angel of temptation


I’ll wear my serpent printed dress,

The one that caresses each curve

And recalls the chthonic

Creative essence of the earth.

Can I persuade you that love

Is good? I will draw myself

In lines you expect to embrace,

Wind between truth and myth

Until you take my hand.

I will play goddess and succubus,

Angel and animal, shed my skin

And emerge reborn until l outlive

Every construct you believe,

Until you only see a woman,

Only me.

- Grace Babcock © 2017

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anonymous asked:

On my first wc rp site my friend and I had twin cats named angelpaw and devilpaw, devilpaw couldn't help the evil inside of him but only angelpaw could calm him, until one day he raged so hard he killed her by accident. then me and my friend listened to "angels" by within temptation for like 3 hours straight talking about how wild our plot was. 2009 was a dark time

i can be your angle or yuor devil…

Hold up.

If Harry said trapping Santa Claus takes stones, and then he went on to trap the Erlking, threatened Mab with cold iron, told Mavra to go fuck herself, killed the Red King, broke into Hades’ vault, summoned Titania, Mab and Mother Winter in the same day, resisted the temptations of the Fallen Angel of Temptation, and generally did a lot ill-advised things to some of the most powerful beings in the Nevernever and beyond…

You just have to wonder what kind of suicidal lunatic would think of trapping Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden in a magic circle? Worse, what kind of person would actually have the balls to kill him?

Oh wait.