught up to them, surrounding and trapping them. The group shamelessly took photos, gasping to one another. Seunghyun pushed [Y/N]’s cap down, unsure of what to do. “Please let us pass-”

The group of, presumably, fans only gathered closer, this time they started asking questions. “Are you dating?” one of them asked, causing a ripple of shocked expressions within the group. “No,” another exclaimed, “they can’t be!”

[Y/N] kept her gaze to the ground, her grip tightening on Seunghyun’s jacket. She wouldn’t dare take his hand in front of the fans. “Is that [S/N]?”

[Y/N] instantly regretted not listening to Seunghyun when he suggested that they have a stay-at-home date. The glint of metal caught [Y/N]’s attention, her eyes widening in shock. She had heard of extreme sasaeng cases, but a fan wouldn’t dare threaten an idol like that, would they?  

Sadly, she was wrong. She let out an audible gasp when the fan took out a small knife. Her eyes shot to Seunghyun’s form, who was too busy trying to get the rest of the group to let them pass. It was as if time passed in slow motion as the fan crept toward [Y/N] and Seunghyun, though clearly going for him and not her.

When the fan raised his arm, [Y/N] panicked and closed her eyes, stepping toward Seunghyun.

Seunghyun suddenly felt [Y/N] slump against him. His arms immediately wrapping around her waist to keep her upright, his eyes widened when he saw the blood trickling down [Y/N]’s arm. His eyes raised to the assailant, meeting the horrified eyes of a lanky male, a bloody knife in his hand. 

“Call an ambulance,” he heard the group shout at each other. He moved his focus from the male to [Y/N] who had gone limp in his grasp. Dropping to his knees, ignoring the unwelcoming feeling of the freezing snow, he attempted to settle her in the most comfortable way possible, his shaky hands moving to her wound. “So much blood,” he gasped, the feeling of fright encasing him in its prison. True to his words, the crimson blood stained the once pure snow, leaving a pattern all of its own. 

The sound of sirens blared loudly as they neared, and it wasn’t long before paramedics arrived at his side. “We need to move her onto the gurney,” one of them called another and the gurney was at their side quickly. With the help of Seunghyun, the paramedics wheeled [Y/N] into the ambulance.

One of them made eye contact with Seunghyun. “Are you coming in?”

Nodding frantically, he jumped into the vehicle and took [Y/N]’s hands. Almost as quickly as it arrived, the ambulance sped off.

Seunghyun paced the small section in the corridor, members of BigBang, who [Y/N] had gotten close to after meeting Seunghyun in her trainee days, and :4NGELS filling the hallway. “Pacing won’t make the operation go by any faster,” Youngbae said gently, looking up at his elder with pity. Allison, a Canadian member, nodded despite the tears the flowed from her eyes. 

The three other members of [Y/N]’s group all had tears in their eyes as they huddled together, each one terrified for their leader. “It’s been hours,” Seunghyun mumbled, finally collapsing in a chair, dropping his head in his hands. Daesung bit his lip, rubbing his back comfortingly.

As if on cue, the head surgeon walked out of the operating room, blood covering his protective clothing.

[Y/N]’s blood.

“How is she?” Sonha, the youngest in [Y/N]’s group. “Will she be okay?”

The surgeon had a sympathetic expression as he took off the mask, along with his gloves and apron, and tossed it into the bin outside the door. “She’s alive.”

The group barely had time to let out a sigh of relief before he continued, a grim expression replacing his first. “However, she was stabbed in the brachial artery and lost roughly 62.5% of her blood. Luckily, we had her blood type available. If she had lost one more pint of blood, she would’ve died.”

The group exchanged nervous glances. The surgeon obviously had more to say, but none of them were sure they wanted to hear it. 

“The amount of blood that Miss. [L/N] lost was enough to induce a coma.”

The room went silent enough to have heard a pin drop.

Breaking News; Rookie Idol [Y/F/N], known as :4NGELS’ leader [S/N] was stabbed last night while out on a date with fellow idol and label mate, Choi Seunghyun from major boy group BigBang. She is currently in a coma because of Nam Jongsu, one of the few who had spotted the two idols out last night.

After being interrogated, officials revealed his statement. “I didn’t mean to stab [Y/N],” he had said in defense. When officers asked why he had targeted them, he had responded with this horrible answer. “[Y/N] was supposed to be mine. Someone like T.O.P doesn’t deserve her innocence.” He has been arrested for aggravated assault this morning–”

Seunghyun turned the TV off, not able to hear another word come out of the news reporter’s mouth. He already knew all of that; he had read a plethora of articles online and even had his manager run and grab a newspaper for him (since none of the managers wanted any of the members out).

He had also read comment after comment, each one filled with hate, that had been left on his social media. 

“It’s his fault anyway. If he wasn’t dating our [Y/N] she wouldn’t be in a coma!”

“I bet he’s jumping with glee over the attention he’s getting now…”

If anything, Seunghyun was filled to the brim with frustration. Toward [Y/N]’s attacker, toward her coma, toward the haters– he felt frustrated with everything at the moment. But at the end of the day, he had to accept the situation; he had no choice. [Y/N] was in a coma, and he had no idea when she’d wake up.

Or if.

That possibility, the if that hung in the air, was not something he could or would accept.

