angel of mine

Enjoltaire Week | Day Six | Fallen Angel

Enjolras heard the echo of footsteps on the stone floor. He didn’t look over his shoulder and kept his hands together. Grantaire sat next to him on the wooden pew.

“I didn’t think you were the religious type,” Grantaire said, his voice reverberating in the nave. “Or the praying type.”

“There’s lots about me you don’t know.”

Grantaire seemed to ponder on that for a moment, leaning back against the pew. He marvelled at the stained glass windows for a while.

“So do you really believe in all that? I mean… I don’t mean to be insulting, it’s cool if you do. I guess I’m just… surprised.”

The hint of a smile danced on Enjolrs’ lips. He couldn’t tell Grantaire about all he had seen, the centuries he had lived through, the good, the bad, the just and the unfair. He came here not so much out of faith than out of a desire to belong somewhere, anywhere.

“What do you believe in, Grantaire?”

“Nothing,” Grantaire answered, as though the answer had become mechanical at that point. You never get hurt if you never believe or hope for anything. Grantaire used his lack of belief like a protection against the world. He shifted awkwardly in his seat.

“Okay, maybe in one thing,” Grantaire finally admittted. “I believe in you.”

Something I love is Diana dramatically posing in front of Steve, announcing she’s ready for the Man’s World:

And he just looks up and goes, “NOICE”. Like, he doesn’t even question why would she wear something like that, he quickly picked these women are not’ playing around and whatever they wear works for them, so Diana’s new outfit must be lit, too.

Later, he asks her to get some new clothes when they get to the Man’s World but it’s not because he believes what she’s wearing is inapropiate, but because he knows the rest of the world will think and they need a low profile.

He never questions her choices of clothing or weaponery. The only time he did was before he saw how fierce the Amazons are, once he saw these women fight, he stood to fight with them, no questions asked, not a shitty comment after.

This is what makes him so unique in front of other male characters in superhero movies. Had someone else wrote and directed the movie, had he been the hero even, we would probably had to sit down and listen to him joke about her armor, question Diana or (yikes, yikes, yikes) see him checking her out in her “next to no clothes” armor.

But instead, he just nods and says “… cool”.

You kissed me like you planned on doing it again
but you tasted like the kind of person
who doesn’t know how to stay

and I think I could tell what you were thinking the moment you fell asleep that night
I remember waking up so god damn early that morning and I spent hours while you were asleep hopingprayingwishing that you’d wake up and smile at me the way I needed you to

But something cracked and changed
whoever you were before that night didn’t stay
the moment you woke up that morning
you looked away

I guess what I’m trying to explain
is that people like you never mean what they say
you act like you’re in it for the long haul and then it’s oh God can’t we just stay friends but I mean Jesus Christ friends don’t look at each other the way we did when we slept in each other’s beds

so it’s not you and me anymore you know
it’s you me and everything we don’t know how to say to each other
so we hold it together in the way we never touch;
we hold it together in the way we stay
just friends
if staying friends means seeing each other
in familiar places and laughing and smiling
like you didn’t tear this to pieces

—  you didn’t even have to explain