angel of prophecy

“I’m here for your soul.” 

What sort of demon have we set free?

I’m not 100% sure but I’m thinking: an alternate ending to the genocide run where Chara takes Asgore’s soul and crosses the barrier. Eh, it’s up to you.

p.s. this is my first time doing all this lighting stuff, so… sorry ‘bout that.

Did you ever notice how in the Bible, when ever God needed to punish someone, or make an example, or whenever God needed a killing, he sent an angel?
Did you ever wonder what a creature like that must be like?
A whole existence spent praising your God, but always with one wing dipped in blood.
Would you ever really want to see an angel?
—  Thomas Daggett, The Prophecy

In the intro scene, we see the illuminated hole from which the human fell from. You can see the light pour in from that little hole, revealing all the stalactites. What many don’t notice, is that it’s also an angel, with spread wings, staring down with its robed hands on a cane.

Think I’m crazy? lets have a look at the image with my crappy outline of that angel.

even the outline looks like it. still think its pareidolia like those people that see Jesus in their toast? lets see some bumpmaps, sharpness scan, edge detect, and black and white, all done by the computer, not based on what my brain tells me my eyes see.

now, in case you still can’t quite imagine the angel figure, here is a slight edit I did coloring the cane handle, and finishing the lines and filling in the space around the head, and editing the eyebrow/hole. 

The delta rune, a prophecy of an angel from the surface who would come to the underground and free it of monsters… Whether it is by slaughtering them, or breaking the barrier, or leading the society to collapse. In the very intro to the game, your role and ending in the story is shown. It’s up to you which way you go about achieving your goal.

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→ myth figures: angels

“Did you ever notice how in the Bible, whenever God needed to punish someone, or make an example, or whenever God needed a killing, he sent an angel? Did you ever wonder what a creature like that must be like? A whole existence spent praising your God, but always with one wing dipped in blood. Would you ever really want to see an angel?”-Thomas Daggett, The Prophecy

Part of why I say “demon!chara is not really representative of human!chara“ as though they’re separate people is, well.

Asriel and Flowey are the same person. But imagine a version of the game where we never get to see or meet Asriel as Asriel, only as Flowey.

Yes, Flowey is Asriel, but Flowey being a malevolent, sadistic houseplant who has done his own kill-everyone runs prior to the start of the game…doesn’t really say anything meaningful about Asriel’s “true nature.“

Like Flowey is a gnarled, distorted version of a very unhappy dead child, the spirit that grows increasingly malevolent and powerful over the course of a kill-everyone run is a corrupted, distorted version of a very angry dead child.

If one has our sympathy, the other one should, too.

(I would elaborate more on the parallels between postdeath asriel and postdeath chara, such as the smiley-face imagery or the way the Angel prophecy is fufilled by one in True Pacifist and the other in Kill Everyone, and why I think the parallels are significant, but it’s past midnight where i am so. gnite)

the angel from the prophecy

(undertale spoilers)

just who is “the angel”? what does the prophecy really mean? i have some theories. first, who the angel is depends on which route the player completes.


the delta rune (an anagram of “undertale”) can be seen beside gerson, on toriel’s, asgore’s, and asriel’s clothing, and many other places throughout the underground. it represents the monsters below and the “angel” from above, according to gerson. it is a symbol of hope.

the angel is someone who has “seen the surface”. they will come to the underground and grant monsters “freedom”, although this could either mean letting the monsters roam free on the surface or killing them all. for some, it is a symbol of despair.


so who fits the criteria? asriel, who has killed so many, and frisk, who can eventually set the wheels in motion that would cause the barrier to break, come to mind. but wait – what if frisk doesn’t actually meet all the prophecy’s conditions after all?

this is the official prophecy, recorded in history for all monsters to see. it mentions a key detail that gerson leaves out – the angel is someone who has seen the surface, and “they will return”. in order to “return” somewhere, one would have had to have been there before. frisk could never “return” to the underground because they had never left it in the first place. 


there are only two individuals in the entirety of undertale who have left the underground and then returned: asriel and chara. 

chara was never really “dead” when asriel crossed the barrier.

after absorbing chara’s soul, asriel and chara’s souls were combined and they became one individual. however, both of them could control the body. the two of them retained their own individual feelings and desires despite this. as a result, both chara and asriel left the underground only to return to it when asriel decided he would rather be killed than kill anyone. 

after the shared body turned into dust, the two were able to “return” again; asriel was reborn as flowey and chara’s essence made its way inside frisk. although it seems that chara’s presence can be seen inside frisk in any route, the genocide route end is the only explicit confirmation of chara’s revival.