A month passed since [Y/N] fell in a coma and things haven’t gotten any better. The hate was piling up, VIPs sending hate toward :4NGELS while their fandom sent hate toward BigBang. Not to mention the fact that he had to act happy in front of cameras. It was exhausting and he felt as though he were mocking [Y/N]; smiling while she was confined to a hospital bed.

Hyungdon and Daejun had even asked him about the situation after filming their first Weekly Idol episode, but he couldn’t bring himself to talk about [Y/N].

And now, he stood in front of the four boys he’s spent over a decade with, his suitcase at his side. They were already shedding tears, not making eye contact as they swiped at their cheeks. “You’re going to make me cry, stop,” he mumbled, feeling the sting of tears. “You’ll see me again, it’s not like I’m leaving the country.”

“But you’re still leaving,” Jiyong mumbled through tears. Seungri looked away, patting his eyes with a tissue, before sending a sad smile in Seunghyun’s direction. “We’ll update you on [Y/N], okay?”

Seunghyun gave the youngest member a grateful smile, albeit a broken one. “Be careful,” Daesung added, not even bothering to wipe away his tears. Youngbae hit his shoulder gently, pulling a sarcastic face (although it wasn’t quite working as it was wet with tears). “You say that like he doesn’t already know.”

Upon seeing Seunghyun’s expression, Youngbae’s eyes softened. “Don’t worry,” he said, “[Y/N]’s a fighter. She’ll wake up soon.”

The five flinched when Seunghyun’s driver drove into his driveway. Following prior instructions, the driver stayed in the car, letting them have their moment.

Without saying a word, Seunghyun brought the five of them into a tight hug. “Don’t do anything stupid, alright? And if you do… don’t get caught.” Jiyong let out a broken laugh, wrapping his own arms around his fellow members.

They let go reluctantly and watched as Seunghyun grabbed his suitcase.

“I’ll see you.”

No more than three weeks after Seunghyun’s departure, nurses caught movement in [Y/N]’s hands. “She’s awake?” Kanghee, the last :4NGELS member, said after picking up the phone. Allison and Sonha crowded around her, hopeful expressions on each one’s face.

Kanghee hung up, enveloping the girls in a hug. “She’s awake!”

The drive to the hospital didn’t take long; it was barely five in the morning when they received the call, so there wasn’t much traffic. The three practically burst into tears after seeing [Y/N] sitting up in bed. The four hugged, happy tears wetting the bed sheets.

“Careful with her arm,” the nurse in the room reminded, despite the smile on her face. 

“So,” [Y/N] said after drying her eyes, “what’d I miss?”

[Y/N], to be frank, was devastated when she found out Seunghyun had already left to do the mandatory military service. She hadn’t even gotten to say goodbye. However, she didn’t have much time to grieve. She was swarmed wherever she went; reporters had even stayed outside the girls’ dorm waiting for [Y/N]. 

She had been asked about Seunghyun and the incident more times than she could count on her fingers three times over. Due to the excessive questions, Yang Hyunsuk had even given her permission to confirm the dating rumours.

Although, she hadn’t even heard from Seunghyun. A feeling of dread filled her once she read hate comments on almost all of BigBang’s social media, all directed toward Seunghyun, and all about her. “What if he wants to break up because of this?” she had asked Kanghee.

She wasn’t able to answer.

After [Y/N]’s arm was almost completely healed, which took more three months, YG Ent. had announced :4NGELS first ever outdoor concert to commemorate [Y/N]’s recovery. According to Hyunsuk, one of the ‘pros’ of getting stabbed was the popularity that followed.

“We’re going to do great,” [Y/N] said, raising a fist once the girls circled her. “I’m nervous,” Sonha mumbled, clinging onto [Y/N]’s uninjured arm. Makeup artists were currently hiding the scar on her injured one, much to her discomfort.

“You’re on in twenty-five seconds,” a staff member called. The girls quickly straightened themselves out, letting out nervous breaths. “Let’s do this,” Allison breathed, a bright smile on her face.


Time passed too quickly for [Y/N]’s liking and the concert was nearing an end. The guitarist from their last cover, Butterfly by BTS, quickly left the stage, another staff member taking his place. [Y/N] looked around, confused when the staff member wrapped a blindfold around her head, taking away her vision.

“What’s going on?” she asked into the microphone. The crowd buzzed with excitement and confusion mixed together. “We have a special surprise for our leader,” she heard Kanghee sing. 

“Is it food?”

The crowd laughed at [Y/N]’s guess before erupting in screams. She could hear numerous things being called out, but amongst them one stood out.


She felt the blindfold being loosened and before her was Choi Seunghyun in the flesh. The crowd grew quiet, all eager to see what would happen. Sonha gave Seunghyun her microphone. “Hello,” he said with a smile.

[Y/N] couldn’t speak, her hand covered her mouth as her eyes shone with tears. 

“I missed you.”

The crowd screamed at his sudden proclamation, but [Y/N] tuned it out, moving forward to give Seunghyun a hug.

Any doubt [Y/N] once had about Seunghyun vanished into thin air. Her love, in the end, was returned in full.


since part two was requested, here it is!

Part One Part Three Part Four

should I make a part three????

pairing: Reader x Cas, Reader x Dean, Reader x Sam, Reader x Crowley

word count: 851 



“Y/N!” Dean screamed. “We need your help." 

You huffed, pushing your laptop away and walking down the hall to the library. "Hey Cas.” You chirped, giving the angel a tight hug. 

“Y/N.” Cas hugged you back, smiling down at you. “How are you?" 

"Cut the small talk, giraffe.” Crowley stepped in front of Sam. “Hello, darling. The name’s-" 

"Crowley, I know.” I finished his sentence for him. 

“She’s from an alternate universe where everything we do was on a tv show.” Dean explained. 

Crowley raised an eyebrow. “In the wrong hands she could be very dangerous.”

“Relax,” I dismissed his thoughts with the wave of my hand. “It’s not like I’m going to help Lucifer. Although, he is very cute." 

"I’m not even going to ask.” Sam shook his head before tucking his long hair behind his ears. “Anyway, Y/N we need your help with something." 

"Sure, what’s up?” You asked, sitting down across from him. 

“So you think the devil is cute?” Crowley asked you. 

“Crowley, don’t get her started. She-” Crowley cut Dean off with the wave of his hand. 

“Yeah, he may be the devil but he’s still cute which makes it very hard to hate him.” You sighed. 

“What about me?” Crowley asked. “I mean, I know I’m attractive but do people in your universe choose the devil or me?" 

You shrugged. "Depends on who you ask." 

"I’m a little offended.” Crowley fixed his tie. “I’m the king. I should be everyone’s bloody favorite.”

“Dude,” Dean looked at him weird. “Are you seriously concerned about what people in her old universe think about you?" 

"What?” Crowley asked, offended. “I’m the king. Everyone should love me.”

“Dean, will you please explain the situation to Y/N.” Cas changed the subject. “I can sense that she wants to get back to her Netflix." 

You smiled and looked up at Cas. "He knows me." 

"Right, anyway we have a hunt involving Metatron.” Dean visibly cringed at the name. “We need to know what he’s planning with the Horn of Gabriel." 

"Shit.” You cursed, “I didn’t think you guys were that far along in season nine.”

“Season nine?” Crowley asked. “How many bloody seasons can one tv show have?" 

"As soon as the tv show ends you guys probably die again, so I wouldn’t be complaining.” You snapped back. 

“Anyway, we need to stop this as fast as we can.” You cautioned everyone, “The horn of Gabriel calls all angels to one area. Metatron’s using it to gather as many angels as he can in one area and kill them." 

"Metatron will pay.” Cas clenched his fist. You gently placed your hand on his arm and nodded. “It’s okay, Cas. We’ll get him back." 

"Give me my blade.” Dean commanded Crowley. 

“Actually,” You cut in. “Maybe Dean should stay very far away from this fight.”

“Why?” Dean asked. 

You shrugged. “Just a friendly suggestion." 

"Y/N-” Dean began, but you cut him off. “Cas, I need you to take me to Metatron. I’ve always wanted to tell him off." 

"Kitten’s going to tell Metatron off?” Crowley looked amused. “Well, I definitely want to see that. She’s a little firecracker." 

Crowley placed his hand on Cas’ shoulder. "Alright, giraffe, take us there." 

Cas gave Crowley an annoyed glare, but nonetheless transported the three of you to Metatron’s man cave- if you could even call it that. 

"You!” You screamed, pointing at Metatron and walking up to him. “I hate you!”

“You must be the human, Y/N, right?” Metatron asked, looking down at you with disgust. 

“Don’t look at me like that.” You scowled. “I’m not the one wearing that sweater." 

Metatron looked taken aback as Crowley laughed lightly and whispered to Cas: "I told you kitten was a firecracker." 

"Listen to me little girl-” Metatron began but you cut him off with a slap to the face. 

“I’ve always wanted to do that.” You sighed in content, before regaining your serious posture. “Anyway, you need to stop killing Angels. This is ridiculous!”

“People will thank me one day.” Metatron said, calmly. “Actually, where I come from, there are thousands of people that would love to stab you right about now.” You said, sweetly. “I just happen to be the lucky one that will get to do it.”

“Are you threatening me?” Metatron laughed. “You, a little human." 

You pulled an angel blade from your boot and sliced his arm. "That’s a warning. 

“Spinning around you began to walk away, "Oh and Metatron?" 

"What?” He spit out. 

“Pull your head out of you ass, it’s not a hat." 

Crowley patted your back, laughing. "Good girl, kitten." 

Cas smiled and slung his arm around your shoulders. "Y/N, will you teach me these comebacks?" 

"Of course, Cas, of course.” You laughed and leaned into his side. 

“Why don’t we talk about this in hell, where no one can eavesdrop?” Crowley smirked. “I’ll even introduce you to Lucifer." 

You gulped and looked up at him. "This wasn’t part of the show." 

Crowley smiled at you. "It’s called behind the scenes, love.”

Every Inch Of My Heart

Characters: Castiel, reader, Sam, Dean

Pairing: Castiel x reader

Warnings: angst, blood, fluff

Word count: 2398

Summary: Cas is being manipulated by the other angels, brainwashed to believe things that aren’t true, and you try to convince him that the right path is with you and the Winchesters

A/N: legit the most cheesy fic I’ve ever written

“Y/N, you haven’t slept in days” Sam said in his concerned voice. He was right, you hadn’t. Him and Dean had talked about you, the way you were acting, but you acted like you didn’t over hear the conversation they had about you in the kitchen.