it could be argued that the player and frisk both “return” to the underground after a true reset, but the pacifist and genocide endings can each be achieved without resetting (without returning) once. therefore, i’m going to rule out the player and frisk as possible “angels”.


it seems that asriel is the angel of the pacifist route. he meets all of the conditions of the prophecy: he returned to the underground from the surface and his actions caused the barrier to be broken, setting the monsters free from their prison.

asriel is also littered with references to the delta rune.

in his first battled form, he wears the delta rune on his clothing in a similar manner to his mother, toriel.

in his final form, he takes on the appearance of the delta rune itself. ignore his head, and his arms and the heart-looking part at the bottom make up the three shapes on the bottom. the circle in the middle of his body makes the shape of the angel’s head and wings sprout from it.

despite appearances, it is the fact that he breaks the barrier in order to free monsters that makes him the angel. he did it just as he claimed he would many years ago:

asriel claimed he would “free everyone”, and he did.


it seems that chara is the genocide route’s angel of death. by leaving the underground, returning to it, and successfully being able to “free [monsters] from this mortal realm”, they meet all of the prophecy’s conditions. chara did it all with the player’s help, but it was still chara who erased the world, not the player.

the “angel of death” is something that could be likened to a “demon”. in the genocide route, chara makes multiple references to hell.

the first is to rg01.

the second is to rg02. granted, these are direct quotes from a book, but toby fox said himself that he thinks “references are OK as long as the material stands on its own without knowledge of the source material.”

he also said that there are “only 1 or 2 minor jokes” in undertale that require knowledge of the source material in order to enjoy it, but somehow the above doesn’t feel like a “joke”.

in this case, i believe the rg01/rg02 checks must be looked at within the context of undertale’s story.

after using the “threaten” option against burgerpants, he claims that “threats won’t work” on him and that he “can’t go to hell”. this seems to imply that chara quite literally told burgerpants to go to hell. that was their threat.

the final and most significant reference to hell is when chara refers to themself as a “demon”. it appears that, at least in the genocide route, chara has some sort of fascination with hell. consequently, it seems that chara would quite enjoy bearing a title like “angel of death”.

moreover, it was chara who convinced asriel to “free everyone”, although chara’s definition of “free” is a lot more ambiguous than asriel’s. it could very well mean the same type of freedom that gerson suggests when speaking about the angel of death.

flowey, near the end of the genocide route, also uses the word “free” in this manner:

he suggests that he and chara should “finish what [they] started”, possibly implying that, after having shared a body with chara, he was well aware of what “freedom” meant to them. either way, flowey goes on to talk about how he and chara should kill everyone, so it’s doubtful that he meant “free” in any peaceful way.

despite all of this, it is the fact that chara (with the player’s help) slaughters every monster in sight in order to “free” them that makes chara the angel of death. much like they claimed many years before, they were able to “free everyone”. 


asriel is probably the “angel” that appears in the pacifist route, and chara is probably the “angel of death” that appears in the genocide route. the two of them originally plotted to “free everyone”, and in their own ways, the two of them eventually succeeded.

Angel of the prophecy ;3

프리스크가 에봇산에 오른 이유에 대해서 추측이 난무하지만 아주 설득력있는 가설을 아직까지 못봤는데.. 정말 예언의 천사라는 설정도 좋은 것 같다.


There is a prophecy
* The Angel…
* The One Who Has Seen The Surface
* They will return.
* And the underground will go empty.

“All we know is that the triangles symbolize us monsters below, and the winged circle above symbolizes… Somethin’ else. Most people say it’s the ‘angel’ from the prophecy… ”

“Lately, the people have been taking a bleaker outlook… Callin’ that winged circle the ‘Angel of Death.’ A harbinger of destruction, waitin’ to ‘free’ us from this mortal realm…” - Gerson


“the triangles symbolize us monsters below”

And the underground will go empty : through death, or freedom.

The prophecy works either extreme ending!!!