“I’m fine, thank you” you told Sam and you continued to look through the same lore book you had been looking through for 5 hours.

“Y/N” Dean said, but you stopped him before he could continue.

“I’m not sleeping until we fix him” you said, your eyes still fixed on the lore book. Sam and Dean both looked between each other. They knew how much Cas meant to you, he meant a lot to all of you, but mostly you. You and Cas fell in love, he was the only person you’d ever felt that connection with, and with out him you were lost.

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The Winchester Effect

A few requests combined: Cutesy cas for ohlookfanfiction, protective brothers for anon, Sam’s twin!reader for another anon

Summary: Sister(twin)!Reader. Your relationship with Cas is going strong, leading to some questioning from your disgruntled twin and impressed older brother.
Words: 1,137
Castiel x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of sex, fluff

Your name: submit What is this?

“Mornin’,” you smiled,feeling Castiel’s arms wrap around you under the covers.

“Is it not a good morning?” he teased.

You rolled over to face him and opened your eyes. You could see a glint behind the piercing blue that you were used to. He was proud of himself for making a joke.

You grinned and kissed him lightly, still smiling as you pulled away.

“It’s always a good morning with you, sweetheart,” you told him.

“I agree,” he smiled kissing you back.

You hummed and wrapped your arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer to you. Your fingers found their way into his hair, scratching lightly at his scalp.

“Mmm,” he hummed, pulling back from the kiss and closing his eyes, “That feels nice.”

You continued your ministrations in hair as you spoke, “Did you stay all night?”

“I like watching you sleep,” he smiled, “You look calm.”

“That’d be creepy,” you grinned, “If I didn’t love you.”

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Making a move - Gabriel x Reader

Title: Making a move

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word count: 2,352

Warnings: None

Summary: What happens when Gabriel is alive? It is said that, like Sam was meant to be Lucifer’s vessel and like Dean was meant to be Michael’s vessel so was Reader meant to be Gabriel’s soulmate. But they are only friends, right?

“Nothing here” you said with a sigh, throwing yet another book on the building pile next to you.

You and your brothers were constantly searching for a way to get rid of The Mark but had no luck yet. Maybe because you were not doing any actual job, anyway. But who could blame you? The thought of a certain archangel would not stop running through your mind. That certain archangel being Gabriel. You had met him a really long time ago, back when the Apocalypse was still going on, and you instantly had clicked. The pranks he would pull on your brothers had really helped in that. But despite that, when you got to know him better you could not deny you felt yourself growing really close to him. Falling in love with him was not hard, either, not when you got to know him better. Not when you got to know who he truly was and what his true thoughts and feelings, which hid behind the mask of the trickster and funny Gabriel, were.

You were not going to say anything, though. No you weren’t. He was a powerful archangel there was no chance he would be attracted to you. A weak human. Sure you were best friends but there was no way he would see you otherwise. Best friends. That was something he had said and you clearly remembered yourself finding it hard not to cringe. You still found it impossible, even after all this time. But you knew that that was the bitter truth, despite what you felt for him. What you felt for him. Something that both your brothers were very aware of.

When Gabriel ‘died’ it was impossible for you to hide how you felt about him. You had really thought you lost him, that he was dead, and not coming back so you really found no point in hiding how you felt about him. The situation you were in after his 'death’ really gave it away. It was as if you were about to give up on everything and everyone, life too. You just kept going for your brothers.

Luckily when you found out that he was alive none of them gave away on what you felt for him - you of course didn’t either. And they had kept quiet till now. Well mostly Sam had kept quiet. He was understanding and you could always talk to him about issues like this - although you could clearly see him sometimes struggling to keep his overprotective-brother mode off.

Dean didn’t of course.

There honestly were times when he would tease you about your crush (you were not going to tell them that you were actually in love with him) even in front of Gabriel and you really wondered how he hadn’t realized anything yet . But then there were times that he would go all older-brother mode and completely overprotective and would refuse to let you go with Gabriel on the trip he had suggested taking you to - something you did occasionally.

“Nothing here either” Dean let out a sigh throwing the book he was reading next to yours.

“You found anything?” Dean raised an eyebrow looking at Sam who seemed really engrossed in his book.

Sam did not respond which made you frown.

“Is something wrong?” you asked but Sam didn’t respond again.

“You found something about The Mark?” you asked again but got no response.

“I bet he’s reading porn” Dean said wiggling his eyebrows with a smile and you rolled your eyes.

“Sam did you find anything?” you asked him again but got no response.

“Oh don’t cut him off, (Y/n). I bet he’s just getting to the good part” Dean said again with a grin and you merely hit him with your foot under the table.

“Shut up Dean” Sam’s voice was now heard.

“Oh he speaks! He’s alive!” Dean said ever-so-dramatically.

“Dean” you glared at him and he just shrugged.

“Ok first of; people can get really focused and interested in a book without it having to be Fifty Shades of Grey, Dean.” Sam set his book down and glared at the older Winchester “And second of; well, I found something. It’s not about the Mark but- It’s equally interesting.” he said the last part and looked at you with what seemed like a smirk.

“Really? What is it about then?” Dean raised an eyebrow, taking the book to read out loud “And they were made from heaven to serve heaven. Fight the ultimate battle. Give the most powerful ones what had been said they shall. Serving heaven and hell for they were made for it. Three for three. Made for the good, evil and in between.” Dean read frowning.

“What the hell is this supposed to mean?” he asked looking at you and Sam.

“Well, it doesn’t really make much sense but if you got to read as much as I did from the book then you would get it.” Sam said with a smile, glancing at you “It actually says that… like I was made and meant for Lucifer to use me as a vessel and you were made for Michael to be used as a vessel, (Y/n)… (Y/n) was meant for Gabriel.” he said with a smile and your eyes widened at the mention of Gabriel’s name.

“W-what?” you managed to stutter out.

Sam smiled at you and explained “Well here it says that we were 'made for the most powerful ones’ and then 'three for three’. I was made to be Lucifer’s vessel, Dean Michael’s and you… you were made to be Gabriel’s soulmate. We were made 'for the good, evil and in between’. I was made for Lucifer - evil, Michael - good, and Gabriel - in between, which means love. They were the tree most powerful ones in heaven, the three most powerful angels - archangels, anyway.”

You took in deep breaths, trying to calm your rapidly-beating heart. That was something you surely did not expect to hear. No, not at all. You were meant to be with him? How could that ever be possible you found hard to believe.

Your palms were sweating and you could literally hear your heart drum in your ears. Thoughts of Gabriel running through your mind and what he would actually think of it. Would he want to be with you too? Did he know about it? Maybe he did but actually didn’t want to tell you because he… didn’t want to be with you? Even the thought of it made your stomach tighten and feel heavy like a rock.

You felt your breath catch on your throat, though, when you looked up from your hands you’d been staring at for a really long time. Your eyes all but widened but you couldn’t dare even open your mouth to speak.

Dean beat you at it, too.

“Well look at that!” he exclaimed “Seems like even the universe is telling you to make a move, huh (Y/n)?” Dean smirked at you and if your eyes were not wide before, your heart was not beating rapidly enough and your cheeks were not burning hot, they surely were now.

“Dean” you tried to say firmly.

“What? Don’t Dean me now! I mean, yeah, I literally want to stab that douche of an archangel on the face but still it would be hell of a fun to see you try a move on him! Besides, you’ve had a crush on him for what seemed like forever. Now you just have the motivation to finally get the balls and show him what Winchesters are capable of.” he said with a laugh, mostly because all he had said was to tease you about your 'schoolgirl crush’ on the angel, and by the look on your face he had succeeded.

“Dean” you said in a low voice.

“What? You’ve been in love with him for like forever, and as much as I hate to admit it, he makes you happy. It’s high time you told him!” he said teasingly.

“Dean!” you exclaimed, eyes wide and tears welling up in your eyes; fact that made Dean stop.

“What?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“You were not supposed to say that” you said, lip trembling; and they both looked at you with a sad look.

“Why?” he asked again.

“Because I was not supposed to hear that” a voice said behind Dean and Sam and they both turned to look at Gabriel eyes locked with yours.

You stared back at him for a while, more tears welling up in your eyes, your cheeks burning hot. You shook your head, the tears rolling by now - mostly from the embarrassment - and got abruptly up, running to your room.

“Shit” Dean muttered, running a hand down his face “Now I really screwed up” he added.

“Damn it Gabriel! You have to fucking stop appearing like that!” Dean said gritting his teeth.

“It’s not his fault Dean” Sam said “You should go apologize to her. You really shouldn’t have said anything, anyway”

“No, I am the one that should go talk to her” Gabriel spoke up and before he could react Dean had grabbed him by the hem of his jacket.

“Dean,  no!” Sam started protesting immediately, holding onto his brother’s shoulder; trying to pull him away.

Dean shrugged him off and focused on Gabriel that was glaring at him “Listen, here. I may be teasing her about what she feels for you but that’s just it. Teasing. Now, though, I am serious. She’s my little sister so, if you ever so think of hurting her or making her do anything she doesn’t want to - and I think you know what I mean - mark my words Gabriel- I am going to hunt you down, find you wherever you may be and kill you, slowly and sure as hell painfully.” he said through gritted teeth.

“You know how I feel about her, of course I am not going to hurt her. Now, you mind letting me go so that I can go talk to her?” Gabriel said with a half-glare and as soon as Dean let go of him he disappeared from their eyes.

“You knew all along didn’t you?” Sam smirked at Dean who just shrugged.

“Maybe?” he smirked at him “Now come on, let’s go get a drink. I want to get the the thought of my little sister…” Dean trailed of and fake-shuddered.

“Yeah, agreed” Sam said.


You had your face buried in your pillow, the tears had stopped rolling, but the embarrassment was still there and the worst part was that there was no going back now. Gabriel knew what you felt about him and there was nothing you could say to cover it up. Things were not going to be like they used to and what made you feel all the more sad was the thought that you had lost your friend forever. Sure you would want him to come and tell you that he felt the same way but you highly doubted and-

A knock on the door broke your trail of thoughts.

“No” you said, face still buried in the pillow, voice loud enough so that Dean - who you thought had come to apologize - could hear.

You heard the door open and close, nonetheless, and you sighed into your pillow. You unburied your face but didn’t see who it was because your back was turned to the door.

“I told you no, Dean. I want to be alone, please. You did enough for today” you let out a sigh and closed your eyes.