Welcome to Gemtopia: The Back Story of Home World

Long, long ago there was world.
A world full of people, people who were all the same and by the same I mean, there were no men or women. Just people.
People who were not judged on their body’s.
People who had the amazing ability to take on any form.
People who were free to love you they wanted.
People who reproduced not with their bodies but with their gems.
People who were ruled by an Authority.
An Authority of Diamonds.
Yellow Diamond
Blue Diamond
White Diamond
And the highest, most important Gem of all… .
Pink Diamond
These Diamonds ruled their world with three four important laws.
1. Live free
2. Love each other
3. Peace for all
4. NO hate
These Diamonds ruled the world, each with their own purpose.
Yellow Diamond was dedicated to encourage Strength, Confidents, Bravery
Blue Diamond believed in encouraging the art of Technology, Smarts, Science
White Diamond taught the world in Art, Music, Theatre, Natural Beauty
Pink Diamond, who was the wisest,
guided the world by spreading Love, Joy, Happiness, Passion, and, Understanding.
For thousands and thousands of years, they lived together in Harmony.
Until their beautiful world could no longer had the strength to give life to their offspring.
So then they were off, off to other planets.
Planets strong enough to hold their offspring… .
But eventually the Diamonds had finally realized something… .
Their options were running out.
Once again the Kindergartens would weaken and they would have to move again.
There was another world,
A world stronger than any world they had ever seen!
A planet that had been around longer than any other.
This magnificent world was called,
Once they were there, they immediately started to reproduce except now they had advanced in reproduction.
They were now filling the Earth with their offspring with an object called,
Pink Diamond did not like the Injectors.
She mocked the machines, calling them, “Unnatural” and saying that it’s a “Gems job” to reproduce.
That no machine could replace “Fusion”
The other Diamonds simply brushed off her words and continued
Soon enough Pink Diamond noticed something.
They wasn’t alone, there was other life on Earth.
Life that Pink Diamond loved and appreciated.
Life that she couldn’t bare to watch be destroyed by her people’s nonsense and other Gems agreed.
Pink Diamond demanded that the Injectors be turned off.
To let Gems reproduce for themselves.
But the other Diamonds refused, calling Fusion the “Old way of reproduction”
And that the only species that mattered were their own.
This made Pink Diamond very angry.
Pink Diamond screamed out,
Still, the other Diamonds refused once again.
Full of anger, sadness and hurt,
Pink Diamond road in on her majestic Lion and destroyed the Kindergarten.
This made the other Diamonds furious.
As the rest of her people fled the Earth, returning to the stars, Yellow Diamond screamed out,
Many Gems decided to stay with Pink Diamond and the rest went back to Home World.
Pink Diamond was so sad.
Her people had become so conceded in Strength, Technology, and Beauty that they had completely forgotten who they were.
They had rather listen to their now corrupted mentors, than listen to their creator.
Pink Diamond was so disappointed and ashamed of her title and fellow Diamonds, that she became humble to her new followers.
She was now Rose Quartz.
Rose had to think quick.
Knowing Yellow Diamond would return with an army,
She created and army of her own.
She called it the Quartz Rebellion.
So for years they plotted, they planned, they prepared themselves.
Even though she was disappointed in her fellow Diamonds, Rose still loves them, but she could not let them destroy Earth.
Rose loved and cared for all her people but one Gem she loved the most was a Pearl.
Out of fear of being killed, Rose decided to reproduce with this Pearl
Hoping to have an heir to her throne
Soon enough the child hatched and her Gem was Morganite.
Rose and Pearl decided to hide their daughter along with the other Gemlings.
Then it happened… . .
The War had began.
It was an awful battle.
Many Gems died.
Earthlings as well.
Eventually Yellow Diamond surrendered and returned to Home World.
But not before he secretly kidnapped what Gemlings the Earth had left.
In the end Rose Quartz could only three of her loyal subjects.
And Pearl.
Destroying all connections with Home World, they were now stranded on Earth forever.
But Rose did not give up.
She and her friends became dedicated to protecting Earth.
They were now none as,
The Crystal Gems.
Thousands after thousands of years past.
Rose, now at Peace, had found a new lover.
A human lover none as, Universe.
They created a son, a new heir, called, Steven.
But in order to bring Steven in to the world, Rose had to leave.
Going back in to her Gem that Steven now owned.
It was a terrible loss, but wonderful gain.
Steven, now half human half Gem, he grew
Soon enough new gems wished to restart the kindergarten on earth once again.
The one thing that stopped this event was Steven himself.
Stopping the new Gems in their path.

Home World is not the way it used to be.
The new Diamond Authority have corrupted its people.
They have now placed new laws.
Laws that are unfair and harsh.
Laws that ban Fusion.
Laws that don’t allow weak Gems to live.
Laws that forbid you to be different.
But the people of Home World do not give up.
For the Prophecy states that one day a new Rose will step forward and end the Diamond Authority once and for all.

My name is Angel Aura.
I am the Keeper of Time.
I keep all records of time on
Home World.
And this… . this world of destruction and fear will soon come to an end.
Welcome to Gemtopia.

Prophecy Girl, 1.12