“Yeah, I guess he did. And even though I didn’t think I would ever say it- I owe him” Gabriel’s voice made your eyes snap open.

You turned immediately and looked at him, eyes wide and redness returning to your cheeks “Gabriel” you breathed out.

“Yeah, that’s how they usually call me” he said with a light chuckle.

“Sorry” he soon added when he realized that you didn’t even so smile at his attempt for a joke.

“No I’m sorry” you muttered looking down at your hands “I ruined everything didn’t I?” you added and dared to look up at his eyes.

“What? No, (Y/n), no. Look cupcake, I know that you think that everything between us is going to change right now and honestly I reallywish that.” he said and you frowned slightly.

“I knew (Y/n). Of course I knew that you are my soulmate and even though this might sound creepy I- I’ve been watching you long before we met. I just- I know I messed up but I didn’t want to tell you that we were meant to be together because I was scared that you were not going to want me or maybe you would refuse to just because it 'had been said’. It’s in you Winchesters to defy the rules.” he said running a hand through his hair.

“Well I would certainly not want to defy that one” you said with a hesitant smile, having gained courage and hope in hearing him say that he felt the same way - although not clearly.

“You and me both” he said and you couldn’t help but smile widely.

“Oh really?” you raised a playful eyebrow “And you’re going to risk getting run over by the Impala, with my brothers in it?” you asked with a giggle.

“Uh well, I think it’s worth taking the risk. You’re worth taking every risk, after all” he smiled cheekily and you laughed more.

“If you give me the chance, of course?” he raised his eyebrows expecting to hear a positive answer.

You walked closer to him and cupped his face “I think it’s worth taking the risk” you said with a smile and leaned in to press your lips to his.

“So that’s you making a move, huh?” he asked with a smirk, when you pulled away.

“Oh you haven’t seen me make a move yet, angel.” you winked at him and he laughed wrapping his arms around you and attaching his lips to yours again.

That Time of the Month

Anonymous said: Hi it’s a on who wants to second Winchester girls I wanted to no if u could like have one of them on ther period and they abt conplain and asking how she does this and when tere guys again they never tell her to stop complaint when she’s on her period thanks

Anonymous said: Can u do a part 2 to Winchester girls please >_

Anonymous said: I just read Winchester giraffes and I thought it was funny as fuck can you make a part two? Please.

Anonymous said: Hi! I loved your girl winchester imagine so much it was really good. I was wandering if or when you were going to make another? I loved it and I am sure others did too.

littlered7hood said: Part 2!

grace-for-sale said: Part 2!! Please with Sam and Dean on top!

salt-shells-holy-water said: Please do a part two on Winchester girls

A/N: Due to obvious popular demand, I’ve decided to push this one to the top! And to that, first anon, you read my mind exactly about what was going to happen! Sorry it took so long, but with a three day weekend I should be able to write a bit more.

Part I

Word count: 1,312

Pairings: slight Gabriel x Reader

Warnings: cussing.


“I don’t know how you can do this,” Dean whispered with his unfamiliar voice. “You are never coming to a bar alone again.”

You had spent the day talking to the family and friends of the victims of what appeared to be a ghost. The only thing that was interesting about the case was that the ghost had been ripping the heart out of its victims, just like a werewolf, which had gotten you and the girls confused until you’d learned that the ghost was a woman seeking revenge on girls who had cheated on their partners.

So, even though you didn’t want to waste any more time knowing that the sucker was still roaming through the town, you went to a bar until it was safe to dig out the body without anyone seeing you. And so far you’d lost count of how many guys had hit on Sam and Dean.

“Come on, it’s not like you don’t do the same thing,” you replied, taking a sip of your beer. You knew that biologically Dean and Sam wouldn’t be able to drink as much as they wanted without getting drunk, so you forced them to take the same thing as you.

“At least I leave girls alone when they want to,” Dean replied, his now slick fingers grasping the beer bottle and chugging it down.

“Hey, ‘hot stuff’, be careful with that,” Sam said, repeating what some drunk had called Dean earlier.

“Shut up, Sam,” the other girl replied, her voice a bit gruff.

“Alright, enough fighting, ladies,” you chuckled, “we’ve got a bad bitch to burn.”


You’d seriously hopped that Gabriel would have turned them back by the end of the night. But of course, the mighty Trickster had not made any hint of an appearance, so you and the boys parted ways as you went to sleep.

It was barely even seven when you woke up again, your five hours of sleep interrupted by banging on your door. Groaning, you reached for the gun under your pillow and and yawned as you stood up.


Well, now you were definitely awake. Rushing to the door, you yanked it open to find the girls outside your room. Sam was kneeling on the floor, his hands pressing against his stomach and his face contracted in pain. Dean was leaning against the side of the door, his actions mirroring the ones of his brother.

“Dean?! Sam?!” You dropped the gun immediately, kneeling next to Sam and checking for any wounds before also checking Dean. Neither of them responded, but instead continued to grunt and make agonised faces. “God dammit, women, tell me what’s wrong!”

“Bleeding,” Dean managed to croak out, his voice tainted with misery. His slid down to the floor, hissing like a hurt cat.

“Bleeding where?!” you yelled, checking his body once again just in case you’d missed something.

“Down here,” Sam answered, opening his eyes just long enough to glance at his middle before shutting them with pain.

“Down here? What’s that sup—oh.” You froze as you finally realised what was wrong, your mouth dropping in surprise. How could you have even missed the red spot on their pants?

And then, to Sam’s and Dean’s annoyance, you started to giggle, though soon you were also on the floor like them, your laugh strong enough to wake up the other residents of the motel.

“(Y/N)…not…funny,” Dean whispered, glaring at you.

Finally, with tears pooling in your eyes, you were calm enough to get up again. Taking a deep breath, you wiped the tears away from your cheeks, noticing that your whole face had become flushed while you were laughing.

“Okay, Gabriel, maybe you should ease off on the cramps,” you mumbled, not really knowing if the angel had heard you.

“(Y/N), please, can you just help us?” Dean practically begged, Sam nodding at his words. It was weird to see two full-grown women asking for your help with their periods, but then again, these weren’t your usual women.

You dragged Dean and Sam back to their motel room, cursing underneath your breath at the fact that even though they were less muscly than when they were guys, they were still taller and heavier than you. You eased them into their own beds, your hands on your hips as you looked at them.

“So, how much does it hurt?” you commented casually, though you didn’t really enjoy knowing that they were in pain, you also didn’t mind the fact that now they would finally understand why you complained when you were on your period.

“I feel like my stomach is gonna kill me,” Sam whined, rolling over to his side. “I seriously don’t know how you can go through this every month, (Y/N).”

“I’ve never felt so much betrayal from the favorite part of my body,” Dean said, “please, (Y/N), if I don’t make it out of this alive, I want you to know that I always loved you like my own sister.”

“Okay, first of all, it’s your uterus that’s responsible for this; I get that you guys are in pain, but at least try to think,” you sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose. “And Dean, don’t be such a drama queen, you’re not dying.”

“It feels like it,” he protested, making you roll your eyes.

“Well. Wait a second. Oh, hell no! Does this mean that you guys ruined my clothes?” you groaned, taking deep breaths to calm down.

You weren’t sure you were gonna actually want them back, since they would definitely have been stretched, but it wasn’t like you had the luxury of buying more whenever you wanted. This had just gotten personal.

“Gabriel! If you don’t come here at this fucking moment I swear I will—!”

“You will what, Cupcake?” the angel asked cheerily, suddenly at your side. You jumped slightly, but quickly regained your angry posture again.

“Turn them back,” you growled, narrowing your eyes at him. “You said just one day. It’s been enough.”

“But they just started their first periods!” Gabriel said, staring at you with big puppy eyes. But no matter how adorable you thought he looked, you weren’t about to let him get away with this.
You took a step towards him, you face just an inch away from his. To try not to focus on how dangerously close your lips were to his, you opted to look at his ever-changing-color eyes. This didn’t prove to be very wise, as their current golden color could make you melt on the spot.

“Either you turn them back or I will stab an angel blade through you and bathe in your blood as an act of victory,” you whispered, your voice so deathly that you felt everyone tense up.

Gabriel gulped nervously, avoiding to look at you as he took a step back. With a snap of his fingers, Sam and Dean returned to their bodies, totally naked. They both yelped as they tried to cover up, but you didn’t even bother to look at them. You snatched up the miraculously clean clothes that had appeared in Gabriel’s arms, feeling your anger fade away.

“Thank you,” you smiled victoriously. Who knew that getting an angel to do what you wanted was so easy?

“Anything for you, Cupcake,” Gabriel grumbled, his hands in his pockets. You couldn’t help but laugh at his child-like behavior, and, with a sudden burst of confidence, lean over to press a kiss to his cheek.

“Next time, just give them their own clothes,” you whispered in his ear, walking out of the room before he could see your blush.

Gabriel, however, was too astonished to listen to you, his hand raised over the spot you’d left your imprint on.

Jody’s Cabin

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: blood, death

Words: 1284

A/N: This request is long overdue! Sorry for the lateness!!!

It had all happened so, so fast. Dean didn’t have time to yell, and Sam was in another room. He didn’t have time to react as he was thrown onto the ground by one of the demons kicking his legs out from under him and, as he was going down, everything seemed to fall into slow motion as he watched you step towards him, planning to take down the demon that was getting ready to kill him. He screamed in his mind as he saw a demon come out of the shadows behind you and dig a blade into your back, seeing the tip of it come out of your stomach.

This was all before he finally hit the ground.

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Well hello there yet again! I have an offer of a request, my monarch! May I please have a Samandriel imagine where you two are pretty good friends (and wanting to be something more) and they are hunting a demon when suddenly something goes wrong? This could either end in Smut or tears of sadness and I'm down with either one. May I please have this imagine?

[So here is my first official request! Thank you so much for requesting it, hope you enjoy! I decided to make the smut aspect in a part two just because the size and I was sleepy. Hope that is ok.]

Word Count: 1300

Warnings: blood, swearing, murder, suicide, drug reference.

You took a deep breath before you took Samandriel’s arm. It was a pre hunt tradition you had established within your few months of officially hunting together. The yoga breathing helped keep away the nerves and it wasn’t exactly a burden to link arms with heaven’s most adorable angel. He was your best friend, your hunting partner, your protector, your everything. But you would be lying if you said you didn’t want more. The feelings you had towards him had only grown in the countless hours you had spent together. Wanting so badly to kiss his ever so soft lips while running your fingers though his brown hair it was almost a desperation.

You snapped yourself out of your thoughts as you arrived at the club you were going to be investigating that night. Working with an angel made for quick travel times. Multiple women had disappeared, only to reappear three days later after killing their entire families, and then themselves. You had visited the victim’s houses and found traces of sulfur near each of the victims’ bodies. Demons.

You were looking forward to an open and shut case, Samandriel picks out the demon and then you you cause a distraction while he gives the black eyed fucker the two finger tap and sends their ass back to hell.

“Ready?” Samandriel asks looking into your eyes with his classic, adorable smile.

“Ready.” You reply, looking back into his, trying to push down the flutter you feel in your stomach as his eyes meet yours.

You walk into the club and automatically feel the house music pumping in your chest. “Anything?” You ask, still holding on to his arm as you begin to make your way deeper into the club, towards the bar.

“Nothing yet”. His eyes still scanning the crowd. As you went deeper and deeper into the packed club it became more difficult to be able to walk side by side. Just as you were bumped by the fifth person trying to get past the two of you, you felt a firm but smooth hand grab yours. You felt a jolt go through your body as Samandriel interlaced his fingers with yours and guided you to the bar.

Once at the bar you both ordered beers and waited. As Samandriel scanned the crowd of sweaty dancers you gazed into his eyes. Hoping that he was too busy looking for demons to be able to read your thoughts.

Hours past. Still no sign of the demon. Even the angel who never slept was looking a little tired.

“I’m just going to scan the washroom real quick then we can go- try back tomorrow.” You shrugged, finishing your third beer.

“(Y/n) please, let me come with you.” He grabbed your arm as he spoke gently but with purpose.

You loved when he got protective of you.

“Samandriel, its ok I’ll be fine, besides it would be suspicious.” You gave him a peck on the cheek to reassure him you were ok before heading off to the ladies room.

Once you were in the washrooms you decided it didn’t take an angel to distinguish that they were empty. Well, empty except for the cocaine residue on the back of a toilet “classy.” You said to yourself. And that’s the last thing you remember before everything went black.

You woke up in what looked to be a basement; your arms were chained above you on the wall. You tried to break free. No luck. “Sam-” you voice broke into a harsh cough. How long had you been out? “Samandriel!” You were able to make your voice into in a harsher yell.

“Don’t worry your angel friend is fine.” A blond women emerged from the shadows. “He’s standing right outside these doors actually.” She laughs as you here pounding on the doors.

“(Y/n)?!?!” Samandriel’s voice booms through the door. You’ve never heard it so loud. You would have been turned on if it wasn’t for you less than fortunate situation.

The women steps further into the light to reveal her pitch black eyes. “He’s a little held up, there’s a pretty heavy duty lock on the door.” She smirks.

Fuck. There were angel-proofing sigils all along the heavy metal doors.

“Guess your little angel is staying on the outfit field tonight, sweetie.” The demon sneered as she drove a knife into your stomach. You let out a scream as you felt it cut though each level of skin as the stinging grew stronger, inch by inch.

She drew the knife out, but only to stab it back in adjacent to the wound she just created. You feel the blood pooling out of you and your vision starts to fade. Shit shit shit. You think to yourself. You are almost too weak to yell at this point. The pounding still coming from the other side of the door.

You took another one of your yoga breaths as the knife was drawn out of you. She prepared to stab you a third time, but before she had the chance you used all of your remaining strength to buck kick her chest -sending her flying into the wall behind her, as she fell back, smearing the corner of the sigil painted on the door. Within seconds Samandriel was in the basement room, exorcising the demon. As you saw the smoke begin to rise out of her mouth you went unconscious again.

You wake up staring into the familiar eyes of your mostly companion. “Am I in heaven? You ask groggily looking up at the angel. Your hands move to your stomach, tears streaming down your face when you realize the stab wounds are gone.

“You’re- you’re very much still alive, (y/n). Samandriel says as he pulls your still weak body up into a hug. "I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you earlier, (y/n).” His grasp tightens on you. “The door was warded, I couldn’t- I couldn’t.” He stops taking and you pull yourself away enough to look into his eyes.

He was crying. Do angels even cry?

“It’s ok, shhh- it’s ok. I’m ok.” You sat cradling his head, pulling him back into an embrace.

“I never felt like that before.” He said shaking in your arms. “The thought of losing you-I can’t. I just can’t.” He regains a bit of his strength and nuzzles his head into your neck, his hands still wrapped firmly around your body.

“I felt the same way.” You whisper in his ear, tears still streaming. “I don’t ever want to picture a life without you, Samandriel.”

“Me neither, (y/n). Me neither.” He pulls back looking into your eyes with his own tear stained ones.

Your eyes bounce from his eyes to his lips, and back. His do the same. He cups your left cheek softly in his hand as he presses his lips against yours.

You are sent into a field of ecstasy as his lips make contact with yours. You kiss his bottom lip back, placing your hand on top of his. You slowly exchange deep, passionate kisses. Your body regaining it’s strength and warmth one by one. You eventually break the kiss in order to take in a deep breath.

“I love you, (y/n.)” Samandriel states as he pulls your head against his chest and wraps his protective arms over you.

“I love you too.” You whisper as you push your head into his firm chest, closing your eyes.

When you reopen them you find yourself still in Samandriel’s protective arms, back at home on your motel room bed.